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(Proposal) stocking up on 2nd round picks

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Trade 1:

To Carolina: Eddie Lack

To Vancouver: 35th overall pick

Carolina still needs a goalie since Cam Ward isn't elite anymore and could leave the Hurricanes.

Trade 2:

To San Jose: Kevin Bieksa

To Vancouver: 39th overall pick

We all love Juice but we all know that it's time to move on. Reports have claimed that the Sharks have rejected our offer because we wanted to involve more players in the trade but I think they would still accpet if it's just Bieksa for the 39th pick and nothing more.

Trade 3:

To Pittsburgh: Chris Higgins

To Vancouver: 46th overall pick

I know that Higgins doesn't want to go back to his hometown in New York since there's too much pressure put on him from friends and family, but I feel like he would waive to go a place closer to New York. Pittsburgh is also still considered a contender even after a down season and they need depth wingers more then anything

I'd like to see us draft defensemen (Roy, Kylington, Carlo) but I wouldn't a guy like Sprong, who would round out our future depth on the wing pretty well.


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Benning valued Bieksa way too high this is why he wasn't traded. The core must be charmers, every GM we had has raved about them. I could only imagine how sweet and charming they are, since management can't figure out when its time to move on from a core, but instead they continue to build around it lol

I think until the guy calling the shots behind the scenes is ready to sign off on a rebuild the slow fade will continue.

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