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  1. Gonna shut er down on CDC. No point being here when the new site is up. I hope to see all of you on the new site. If you're not migrating. I wish you all the best and thank you for helping make the last 10 years here awesome for me. It's been tough sledding as a Canucks fan. But CDC was always there to help me find joy even in the worst of times for the team. So again, thank you all. To all the folks going over to the new forum. Can't wait to see you there to continue our conversations and debates on all things hockey. Off to new beginnings. Goodbye CDC.
  2. New forum is cuter than this one anyway.
  3. Dang, we couldn't even get a lottery protected first? I really thought we were better. Smh.
  4. We are all UFAs now. I guess I am going to Europe, no North American forum would sign me. Gotta call my agent, at least net me a PTO with someone.
  5. I feel like the introduction of the wat face and the paper bag responses kind filled the reddit downvote niche here. But I never wanted to say anything about them cause people just would have used them on me. Lol. But yes, the downvote thing Reddit has going really does kill a lot of discussions on Reddit. It's literally just a place for memes and sh*t talking.
  6. For you, they were always free. Everyone else needs to save the forum before they get free cuddles.
  7. Honestly, I don't like getting sentimental. I prefer making jokes at bad times and pissing people off. But damn man. This forum was literally the biggest reason the last 10 years weren't miserable as a Canucks fan. Sure butted heads with folks, but it was always a lot more chill than Reddit. And I don't even wanna begin to talk about how I had to delete Twitter cause that was a disaster. Even worse now I hear. This forum meant a lot to me. Never thought my 10th anniversary here would be my last year here.
  8. Finally change my name after all these years and the forum shuts down. Somehow this feels like my fault. Sorry pals.
  9. Everyone looks good with Petey. Many consider him a top 10 center. That's not the compliment you think it is. And given our struggles with the cap, if Beauvillier was as movable as y'all say, why is he still here? Lol
  10. In the same way Pearson was. I don't think many of us would say Pearson was a legit 2nd liner. It's kind of why we paid him 3mil on his contract. But he and Horvat had chemistry, so he worked as a 2nd line LW. If Beauvillier was truly a 2nd liner like you say, teams would have no problem taking that 4mil contract. But they didn't. Cause he isn't. Just gotta keep hoarding other team's castoffs. Surely one of them will pan out. We are the dumpster divers of the NHL.
  11. I don't see a 3rd line winger fetching a 3rd line center. Personally. Myers is a 3rd pair d-man. Not sure he fetches a 3rd line center either. But I guess maybe someone with enough center depth and a need to contend now might throw a prospect with 3C potential at us for Beauvillier. But we'd be pretty much picking up another Studnicka. A 3C long shot prospect that is closer to waiver bait than being a legit 3C.
  12. I just wanna be here with y'all for what might be the final days of an unforgettable era. Or maybe we do the smart thing and extend him for 4 years x 2.5mil. That'd be pretty awesome, am I right?
  13. 1st and Hogs for Pesce. Maybe we can extend him. Who doesn't wanna play with Hughes? Myers with some sort of retention for cap reasons and cause they still wanna ice a complete team. Can we do a conditional 2nd and it becomes a 1st if we make the playoffs? I dunno how the conditions work anymore. Either way, we are in F them picks mode, been there for more than 10 years. If our goal is to make ownership and Petey happy with playoffs at any means then we really shouldn't be against moving more picks. Gamble our entire future on both Lekkerimaki and Willander meeting/exceeding expectations. Go from there.
  14. Jack cause of his contract. Petey in general though. More complete player.
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