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  1. Now that MG has been Fired, when we will see the Coach being Fired? John never been a good fit to coach Vancouver... It's time to get rid of him as well
  2. MG & Torterella --- Look what have you done both to the team???? What next? Lu been traded, cory has been traded, good excellent quality elite goalie have been traded what in return??? yet to determine… I missed AV, he is a coach knows his job well, unlike the Tort's… we need change in management and coach. Vancouver Fan deserve better than what they are getting Now!!!
  3. What is going with the Canucks? ever since the Tort's become the Head Coach, the team never been the same as we used to know… MG, Tort's should be fired for destroying the Canucks… I really missed AV as the head coach, he has the personality and for most better coach than the current one. We have lost Lu, whose next on the Agenda to be traded?
  4. What's happening with the Vancouver Canucks?

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      our youth may be a couple of years away yet.....we need a couple of 20 to 25 yr olds to stem the tide...

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      a healthy team would be nice too...santo and mattias will help...next year.....

    4. MANGO


      torts has been teaching them to collapse in front of the net, and it is working like a charm.