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So I was an active CDCer a few years ago and somebody invited me into the Victory Hockey League, a simulation hockey league online similar to playing NHL 14 Be A Pro. I was hooked. You create your own player: name/age/height/position, you then get drafted into a minor league team, and then your player plays a season in a simulation computer. You don't get to play with your player as the entire league is an online forum, but you do get to make your player better.

To make your player better and grow his/her skills, you do weekly point tasks: making one sig and having it graded out of 6 (super easy to get a 6) or writing a couple paragraphs on a topic relative to the hockey league.

The community is so much fun and full of hockey fanatics from all over the continent and even the world as some members are from Germany and Asia.

This league has been around for 7 years. 7 YEARS! that is a lot for a simulation/fantasy type league and now are finishing off our 39th Season. The seasons happen really quick and you will be able to see your player get to become a pro in a few months and have the opportunity to fight for the Continental Cup!

Please come, create a player, introduce yourself, ask questions, and get better at sigs if you want!


Here is a tutorial video if it is all confusing!

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