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Need help with my lineup for eastside hockey manager.


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Hey guys, Ive given benning the boot at the start of last season and taken control of my beloved canucks. I traded weber for McClement, and mcmillian&a 4th for Mark stuart.

I need a little assistance in rounding out my roster.








mark stuart/Sbisa

Now, I realize this wouldnt be ideal in real life as jensen is not NHL ready, and secondly he isnt first line material. The game lists him as big and fast and with stats that lend well to sedinery. In past attempts he did a lot of scoring on that top line.

1rst line offence/skill off the charts.

2nd line provides average speed, good defence, and decent offence.

3rd line provides good and fast defensive coverage.

4th line presents as low skill High-Truculance defensive line.

Id like to improve upon two areas,

1. Upgrade on richardson. he's rated a bit slower and smaller than id like and his faceoff stats are not where they need to be for a checking/defence line. I tried to snatch manny malhotra from the canadians, but they wouldn't give him up for anything. needs to be 2m or less cap hit. so a salty veteran is a good option here.

2. Upgrade on kassian. needs to be defensively good and a lot faster. Need about the same truculance level. Like Hansen, were he a half decent knuckle chucker and a bit heavier.

In the game, horvat has crap faceoff skill (i know right!) but to be fair this roster is from before we saw horvat kick ass all year. so i cant use him in the 3rd/4th line full time yet. good option for injury tho.

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