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(PROPOSAL) New Point System

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Regulation win- 3pts

OTW- 2pts

SOW- 1pt

OTL- 1pt

SOL- 0pts

Regulation loss- 0pts

Regulation play both teams are battling for 3pts

OT teams are battling for 2pts, loser gets 1pt (why reward an OT win just as good as a regulation win?)

If the game goes to a SO both teams will only play for 1pt, losing team gets 0

I wonder what the standing would be if this is how it worked?

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2pts for a win.

1pt for a OTW or SO win

0 for any loss

Have a lottery to determine the order of the non playoff teams. So the order would be random. Each lottery pick would count for the place of the team starting from 1st overall. If Philly gets picked 1st, they get 1st overall. If San Jose gets picked 2nd, they get 2nd overall and so on. The picks would be weighted so the worst teams have the better chance of getting picked earlier. Nommsayin?

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