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  2. Do scorekeepers who, from the timebox, pegged guys in the helmet with pucks she threw that came from an ice cream bucket at her feet in an all out line brawl count? Asking for a friend.
  3. I'll pm you some pics too if you want.
  4. I wonder if there is any chance Loui comes to camp in the fall with a chip on his shoulder. I would love to see him stick it up everyone's hoop this season.
  5. I pm a couple of fellow cannabis growers on cdc.
  6. Long time ago before he became a big star back home and made 10’s of millions. No way Loui plays in the AHL now. He will retire first, which is best fir us. Loui is learning quite quickly he’s not wanted, at any cap cost, by an NHL team any more. He can train as hard as ever, but it won’t make any difference. He’s old. It happens. He will retire.
  7. You mean to tell me it isn't possible for a billionaire to secretly construct a space station, submersible base, or mountain lair to launch various doomsday plots from? Only to be taken down by a lone intelligence officer? Bash! Flimshaw!
  8. 2019 Calgary Stampede ties as 2nd deadliest year for chuckwagon horses Total animal deaths at rodeo and chuckwagon races have topped 100 since 1986
  9. Yeah, my point was they weren't going to move guys out just for futures, they're going to need 'real live players' once dumping hard salary for fake cap. And it is a barely above AHL team. Yes, this make sense financially for Melnylk. The same reason an Eriksson trade would/could given his contract only has $9m actual cash owing over 3 years for a $6m cap hit. I'm actually shocked CHI didn't have to add any sweetener.
  10. It shows on your profile if you're in a PM without being logged in anon. I hate that people use it here for scumhunting purposes, but it's allowed, so I do it sometimes. (It really should be a rule that people need to be logged in anon to play.) I'm just wondering why you were using the messenger.
  11. Linden was also used as a shield to deflect any disdain at the whatever was going on with the team while he was here. I do agree that the team will be judged over the next few years, and I am cautiously optimistic about our chances of making the playoffs. I like our team and in league parity think anyone can come out of the woodwork and win a cup, so the more kicks at the can the better. But am not entirely convinced that waiting another year or even two before striking wouldn’t have been the wiser choice. If everyone and everything works out we are golden, if not we will end up in another rebuild eventually and that team will become our better bet (parts of two cores). That’s ok too. Lindens plan whatever it may or may not have been could still be the better path we will never know. I’m just glad he left, not because I didn’t like him as president, but because I was growing tired of seeing his good name used to placate fans and the media.
  12. I did find it amusing about some of the "outrage" on the casting of Iron Fist (netflix series) where a 'white guy' was cast in the lead. Jeebus, the guy *WAS* a 'white dude' in the comics!
  13. That's the kicker, they are outraged over their completely unfounded assumptions about what will happen in the movie. In a thread complaining about outrage culture. Its beyond ridiculous.
  14. No she said you were in a PM - no info on with who, but if she has that info then your PM included her. So you don't get caught PMing in the future.
  16. I believe that top quote is what originated that conversation. You made it sound like Ottawa needed to add more players to ice a team. Also suggesting later on that it's an AHL calibre team. They made a swap of players, therefore not adding any more "real live players" and LE (and Anisimov) isn't going to make their team any less AHL calibre anyway as they swapped out a vet for a vet. It was simply a deal where it made more sense financially for Melnyk which was has always been proposed at least from me. They happened to just choose a different player to fill this goal and perhaps LE nixed going to Ottawa. Nothing to be smug about here IMO.
  17. This isn't rocket science: Bond 25 begins with Daniel Craig's Bond being retired. In the interim, another agent was given the 007 code name. If you've watched previous Bond movies, you'd know that 00s tend to get knocked off fairly frequently; so other agents are then assigned the freed up 00 designation. Hell, Casino Royale begins with Bond being assigned as 007. I'd say there's also a good chance that the new 007 gets killed pretty early in the movie as well.
  19. Have you played with him before? Cause that's pretty standard for him regardless of faction, same with Qwags... either can be easily set up as a mislynch so I think that the Vig should use their discretion when it comes to those 2.
  20. Read another beauty a couple days ago showing the odds of winning the cup. The headline was saying the Laffs are one of the favourites to win the cup. The Canucks of course were amongst the bottom teams well below teams like the Habs and Coyotes.
  21. The Canucks are right at the beginning where they are starting to crack the window of opportunity open. Still, there are a lot of things left to do and at this point a lot will have to go right for the Canucks to be serious contenders if they even make the playoffs. As always, injuries will play a huge role. The Canucks will need healthy seasons from their key players and support guys. Goaltending is a strength but must continue to be a difference maker at key times. Getting goalies on a hot streak in the playoffs is a very common element to cup contending teams. Petterssen, Boeser, Horvat, Hughes, Virtanen, etc all need to keep progressing. Miller, Ferland, Sutter, Baertschi, etc from the secondary scoring group need to all be contributing. Our team has addressed the toughness and hard to play against complaint from years prior. But that has to show up consistently on the ice. That team tough mentality is a key to playoff success. Travis Green needs to continue settling in to the style he wants the team to play. With new weapons to deploy, he finally has options to improve our 4 line team and the PP and PK. More eyes will rightfully be on the decisions he makes, how quick he is to adjust, and how many players he can get the most out of. Coaching (in the playoffs especially) matters a lot. The PP simply needs to be much better and more consistent to give the Canucks their best chance. On paper right now, the Canucks look like a team that over a 7 game series could give any other team a hard battle. I suspect they would not be the favored team to play for the top teams. Thats a lot to go right. But at the same time, if most things fall their way I could actually see this team being a tough out in the playoffs. Lets hope the shifting style and more of a speedy, heavy game will help reduce the injury effect that has come from other teams controlling too much of the play.
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