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Prospect Log Jam (Discussion) #deadlinedeals


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And as far as Jensen is concerned, it's time to S@#t or get off the pot.

You always here about not rushing prospects there days, well in his case it's the opposite. If he does;t earn a role this year then it's almost time to cut bait. This guy is old and experienced enough to the point where he should be making some kind of impact. We shouldn't be headed into the season wondering if he's going to play.

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Jensen has the best shot, but it might be better for him to start in the AHL. I hope he really shows up at camp, because the team has no real secondary offense. Horvat may also.

No, time is up with him, he needs make it this year

Another year muddling around the "A" isn't going to turn hi into the stop 6 winger we hoped he'd become.

Last resort give him the Kassian treatment, keep him up here and tell him to figue it the hell out, suppose it could also be refereed to as the Mikeal Backlund development technique. seems to be working all right with him. No more excuses with Jenssen, now is the time.

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