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  1. Yeah i know what you mean i have the same problem....lol
  2. Whole Blues team is dirty, sure glad the refs are calling penalties that are actual penalties. They can't beat us from the box.
  3. Any update on Miller, heard something about a possible injury?
  4. I'm sorry but as much as i loved the Sedins this is the type of moxy we need going forward.
  5. .With guys like Horvat and Miller at the helm i don't think these guys can help but but go to war for each other.
  6. If you would have told me in December that Pearson, Sutter and Ericksson would be some of our strongest supporting player going into the playoffs i would have spit my drink in your face?
  7. Way to go boys, really startng to show your character, hope you get a favorable matchup in the playoffs
  8. I missed most of the game how come Ferland only played like 2 minutes?
  9. So i see the Canucks get screwed again with Ferland getting a 5000 fine and Kunin only getting a 1000.....Typical.
  10. Was really hoping that with finally having a full healthy lineup they would really show us what they're made of.
  11. Congrats but i don't think he'll make it back before the end of this series.