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Crossout - Xbox free game right now


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I copied this description from Xbox forum as I thought it did a good job:



Crossout is currently free game on the Xbox Market place. So naturally i downloaded because who doesn't like free games. To my surprise i have really been enjoying it. Not really sure what type of game its classified under, but i like it alot. Battle car, shooter, custom building/crafting, loot drops, auctioning parts, all of these things combined make up Crossout.. sure, probably missing a few things but this is what i have been investing my time under. The matches are very short, PvP is really fun, the PvE is just the right amount of challenge, and i can spend 30 mins playing it or 5 consecutive hours crafting a new vehicle to complete daily missions. "


If interested my Gamer tag:  Canuck Talon



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