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  1. you really think virtanen would be a star player? He had character issues even before his draft and he was picked too high. The Canucks didnt ruin him since he never had a good hockey IQ and probably general IQ for that matter with what he has done off ice. He never was and never will be a dominant player. Also how come Hoglander, Hughes, Boeser and Pettersson become dominant under Green while Virtanen did not?
  2. You forgot about podkolzin and rathbone already? we would have 3 potential candidates
  3. imagine he wins the calder trophy. Nucks forum will go nuts
  4. This is funny because Canucks are good with drafting. Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser, Horvat, Hoglander, Podkolzin, Demko, Rathbone, Di Pietro etc. They are a lot better than most other teams with drafting and Canucks get all these talents with usually less than 6 draft picks most years. Give Benning 4 picks in the 1st round and he could get a couple of gems out of those 4 picks. No other GM in Canucks history has had this much drafting success.
  5. I would trade 2nd and Guenther for 25 year old Garland every day without even blinking. the 7th round in 2023 is basically nothing. Also getting rid of 12 million dead space to solve our cap problem this year and maybe fix our D for a 7 million dollar OEL. OEL can play in our top 4 and am sure he will rebound with a better coach and team
  6. Dylan Guenther is overrated and an RW. We got the better winger in Connor Garland who is proven. In fact I doubt arizona would have given up Garland for what they picked. I would have been a bit pissed if it was Brandt or Edvinsson but now I know benning did good. Only an overrated Guenther and a great goalie we never needed was on board for 9 and 10
  7. Kraken will make moves to solidify that forward group with 29 mil. left Eichel for 2nd overall pick, Lauzon McCann, Hayden Fleury Tyler Johnson, 2nd round pick and 3rd round pick 2021 for future consideration signing Dougie Hamilton Tarasenko with 2 mil retention for Tyler Pitlick Lineup: Eberle-Eichel-Tarasenko Appleton-Gourde-Donskoi Jankrok-Johnsson-Lind Tanev-Blackwell-UFA Larsson-Hamilton Giordano-Dunn Oleksiak-Soucy Cholowski Macdermid Vinecek Dreiger
  8. Larsson is worth 4 million per year though
  9. Benning seems to run out of time everytime these signings happen.
  10. not that different from last year. zadorov is similar to Edler in terms of D play and size. we need a true number 1 D like seth jones, hamilton or a good defensive D similar to Tanev like larsson or carlo. If we don't get that type of dman, it will just be same as last year. Zadorov is not that good.
  11. yeah but they wont be playing for free. Holtby at 4 mil is not some huge anchor like eriksson at 6 mil. A reliable backup in free agency will also cost 3 mil or more minimum, not like we will save 4 million. I doubt you can find a 1 million dollar goalie in free agency that is as reliable as Holtby or as experienced.
  12. so we retain on Holtby, give prospects and picks and still look for a backup goalie that will end up basically at similar cap hit as Holtby while giving up assets and no change in cap. I mean what would be the point?
  13. Thats stupid because we can get rid of boat anchor eriksson with that pick or 2 who has higher cap hit than Holtby. Seattle will get Holtby withot any added assets.
  14. How is being environmenfally friendly and using the canucks name cheap when 5 other NHL teams have done the same. I rather have the Canucks name instead of some other stupid name that would probably make people on this board whine. Majority are happy, unless you dont like the Canucks lol
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