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  2. The support to bring Loui back into the lineup is shocking. 2020 is really a weird year.
  3. Maybe. Though one has to wonder if that was true how he managed to remain in coaching so long...
  4. oh ya baby im humming along! My master plan is working
  5. The hockey gods have punished me and taken away Tyler Ennis' assist (4 points) . I guess we are now tied @ActionJax09! Day 4 here we come! Prepare for battle!
  6. Boeser is a handsome man, but I'll pass on his reach-around video. Is this research for a friend?
  7. A voice of reason. All in all, wanna see them gamble with some youth next yr(on the blueline)..sink or swim! Myers IS an expensive, dopey giraffe..but signing him is basically a fare thee well, to CT.
  8. People keep saying "maybe he knows something fans don't". Maybe Green is just an idiot. If we're gonna go down the "maybe" rabbit hole.
  9. Nope, Minny scored more goals than either team, though marginally.
  10. I’ve...become so numb, I can’t feel you there.
  11. They both have better offences though. And Chicago has a much better goalie than Minny. And Canucks really have a much better defence and offence (considering injuries) than Winnipeg. The horses are there, they just need to run.
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