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  2. It's time to revive White Noise to its former glory. Everyone brainstorm and petition moderation.
  3. So basically Sutter and Hutton for the 20th, I don’t think we get that kind of value for that package.
  4. Isn't this the same as just having the 10th pick anyways? So the deal is really Sutter & Hutton for 20th OA?
  5. I don't think Biden is a good little soldier at all. Your opinion clearly differs. Why you think it is his duty to run is bizarre - his only duty should be to be the footnote to history he is along with being the poster child for all the creepy uncles of America. The Orange haired moron cannot be beaten with equally challenged buffoons. If the Democrats want to have the POTUS wearing their colours, they need to start putting up candidates with some actual credibility, substance and ideas that don't involve "Free Everything for Everyone!".
  6. Having Clark on board is a very underrated asset and bodes well for Marky and Demko and Canucks goalies in general moving forward.
  7. Nice of you to mention Linden. How much experience did Linden have? A big zero.
  8. My only concern is his health. We have enough injury prone players as it is. Can't deny his talent and vision
  9. Several of the local media guys have said they heard there had been discussions. The chances have to be pretty astronomically small, too much water under the bridge and you have to think Gillis only comes back with free reign. Hsving said that, lots of folks on here have said a dream team head office would be Gillis and Gilman in charge with Benning in charge of scouting.
  10. He seems to know everything about that case, I'm still unsure how a convicted terrorist, who killed one of our closest allies can then come back and sue, should he not be tried for high treason under the law?
  11. Except as stated earlier it was done in secrecy seemingly to hide it from the families civil suit against Khadr
  12. Vancouver trades: 10th overall 2019 Brandon Sutter Ben Hutton Agreement to not draft at 9th from list provided by Anaheim Anaheim returns: 9th overall 2019 20th overall 2019 Rationale: Ducks have a decent prospect pipeline but their aging "stars" only have so many seasons left and with Kesler a likely LTIR candidate, they could really use a Sutter. Their D could use a Hutton. They can still get the same player at 10 they could at 9 through the agreement above. Vancouver does this as they have an emerging jam on left D and Sutter has become less relevant with the continued growth of Gaudette. The 20th pick could be as valuable as the 9th in this very flat draft.
  13. Didn't Linden hire Benning? Or was he directed to. I imagine ownership had to approve the hire. These things are close but there are distinctions.
  14. Good luck to all teams battling in the Play-offs! Especially I wish the best to former Shark Jason Spezza who is currently scoring for @Master Mind´s team. Sharks are retooling and won´t contend next season. Therefore players can be moved. Not signed (resigned) will be: Maxim Zhukov (G, VGK) Kevin Gravel (D, EDM) Nikita Popugaev (F, NJD) Available to be moved: Devan Dubnyk (G, MIN) Andy Welinski (D, ANA) Kyle Clifford (F, LAK) Dmitrij Jaskin (F, WSH) Ryan Getzlaf (F, ANA) Chandler Stephenson (F, WSH) Kevin Roy (F, ANA) Can be discussed to be moved: Jonas Brodin (D, MIN) Jamie Benn (F, DAL) Prices vary. I am looking for prospects, picks or younger players in return. I can take some cap short-term.
  15. I am starting to think you are Botchford's CDC account.
  16. Although I am often wrong with my predictions and forecasts, on every thing I DID accurately predict last season was that the Tavares signing would likely result in a zero sum game for Toronto. Adding Tavares while losing guys like JVR, Bozak, and others, would create a “robbing Peter to pay Paul” situation. Toronto will now have to deal with the monster known as the Marner situation. Do they trade Marner for picks? Or, do they hemorrhage even more depth by creating room for Marner’s new contract?
  17. Lucic = anchor. Why would you take on an anchor contract from a division rival? Why would you shore up the only position they seem incapable of filling with a strong goalie? All this trade does is weaken Vancouver and make Edmonton immediately better.
  18. in a redraft tho Petey goes no 1 for now, heisekinnen no 2, hirschier 3, Makar 4
  19. I'm fine with trading Marky if he can get us a top 10 pick as well. I don't like goalie drama. Identify your starting goalie and instil confidence in him. If you have two great goalies, pick one and trade one. Don't let what happened with Luongo ever happen again.
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