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  2. Bad no look pass by Stone there...could have been bad. Nice save, MM! He's (still) in the zone.
  3. Whenever I see that name I think of @Squeakfor some reason.
  4. Nice safe pick. Probably won’t get a lot of goals/assists, but will be a solid PIMs contributor and a likely playoff performer.

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    Gotta say, Bucks fans took something negative and turned it into something positive: Props to Nav for taking the high road and props to the fans from Milwaukee, for stepping up and letting him know that one racist tweet wasn't representative of the fanbase as a whole.
  6. Finland plays the way Canada used to. With heart and grit, teamwork and work ethic. I don't want to see a loss, but I am ok if Finland wins.
  7. If they had played Game 7 on the Monday night as originally scheduled the younger Canucks would have had the advantage over the older Rangers. I am not one for conspiracy theories, you still have to win game 7 no matter what but that definitely helped NY. Highlights that year, the three OT games against Calgary, Browns pass to Bure in game 7,Mcleans save in OT, Bures elbow to Churla who had been taking liberties all game, Ronning shutting down Gilmour against the leafs, Jyrki Lumme and Courtnall scoring in game 6 the review erased a Ranger goal. Proud of that team no matter the outcome. Wish it had gone our way but it didnt so we search on.
  8. Looking to trade down from 49th overall to get more draft picks.
  9. And I will say that you are partially right. But everything is a cash cow for the Government - from efforts to combat speeding and drunk driving, to "protecting the environment", etc. But that doesn't mean that they don't help combat the issues or that they're not "real/present" concerns. The Government has their hand in everything and, yes, will find a way to make the rich richer under the guise of "helping". But, if the measures do help, then it's not that they're not "real", it's that Gov't. exploitation of our tax dollars and resources needs to be addressed.
  10. EK would artificially move us up in the standings when our lower finishes are helping our draft position, plus that groin might not hold out for too much longer.
  11. To ARZ: Curtis McElhinney To STL: Andrew Peeke @thejazz97 @LilBurrows
  12. I think everyone's lists are different for number 10. I am thinking a player ready earlier (one or two years). A player who is offensive and is a LW or LW/C. A player who can be at physical in a Horvat sense or more. I am thinking Boldy or Lavoie but would be comfortable with Newhook or even Krebs. I do not prefer a d at 10 this year. I do not prefer Caulfield at all. And project all the other guys I like (Hughes, kaako, byram, turcotte, cozens,dach) are all gone early. Someone takes Caulfield. I just hope not us as i do not think he translates better than Boucher.
  13. Yeah I saw this article yesterday, was wondering when someone would post it here. There is 2 problems with this, problem one is the offer sheet alone. It rarely happens, and there is a reason for that. The actual logistics of performing an offer sheet are not good, hence why it rarely happens. They other issue is, Sam is not a top 6 forward. He is a middle 9, who could fill in on the 2nd line when need be. That is the Canucks surplus. We need to be adding potential top end talent with our 2nd round pick, not more middle 6 roll players.
  14. Calgary Flames select.... C, John Beecher

    NBA Discussion

    Personally, I've been operating under the assumption that Kawhi is leaving since the trade.....For me, it just makes this run all the more special. I think Ujiri knows it too. He decided to go all-in anyway and I respect him for it. You don't get a chance like this very often. (Unless you're the Dubs and have a loaded roster, mostly under team control) For me, it's much like when AA decided to go for it with the Jays and acquired Tulo. (and others) It fell short, but I respect him fro recognizing the opportunity and going for it, even knowing what would happen to the team shortly after. If it goes that way for the Raps in the Finals and then Kawhi walks in the summer, I'll still look at this as the best front office move in the history of the franchise. Basically the equivalent of the Jays trading for Alomar and Carter...
  16. I like the idea of a big, skilled player with the 1st. Got to think playoffs and durability. (C/RW) Dach (C/RW) Cozens (LW) Boldy (LD) Broberg (LD) Harley (C/RW) Lavoie
  17. Chevy traded last year's 1st for a rental (Stastny) and looking like it will happen again this year (Hayes) unless they open up cap room to re-sign him meaning potentially losing more assets to make room of offloading some decent talent. To be clear I'm not criticizing these moves as it was an attempt to make a playoff push and that's just the way things go sometimes. But while Chevy has certainly made some good moves indeed, he's also made some moves that some of this fanbase would criticize to no end if his name was Benning. The only problem with dealing for Trouba is if there's a bidding war and if he even wants to play here long term. There's not a whole lot of leverage for Chevy to work with as it's looking like he doesn't want to stay in Winnipeg and they don't have to room to hang on to him cap-wise.
  18. Pending RFA Elias Lindholm was everything we hoped he would be when we acquired him a little over a year ago, turning from a 45-point player into an 80 Point player. Though we strongly considered re-signing him, the ability to continue to add multiple future pieces to our rebuilding effort made too much sense to pass up. This, in effect, closes the loop on the Jack Eichel trade. Detailed below: To DET: Jack Eichel To DAL: Elias Lindholm Nail Yakupov Luke Kunin Stephen Johns Mitchell Stephens Riley Tufte Mason Shaw DET 2018 2nd Round Draft Selection (54th overall) ------------------ To DAL: D Andy Welinski 2019 Maple Leafs 2nd round draft choice To VAN: F Evan Rodrigues D Stephen Johns ----------------------- TOTAL Out: Eichel Rodrigues In: Alex Kerfoot Nail Yakupov (walked) Luke Kunin Mitchell Stephens Riley Tufte Mason Shaw Andy Welinski DET 2018 2nd Round (Wade Allison) CBJ 2020 1st Round BOS 2020 1st Round TOR 2019 2nd round CBJ 2019 3rd Round
  19. So we're imagining what's happening? The extreme weather events that are now regular, not phenoms? I'm not sure what your point is, but it's hard to dispute what we can see with our own eyes...we're not reading about this stuff, we're experiencing it. So, if not China, who are the "real polluters"?
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