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[Proposal] Vancouver and Buffalo Trade Deadline

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To VAN: Jordan Greenway (50%), Erik Johnson (50%), Kyle Okposo (50%)

To BUF: Pius Suter, Aatu Raty, Danila Klimovich, Conditional 3rd (Make Conf Finals)


Why Vancouver does this:


Simple. They get bargain bin depth additions that can fill out the roster. All 3 of them, big mean, physical guys to round out what we need.


When Healthy


Petterson - Lindholm - Hoglander

Mikheyev - Miller - Boeser

Joshua - Blueger - Garland

Greenway* - Lafferty - Okposo*

(Di Guisseppe - Aman - Podkolzin)


Hughes - Hronek

Soucy - Myers

Zadorov - Johnson*

(Cole - Juulsen)


That 4th line has a real identity, and would be hell to play and crash with. Move Lafferty to Center permanently, and give him 2 big mean monsters on his wings. That's a tough matchup, even for a 4th line. Plus, right now Greenway could step in for Joshua until he comes back on that third line again, or if the top 6 needs some size, you have an option. Now you have 2 bottom 6 lines that work. (I also think Mikheyev with his forecheck and hustle will be a better option for Miller and Boeser than Suter as well.)


Erik Johnson, doesn't bring much at this point, but that's why he can be had for cheap, and he brings more of what we already have on the backend. After our 2 elite offensive talents, that's 6 big, heavy, mean, physical, punishing dmen that can rotate whoever is healthy. Don't expect Johnson to be some sort of gamebreaker, but he gives exactly what we need in that 1 more R Dman option, and makes us more of what our Defense is. Gigantic and scary.




Why Buffalo does this:


Okposo and Johnson are both 35, on expiring deals, and have not had very good seasons on a bad team. The idea that Vancouver banks on, is put them on a good team, and they can still contribute in small roles. A this point, Buffalo should take whatever they can get for either one of them. Even if that means retaining salary. Greenway is the real prize here, but they would be receiving Suter in return, who is probably a better offensive talent. (He just doesn't fit what we need.) The real kicker would be the again, retaining on deals, especially with Greenway's deal going into next year. Well, with that, Aatu Raty is actually a solid prospect that could be on the Buffalo roster sooner rather than later. (If Vancouver plans to resign Lindholm and Blueger, they have no need for Raty) 


Losing 2 struggling expiring 35 year olds and Greenway for a 2 solid prospects, and Pius Suter in return. That sounds like solid return, even if they want another conditional pick or 2 on Canucks playoff success. (Which I personally like the idea of adding on to retained deals because it gives the team that's being asked to retain money something to go to their owner about and say, "Don't worry about that 2 mill. If they make the Conference Finals, think of it contributing to us getting an extra third.")



Both teams lose pieces they don't need and won't miss, and gain things that they do.


As for the Canucks, that is a roster with no holes, that can sustain 2 months of injuries and actually compete.


Even if you have some lineup changes, I believe in that roster to actually win.



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