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  2. Am I able to sign up for the GDT for Wednesday March 4th against ARZ?
  3. Big contract, term, old guy, injured often. yah Everyone wants guys like that. That’s how teams win Cups in the cap era.
  4. LEAFS SUCK. They are only in the playoffs cause they get to beat up on the Eastern bottom dwellers who are all in their division,(Ottawa, Detroit, Buffalo, Montreal, Florida) Florida is basically letting them get in and they still can barely do it. Detroit is a historically bad team, they have like 15 wins all year.. Leafs are a joke. I was watching the leafs last week and during commercial they panned to Willy's photo shoot pictures, he looked like Hansel from Zoolander. Just an embarrassment. Florida and Toronto are the only two franchises in from the Cap era to not win a playoff round, now they are battling it out for the last spot in a garbage division, only to get bounced anyways by a team of actual men (Boston). HAHA Leafs suck
  5. Ehrhoff had to play the right side. Bieksa and Salo were the others with Tanev appearing in the finals iirc. Same with the hall of famer frankie corrado
  6. So if it gets out of hand then he can make Pence the scapegoat and replace him with Ivanka or Nikki Haley.
  7. This game better be slow and ugly. Trap the bastards. Be smart Green or we will get killed.
  8. Today
  9. Yes, but will Green play call ups in positions to have success? Will he give them confidence or take any confidence they have away?
  10. He is. He was the last time we called him up. The time before that. And the time before that. I'm not against sitting some guys but not in favor of Boucher.
  11. Fun fact. The last time the canucks played on leap day was feb 29th.
  12. RUMOUR: Reports coming out of New Jersey suggest the team has been pushing hard for a Playoff bound defenseman, word is a prospect is on the move. Expect a deal to be finalized before the deadline today!
  13. Predict the winner and the score - (6pts for both, 1pt for just the winner) 4-2 CanucksBonus question - Which player scores the game winning goal? (1pt) Miller
  14. We don't have much cap either. Tryamkin can play right. So can Hughes. Woo is a right D and will be coming up in a couple years. I don't think Pietrangelo will accept a short (2-3 year) contract I think our 2011 D core only had 3 natural right D out of 8 or something like that. We were def playing left D on their off side.
  15. I think they're seen as secondary scorers. For me at least, the primary scorers are Pettersson, Hughes, Miller, Horvat even.
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