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  1. Canucks Line-up 2018-2019 Forwards Loui Eriksson Brock Boesser Bo Horvat Sam Gagner Markus Granlund Brandon Sutter Adam Gaudette Brendan Leipsic Jake Virtanen Brenden Gaunce Sven Baertschi Nikolay Goldobin Defence Alex Edler Chris Tanev MDZ Erik Gudbranson Ben Hutton Alex Biega Troy Stetcher Derek Pouliot
  2. Kole Lind | RW

    Kole Lind signed an ATO with Utica does this mean he does NOT burn his first year of his ELC or does he ?
  3. Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Dahlen - Petterson - Goldobin Leipsic - Gaudette - Virtanen Gagner - Sutter - Granlund Gaunce - Motte Edler - Stecher Juolevi - Tanev Del Zotto - Gudbranson Pouliot Markstrom Demko
  4. Benning has amassed a ton of players who are capable of being in the bottom 9 of our hockey team and many are not eligible for waivers and many will not make our team. I think it is safe to assume Benning’s first intention is to create a high level of competition and thus giving us a real kick ass bottom 6 and then a very strong Utica team full of feisty 200 ft players. After that he is left with a bunch of assets that could be traded for picks for the 2019 Draft in Vancouver. Who do you think gets traded and who do you think stays ? Granlund Baertchi Goldobin Dahlen Gaunce Dowd Motte Boucher Molino Leipsic Hutton Gangner Del Zetto have I missed anyone ?
  5. Tank Thread

    I absolutely love what is happening right now. Benning and Linden have a very solid group on the ice right now and they are working their buts off and are scoring a ton of goals. Look at the last 5 games in terms of production from these young guns and from DANIEL! Very exciting hockey right now! Throw in the 5 prospects that were show cased last night in the 2nd intermission (Gadjovich, Peterson, Gaudette, Juolevi and Lind) and we are sitting pretty in this rebuild ! That doesn’t include Dahlen or Demko which would be 7 ! The best part about all of this though ... IS THAT OUR GOAL TENDING SUCKS ! I was so happy about our third goal last night, what a great game, I was loving it ! The best part though, was knowing our goalie would lose us the game so we didn’t climb in the standings. Silver Lining ... kids should still feel good about how hard they are working and be excited about the future and be very confident in themselves (unlike the coilers), plus we’re not climbing in the standings, Demko is staying in Utica (please don’t call him up, we do NOT need someone to make a big save or NOT give up a soft goal) we have 5 wicked prospects coming (7 if you include Demko & Dahlen) and if we can keep our spot in the standings we will have another 3-6 gems (hopefully lots of Defense) in our already deep prospect pool ! Next year if Demko comes I believe we will have the goaltending to match the offensive development and we will push for a playoff spot. And then a year or two after that our NEW defensive prospects should come into their own and we will be a force to reckon with. Loving this stealth tank / rebuild ! Great job Benning and Linden ! I’m pumped !!!!
  6. Thank you ! This is exactly what I’m talking about ! An informed and realistic view of what is actually going on ! I would love for the media to actually read a post like this so they can see that those of us who understand the bigger picture get what is going on here in Vancouver. You took the words right out of my mouth with this post. Great job my friend !
  7. I’ve spent years as a facilitator to help people get past conflicting issues and there is one thing I can tell you. Most people will stay firmly entrenched in their particular camp even when evidence is presented to them. Why? 9 times out of 10 it’s because of passion for what they believe is right and because of that evidence is ignored and movement is stalled. As a result, for me, I can respect every single fan on the cdc and their opinion regardless of how shallow their arguments are. Why? Because we pay the money to watch the games, buy the merchandise and essentially pay the players salaries. And after reading the canucks messages boards every am when I have my morning cofffee it’s clear that 50% of us love the direction Benning is going 20% are on the fence and 30% want him fired and I’m ok with all of those camps because we ARE ALL CANUCKS! What pisses me off though, is weasels like Botchford who should actually be doing some evidence based research before forming an opinion and he does not. He’s a mud slinger. And all of us, regardless of what camp we are in, should be pissed because it will effect a players decision to play in Vancouver and we lose. Players are not reading our comments on here they are listening to irresponsible media people who have national coverage and do not actually understand how the management side of hockey works. Freedman is so right in that this place is scary for players because of the negative culture that is created by the LOCAL MEDIA. However, he is wrong to blame us as we deserve our opinions as the paying customer. It is the Botchford’s (who I think is actually from the centre of the universe) of the world who are disgusting. I will take Cheech and Shorty every intermission all day and all night because they are not only critical but supportive of our players, a neutral mix. I have XM satellite radio and everyday at 4:00 when I drive home there is a game on and the colour commentators defend their team and you can feel the love they have for them in every game. They are Critical but supportive ! These media types I support ! Botchford is a disgusting hack and as a professional with 3 degrees a good head on his shoulders who respects all peoples passions, who researches and reads everything about every draft pick and player we have (sometimes 2-3 times) I am beyond disgusted that this guy is allowed to write for the province and have a segment on TSN. He is a hack period ! In case you’re wondering I AM LOVING WHAT BENNING AND LINDEN ARE DOING ! Keep it up boys !
  8. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    People far too often listen to the rhetoric thrown out by guys like Jeff O'Neil on the TSN panel. The winners and losers segment just shows you how ignorant guys like him are. To say Vancouver are losers because he still doesn't understand the direction of our club based on these signings is purely asinine. It's so obvious to all of us and Benning spelled it out in his interview and idiots like this still get to beak off. It's ridiculous! We're developing our kids and making them earn their spot instead of being self entitled while building trade able assets ! Benning is is a rock star
  9. Boesser Horvat Baertchi Dahlen Granlund Goldobin Sedin Sedin Virtanen Boucher Sutter Eriksson Cramarossa (13) IR - Dorset, Rodin, Gaunce Edler Gudbranson Tanev joulevi Hutton Stetcher Holm Biega Markstrom Bacman
  10. Is Virtanen the most under-rated Canuck prospect?

    Jake is fast (and not just above average, he has top tier speed), has a big lead shot and can hit! He's perfect for today's NHL. I like that he has fallen off the map and is staying out of the spot light. It says to me that he has been humbled and wants to focus on his game. Playing inline roller hockey is going to be great for his hockey IQ and fitness. I personally hope I don't hear about him until camp and he shows up with an absolute hunger to make this team to prove everyone wrong. This kid is going to surprise a lot of people, either this year or the next (I have a feeling he'll be in Utica one more year).
  11. Now that Sbisa is gone I really think we need a veteran D to help bring these young D along as well as free up GMJB to still seek out a trade for Tanev. K Alzner ? Cody Franson? Brian Campbell ? I think a puck moving guy like Campbell would be great in practice and for mentoring stetch, Juolevi and Hutton. What are the thoughts of Canucks Nation? Do we need a veteran presence, or do we roll with Pedan, Subban, brisboise, etc? Thoughts?
  12. I for one believe the Canucks need to keep building our D corps. Maker is the guy we should absolutely take at 5. The more defensemen we have and develop the better the trade apportunities we'll have later. Teams are absolutely clamouring after D every year. You can't go wrong. We take Makar finish bottom 10 next year in a better draft we'll get our centre. Who knows Benning may even stumble on a gem this year !
  13. Stop feeding us bull

    Like the original poster, I also have been following these messages boards for many years and rarely post. I am 43 years old and have been going to Canucks games since I was 6. However, I see it much differently than him. We are rebuilding and I think Benning is doing a great job. We are building from the net out and right now from the net out through our entire defensive core (including Brisboise, juolevi, etc) we are going to be a wall back there. We have Virtanen and Boesser coming in (Lockwood & Gaudette look very good too) and we are now 2-3 pieces away from being ready to compete at a high level. What people need to understand that without the Sedin's, Burrows, Edler, Miller, Hansen & Erickson (basically our only veteran players) these kids including (Horvat, baertshi, all our young d ) would not learn how to be the best they can be. It's common sense. You. Averyone knows you cannot develop talent without the right leadership in the room. Period. I for one have watched every game this season and love the fight in the dog as well as the dogs in the fight. Yes we are losing, but our kids are learning to compete and if the worst case scenario is developing the character of these future leaders while picking up a fight draft pick great, I'll take it everyday until Sunday. If we end up making the playoffs or coming close and our draft pick isn't that great, I trust Benning has the skill set to find us several diamonds in the rough like Trymakin and Boesser and Gaudette and Brisbois and and and ...! I am 100 % all in with where our team is going and I am very excited about it.
  14. Utica Eligibility ?

    Can someone help me with the rules on who can go to Utica and who can't? From last years draft and this years draft who is eligible? It looks like there are a couple of kids turning 19 from this draft who could slot in ?