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  2. Who did then? Unless I am not remembering what happened correctly even tho I watched it last night.
  3. Didn't seem like an idea worth laughing at considering the whole continent was at war over a single throne for the entire series, and wars because of that too in the story prior to the series
  4. Maybe, but his cap hit is good for them next year and if they are serious about making a push for a round or two in the playoffs they’d keep him for it. Florida has a huge advantage over the rest of the league when it comes to signing these guys, they could pay Bob around what he makes now and it would be like a decent raise, say 7 million, other teams would have to offer 8.5 to make the bottom line even. Panarin at 9 would be like 10.5-11 for every team in the league not named TB, Vegas and Dallas. So for all the Canuck fans out there that dream about signing one of these high end UFAs our there, ask yourself would you rather have all your millions to play in Miami and their beaches and cocaine or Vancouver and all the rain plus pot smoke? We’d have to add 1-2 million to the market price just to MATCH what TB, Vegas or Miami would have to do...Panarin wants 10, well 8.8 is the same in those cities and he’d probably get 9.5 there (so we’d have to pay 12 to make it interesting for them). Thank GOD Gillis isn’t still around. 10 million for one year of almost retired Sundin still is one of the most ridiculous contracts ever. Adding Bobrovsky and a Panarin and keeping their pick makes WAY more sense then trading it away and their cap space for a coupe of has been barely holding on vets.
  5. Sam proposed the idea of Democracy lol not independent holds fyi.
  6. Because that would inevitably lead to many wars between those holds for more land/power. At least if the seat of power is centralized it would have to be a complete rebellion which wouldn't happen nearly as often. When full rebellion happens, it sucks, but having small wars all the time would probably suck even more. Eventually there will be a war between the North and the 6 Kingdoms because of the fact that they are now independent.
  7. Absolutely agree that Hughes, Juolevi, and Woo are a really good start. If all three end up being top 4 dmen which I am confident will happen then we are only missing a top pairing defenseman with Hutton, Stetcher and Rathbone likely competing for the 5 and 6 spot. In 2020 I would throw as much money as possible at Pietrangelo or Roman Josi who are likely getting between 8-10 million. For AP, who I think is the ideal partner and best fit in the entire league for Hughes, outside of Hedman I would offer 11-12m for 6-7 years. This essentially shores up your blueline. You cant expect your entire team to be drafted players. If that was the case there would be no need for trades and free agency. Hughes Pietrangelo Juolevi Woo Hutton Stetcher
  8. While many have hostile feelings toward Milan Lucic ( for reasons I can't understand), I think it's fair to say he'd be a better fit here than in Edmonton. My biggest reason for thinking this is the fact that our team does not play at a fast pace. Petey is not known for his speed. He plays a cerebral game, relying on his vision and foresight. He can see the play develop and knows where he has to be or where he needs to get the puck. Imo, Lucic can keep up with the likes of Petey, Boeser, and Horvat. I could see a great match with Horvat in that both play a gritty forechecking game where working the boards and getting the nose dirty are key strategies to their success. A partnership between beast and bulldog could be a great advantage to our team. I also like the idea of reuniting Boeser and Horvat. They had great success in Boeser's rookie season. I like his fit better with Horvat. Think about it. Horvat can either shoot or pass the puck. Boeser, the sniper extraordinaire, constantly shooting and creating rebounds. And Lucic, the beast in front of the net, cleaning up the garbage created by the other two. Playing for his hometown team could also reinvigorate his game and reignite his passion.
  9. 10 to 15 lbs this next season would be about right. To much to fast would not be a good thing as his body will need time to adjust to the added mass
  10. The main problem with Tanev and Sutter is health and a little on the cap hit for both guys. Who would you want on your team Tanev and Sutter and no 13th overall, or Panarin? If Panarin gets 9 million in Florida it’s like getting paid 11 million in 28 other teams given no state taxes. I do get they both have a fair amount of value when they are healthy but I don’t think that would be the ask from Florida. They’d want AG and our second minimum, or maybe Markstrom back and AG. That’s a more realistic deal for them. Sutter has virtually no trade value at the moment given his recent play and his health issues combined with his cap hit. Tanev has some, there is a reason TO keeps popping up given their shot suppression issues. In the real world Tanev might get us a second, Sutter would almost be like a cap dump and we might have to add to get rid of him for nothing in return, maybe a 3rd at best or a B level prospect that is IF Benning could actually find a trading partner. No team wants the dissonance that comes with players that are often injured, it’s distracting for the coaches and the teammates. It makes things harder. Salo was a good player when he played...kind of like Edler. Frustrating for fans and coaches and GMs alike and trade value goes way, way down when trying to flog them.
  11. It is funny in the grand scheme of things how it all plays out. Either way the Canucks would have had a very good player.
  12. PLD was drafted in 2016 but made the NHL in 2017-18. EP was drafted after 2016-17 season. PLD would not have made the NHL and we would get EP anyways.
  13. Our economy requires constant expansion. Staganation is disastrous for many reasons. Increasingly, profits are coming from otherwise non-traditional sources. Healthcare, education, prisons etc. The worst part is, when new markets are available for healthy economic expansion - green energy for example - people kick and scream for fear of financial security and power.
  14. Then its likely you don't get Pettersson. I think I would prefer Pettersson over PLD 10 times out of 10.
  15. Only way hes going to improve his Full house Ace full of Kings (Petey, Bo, Brock and Hughes, Woo) to quad Aces. Realistically hoping for a forward - Newhook, Krebs or Podkolzin for me.
  16. Lol I can speak Russian and I can honestly say most Russian guys dislike how Asian Vancouver is. Not saying it's right or wrong, but that's why he went back.
  17. The boomers? No, of course not, they have it made compared to millenials. Unfortunately, they are still the ones in power. They took the booming economy of the greatest generation and turned it into what we have today. Most millenials would love to be able to afford a home, car, and two kids on a single white/blue collar income but that's no longer the reality. Now there's large student debt/bank loan debt, low wages, and an ever increasing cost of living.
  18. What’s wrong with burning Kings Landing and everyone in it? The Mad Queen learned from Sansa that you have to be concerned about how are you going to be feeding all those people after a battle. (Re: Sansa posing that question in Winterfell). Danny didn’t want people to starve so kill everyone and food problem solved. Think outside the box.
  19. I don’t think you really read my post. You’re missing the point about “life cycle”. We are at a very different stage than Florida. We are in a rebuild, they are in an urgent need to win now, and lack the experienced depth required to do so. We don’t make that deal because we’re rebuilding, Florida looks at that deal because it helps solve some of their major issues. That’s why they are good trading partners. You really need to read a post before you comment on it
  20. Tryamkin’s rights are worth next to nothing with him under contract in the KHL for another year Same goes for Karlssson. It’s only his rights as he’s not actually under contract to the Canucks and he’s currently playing in Europe. The 2nd is a 2nd. You're offering practically nothing and wanting the 13th overall in return.
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