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'Double Loss' - Francesco Aquillini on 2011

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On 16/06/2016 at 10:31 AM, Cerridwen said:

Have you ever been in a mob/crowd situation that turns bad fast? It's not always possible to do that. In many cases, it's impossible to move, to get out, leave the area. You're trapped there by the sheer mass of people. Your comment is overly simplistic and rather uneducated as to the reality of being in the midst of such a crowd.

Hardly.  This isn't over and done with in 5 minutes.  People stand around and watch this chaos going on making it much more difficult for law enforcement to do their job.  If people are causing trouble, and it's safe to do so, stop them.  If not get out of the area so police can better do their job.  So many people hung around to watch the drama unfold.

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