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  1. If anybody is looking for an AGM I'd like to offer my services; It's been awhile since I've done this thing ;P That being said; It's very nice to see pretty much the same group of names floating around.
  2. Awesome, Thank you; Info: First Name: Funt Last Name: Cungus Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia Nationality: Canadian Second Nationality (Optional): Primary Position: LW Seconary Position(s) (Optional): RW Height (cm): 185 Weight (kg): 81 Handedness: Left Jersey Number: 73 Junior Preference: Major Junior Starting Team*: If you can put me with the team that has the most CAPs on it, that would be cool. Role: Power Forward
  3. Aww, Man. This would have been awesome to sign up for, It's been so long.