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  1. Apologies Goalie 13, didn’t see this was still running......doh! Tampa 4 2 paquette
  2. Well it wasn't the team it was the wife and I.........we watched live for the first time this week, apologies all!!!! gutted for the boys but what a team and what fun we have to come. One game too many in a crazy schedule that if your team isn't deep IT exposes it. The boys could do no more, bring on next season and let's see what changes come over the off season. The odd bounce or converting the PP's it could have been different but the biggest thing for Jim and Travis, you know what you need now to improve. in summary.......GREAT RUN, GREAT POTENTIAL, DID ALL THEY COULD, BRING ON NEXT YEAR!
  3. Well Spook007 and fellow home tonight and we had not recorded the game. No problem we can watch, guess what blackout. So just you tubed the highlights. OH YES BABY!!!! What a result, we are going game 7. Going LIVE TONIGHT WITH MY TEAM LIKE THAT T SHIRT, CMON BOYS
  4. God dam work again so going to miss LIVE, very annoyed. Will be with you fellow Canucks fans in spirit and will keep off all media tomorrow so i can get back home from the hotel and watch Friday evening with the wife. If there is a Game 7 definitely will be watching LIVE!!!!! Team need to ride our goalie and get back to Game 2 performance. Don't engage with Reaves and others, keep them flat so they cant react, get the first goal and their frustration will kick-in.....sounds easy LOL. Will be on tomorrow night i hope celebrating but Go Canucks tonight.....bottom 6 please contribute.
  5. Oh yes.....need to get some sleep but so pumped at the minute. Cup of tea time to calm, no booze in the hotel room Spook007!
  6. Finally having stayed off all websites and social media, the wife and i in two parts of the country just managed to watch the game. That was a defensive, opportunistic masterclass from the team. Boy that Vegas team is strong but our team ethic and never say die approach gives us sooo much encouragement for the future of the team. Demko was a wall in that game. I agree Brock had a good game and JT Miller sometimes get's overlooked for what he brings to the team. So pumped now for game 6.......god i love these play-offs. lets keep this dream going.......
  7. With you Spook007, going to miss this one live and with time difference back to the wife watching recording at home and me in hotel Wednesday night....gutted. Whatever happens this team has massive potential, they are learning all the time, we know there will be changes in the off season but god this core has got it!!!! lets go and take this to game 6 boys! go out and forecheck for your lives, turnover pucks and put away the chances. with you all in spirit so will post i hope tomorrow night celebrating a win. Go Canucks!
  8. Totally Totally agree a great post. We are on a journey which will be very exciting with twists and turns and the squad will keep evolving. The core are young and very capable.
  9. Totally agree with your comments CaptKirk888, team way over performing currently and the settled dressing room is a big positive, no random tweets by a players agent. They are performing well against a team who is a contender and if the chances had gone in last night we would have won in my opinion. They are not dominating like game 1 so dust yourself down and go again! Go Canucks!