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  2. I know you're joking, but the sad reality is we can't offersheet anyone for over $4m anyway because we lack the draft pick required for compensation.
  3. On NHLNumbers it looks like Vegas is in cap hell, is there a dman we could take off their hands? Do they have an obvious plan to get out from under?
  4. yeah it's definitely a verb though. an adjective is a word that describes a noun, like beautiful, or terrible.
  5. @maroe as well - Chistyakov, as well as others, I had to request be added to Fantrax a couple days ago, so it should all be taken care of now. The players that couldn't be added will have placeholders on their respective teams. If one of the other commissioners doesn't beat me to it, I'll change the expiry dates when I'm home in an hour or so.
  6. One of the most annoying things about this is there isn't anyone valuable on Florida's roster we can offer sheet.
  7. The Carolina Hurricanes have made a couple of trades to get back under the cap and balance their roster. Carolina calls up Carter Rowney and Sean Walker (to get an accurate read on cap/roster spots available).
  8. That's an adjective. lol (I edited my post above and added it)
  9. I wasn't and never said Loui>Marleau. I simply said they're not THAT far off. Only an 8 point difference and Marleau being 40, I fail to see how he is guaranteed to contribute more...
  10. Had Luongo played though we would never have been treated to this impressive skid mark courtesy of Eddie Lack.
  11. panic is also a verb. like in the sentence, "don't panic!" for example.
  12. Wow, all this conversation's really telling me is how bad of a language English is. Panic is a noun. Panicked or panicking is the verb. It is also an adjective, which is what I think was the intent of use here.
  13. 2.2 million more per year. 800K gets erased 3 million gets added so 3 million total (or 2.2 million more than what they were already paying) At least as I understand.
  14. If we could send Spooner and Schaller to Ottawa for a reasonable price it would help, they each have only 1 year left. Also, how much salary, if any, can we retain in an LE trade, isn't he at half salary already once the bonus is paid on the 1st?
  15. Because they need actual players, to you aGENT out!
  16. Not in that instance. He had spoken in length about looking forward to playing the Heritage Classic, and did deserve to play it based on his place on the team. He had every right to be insulted, in my opinion. He did have an issue keeping his emotions in check during games though. That I agree with.
  17. Never understood this mentality from fans tbh. Its one thing to be concerned that things have a habit of turning out worst case for the Canucks, but to be so determined to be right that you cheer it on is just brutal.
  18. He was a very emotional player, almost to a fault
  19. remember how out of touch techies were telling laid off coal workers to "learn to code" and everything will be fine? remember how leftists environmentalist (parasites) ' journalists' were telling people losing their livelihoods and ways of life to "learn to code" and everything will be fine?? isn't karma just the greatest thing?? every single laid off journalist and google parasite should make sure they learn to code. Google whistleblower just exposed googles plan to manipulate the 2020 elections, and youtube is removing videos on it. and every media (except fox news) is stunningly silent on it. google needs to burn to the ground yesterday.
  20. Fighting it in court would be wasted money that would ultimately come out of the fan's pockets, but if I were Aquilini, I'd at least attempt to make a huge stink about it at the next owner's meeting or two.
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