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  1. I think Benning has been an awful GM but there’s no denying he had a great FA day. Aside from Poolman who somehow got 4 years I really don’t see any contracts coming back to haunt the Canucks like previous years. This does not absolve JB of all of his past blunders but even the JB haters like me can’t complain too much about yesterday. Here’s hoping Canucks are competing for a playoff spot next season. Go Canucks Go!

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    2. Dazzle


      @ken kaniff Let's not kid ourselves. The usual suspects of "JB haters" spent the majority of their time on CDC criticizing the so-called bad signings, like Poolman, which I even had some hesitations on.

      The problem is that they don't acknowledge that Benning did a good job at all. In fact, they just went back to their old arguments about overpayment. That's my issue with these contrarian opinions. You at least have to be honest, and JB haters are rarely that.

      I linked several people: lmm, combover, kanucks25 and so forth. They never engaged in the threads about the other Canuck signings that were obviously good. Silky mitts is another example.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      There's an expansion team real close.  If these people hate our team so much, there's no airport service required.

    4. buddhahoodlum


      There's nothing wrong with being critical, when said criticism has merit and furthers intelligent discussion on these boards. I don't like everything JB has done, although I can usually see what he was trying to accomplish. Some people here don't understand a GM likely has multiple plans, and if Plan A doesn't bear fruit you switch to Plan B, or C. Progression is rarely linear, in a team or with players. But the "haters" (gawd I hate that word) can not and will not see the forest for the trees. 

  2. Bennings entire tenure as GM will come to haunt the Canucks because he’s been awful. Aside from Trump, I don’t remember a time when someone been so overwhelmingly incompetent at their job and somehow people still support him. Truly baffling.
  3. Vancouver: D Nate Schmidt New York Islanders: D Scott Mayfield, LW Ross Johnston -New York Islanders had a pretty good run last season. This immediately upgrades their defence so they can have another go next season. Gives Dobson an experienced partner to play with -Schmidt is a good defence man that did not mesh with this team it seems. We shed cap space and get 2 big players to toughen up our roster. Mayfield is a big RHD signed for cheap. I don’t see us getting a whole lot for Schmidt especially after last season Vancouver: G Braeden Holtby Seattle: SE
  4. I’d say Reinhart is much more than decent. But I guess if you perceive his value to just be decent this trade would be an overpayment. I don’t since he was pacing close to 40G if this was a full season. Gotta pay to get a player like that
  5. Vancouver: D Nate Schmidt, RW Kole Lind, RW Jake Virtanen, VAN 2021 1st (9th overall) Buffalo: RW Sam Reinhart (RFA), D Colin Miller, C Zemgus Girgensons Why Buffalo: -Schmidt was very good I Vegas but I feel that he didn’t mesh with our group. Buffalo gets him for long term so no fear of him walking for nothing like Miller next season. -Lind has good upside but we also have Highmore, Motte, Podkolzin, Gadjovich etc… -Virtanen could use a change of scenery if he makes it out of the allegations against him. Had a good year last year, I think this year was just a down
  6. If Jersey drafts Luke Hughes, do we trade them Quinn so he doesn’t walk for nothing once he gets the chance to join his brothers?

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    2. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      That’s true just a lot of people talking about if 2 of the Hughes brothers end up on one team they could convince the 3rd to join them

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Quinn's value is not going to go down. I'm pretty sure regardless of who the GM is if Quinn want's out we won't lose him for nothing. 

    4. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      This is such an irrational fear. Maybe they will eventually down the line, but they will be in their 30's when that happens imo. The bank will be opened for Hughes here and he seems to have bonded well with our young core. Also helps that Vancouver $&!#s on new jersey as a city. 

  7. No one: Arrow 1983: Jim Benning is actually a good GM At this point JB defenders and haters won’t change their minds so why push it even more? I think Benning is awful too, we can’t change the past and he’s staying for the foreseeable future. Don’t need a new thread every day saying if he’s good or bad right? But at the end of the day, excuses don’t make the playoffs
  8. I met my gf of 5 years on tinder. But I think it’s kind of hard to meet people during this pandemic. Good luck
  9. That’s not a very good analogy. People love the Canucks and they have the right to be upset with poor management after 7 years of failure. You can’t just tell them to go away because you disagree with them. They have the right to voice their displeasure just as much as you have the right to show support. But I understand your point.
  10. Demko is a legit starter. I was worried at the end of last regular season because he wasn’t playing that good but he was great in the playoffs and was good this year. I’m glad he emerged as a #1 goalie
  11. I agree with everything you said. This was quite a pleasant discussion. Usually it’s one side vs the other and it gets pretty heated (I think my replies come off a little on edge so my apologies) but you have been nice to discuss with. So thanks for that
  12. Let’s see in general 1. Awful Cap Management which resulted in not having enough cap space for Toffoli. 2. Signing players for big and long (lol) contracts. And no he didn’t need to pay all that money to entice people to come to Van. There are a bunch of Beagles and Roussels in the league. There are a lot better players than them signed for much cheaper contracts. Plus we were supposed to be “rebuilding” so why sign old vets for so long and high cap? Why not either trade for those players and get a premium back for taking on a bad contract or sign a project player that can eit
  13. It would honestly take far too long to list all the negatives. This team does have good things in place (Petey, Hughes, Horvat, Boeser, Demko, other young players) but I don’t think those justify the overwhelming incompetence in so many other areas. But to each their own, if you’re still happy with Benning than good on ya. I certainly don’t understand
  14. I strongly disagree. The negatives outweighs the positives by a large margin. Doesn’t mean that there are no positives however. I’d like to be as optimistic as you one day haha
  15. I’ll never understand how Benning still has so many supporters with such poor performance over the last 7 years. Half decent drafting doesn’t make up for the many, many, many failures of his tenure. He is so overwhelmingly net negative it’s amazing people still want to see more of him. Now it makes sense why Trump still has so many supporters smh.
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