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  1. well, I rather expose Myers. Thats the one contract we should get rid of in order to open up more cap space. Rather have Tryamkin playing than Myers.
  2. The question is why we had to give up a 4th? We got a 6th for Benn but we give up a 4th for a much worst defender. It doesnt add up.
  3. The 5th round turned put to be Gaudette. Just because 4th round pick is not as sexy as 1st, doesnt mean we should give them away for free. stupid logic.
  4. I rather Myers actually be exposed. Also we had to give up a 4th to expose a bad Dman instead of Myers? Awesome logic lol
  5. Because Benning wouldnt be able to give our 4th round pick. You know he has to give up picks when Canucks have strong drafting.
  6. So we trade him for an AHLer, not even a 6th round pick? hmmm makes sense
  7. On the bright side Pearson, pettersson, beagle and sutter will be well rested and recovered. Another thing is Montreal is really hurting bad and losing. Also now we have games on hand on them while they are only 8 points up on us all this time we were not playing. So a fresher, healthier Canucks has an advantage on an injured habs team that also has similar schedule as us.
  8. Which makes Benning a terrible GM. So trigger happy to sign players that have bad season to a contract with NTC. How many NTC contracts we have?
  9. of course when you extend the same players, you dont have money to upgrade anything. Stupid move to extend pearson this soon. Should have waited to see what was on the market as some teams might want to do trades due to expansion draft. So he delays and doesnt sign toffoli last off season but quickly signs a lesser player like pearson.
  10. Is it similar plan that they had this offseason where Tanev and Toffoli were let go to sign Virtanen to 2.55 mil? I dont want it
  11. Probably the year after next year when the rest of the cap that is wasted comes off and Luongo penalty is done. Plus Hoglander and Podkolzin get a year of NHL under their belt and Jack Rathbone makes the team with Juolevi becoming a full time player.
  12. If the Habs win a few more, it will just be easier for the Canucks to forfeit all their remaining games as they would be mathematically eliminated. Easier for Benning to sell at the trade deadline.
  13. The problem here is the fact Myers is being described as our best defenseman when couple of years ago when he was on Jets, he was on their 3rd pairing. This is the main reason why Canucks are terrible defensively, because we rely on Edler and Myers to be our best defenseman. If Myers was paid 4 million and he was on our 3rd pairing, I would not be concerned. What Benning needs to do is to trade for a couple of top 4 dmen better than both Edler and Myers. Not sure how he would find those, whether through trades of FA but thats one way to improve our defense. Another step in order to improve our
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