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  1. PP1: Chiasson Boeser Horvat Pettersson Hughes PP2: Hoglander Garland Miller Podkolzin OEL That second unit would be better than 50% of the top units in the NHL...
  2. When Boeser returns we have enough skill for 2 PP units. No excuse that we can't be one of the top teams in the league on the PP this year. Most teams only have one guy who can QB a PP. We have 2, maybe even 3 if you include Rathbone.
  3. I'd be concerned when the smallest guy on your team is also the most aggressive player you have.
  4. The PP looks exactly the same as last year in terms of execution. I doubt Petey needed an entire training camp to go over exactly what he did last year. The problem isn't Petey missing camp, or Hughes. The problem is how to execute the PP with all that talent on the ice.
  5. So Green pulls the goalie with over 2 minutes left in the game down one goal. Why? The idea is to pull the goalie to put your best players on the ice with a one man advantage against a tired opposition. By pulling the goalie with over 2 minutes left our top players got tired and it also allowed Detroit to make a line change. Just dumb coaching really.
  6. Uncle Jim provided all of the talent that is needed to have the best power play in the league. It's up to the coaching staff to execute the PP for maximum effectiveness. So far they are failing in that regard. But it was to be expected with Green still around. We are looking great offensively with the talent we have. Just wait until Brock is in the lineup. No reason we can't win games outscoring the opposition. My concern will be how that talent is being used.
  7. Ray Ferraro should take over. Him and Shorty would be gold.
  8. Toronto only has 22 players on the active roster in order to be cap compliant. That is their problem, not because they have an injury. If they had the normal 23 man roster they could easily send a guy down to the AHL and call up their AHL goalie. The Canucks would never have this problem because if Demko or Halak got hurt we could just send Rathbone down to Abby and call up DiPietro. This is mismanagement of the cap by Dubas to allow this to happen by only having 22 players on the active roster due to having to pay 4 players 50% of the cap...
  9. From what I’ve read Juulsen’s head injury is fully healed from over a year ago. He doesn’t get the headaches any longer and his vision is 100%. So I’m hoping he gets called up at some point. He would be an upgrade on Burroughs and his ceiling is as a top 4 Dman.
  10. When your employer misspells your name on the back of your jersey you know your days are numbered. Bye Alex, it was nice to know you. Good luck on your next team...
  11. Meh he's alright as an injury fill in. When Boeser gets back he will either be on the 4th line or in the press box. If I was him I'd be worried about job security. When your employer misspells your name on the back of your jersey it probably means your days are numbered...
  12. Lammikko is a big boy. Probably 6'3" 200+ pounds. Plays the way you want a 4C to play and has some offensive jump as well. We are all going to like this guy. Will be our best 4th line player for sure. He could probably move up to the 3rd line as well when needed. Lammikko and Dickinson will be our 2 most solid PK'ers I think. Motte of course is right there too but he is so injury prone that I don't think we can rely on him for the full year. He will also be a UFA next summer so not sure if we will re-sign him or not. Anyways, Green was never going to give Juolevi a chance so I'm glad we got Lammikko and Juulsen is a sleeper who may get called up a some point this year.
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