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  1. Ferland was put on the NHL's list of 18 players with career ending injuries so we kinda knew already that this was the case. But it's nice that Micheal has confirmed it and I am glad he is not going to play any longer. He has a wife and a kid so needs to take care of himself moving forward. He will be on LTIR for the next 2 years so hoping that the money can help to ease his pain. Good luck Micheal. You are a warrior and I wish you had been able to play out the 4 years in Vancouver. We could have really used you the last couple of years...
  2. Yeah I think Coleman's is worse. It's not even the AAV it's the term on both. They both play a heavy game so their bodies will be worn out by that 4th year.
  3. Really the only missing piece is that stud RHD partner for Hughes. Unfortunately they are almost impossible to find. The only two blue chip stud RHD that were available this summer were Jones and Hamilton. We just didn't have the means to get either one and even Hamilton isn't a perfect fit with Hughes. Parayko will be available next summer. We have to move cap out but most of our contracts now are quite moveable. If we are close this year and Parayko is the one missing piece then maybe Benning goes for it.
  4. Zach Hyman and Blake Coleman have to be the worst signings. I'm just not sure yet which one is worse. Those type of players do not age well. Both of them have already peaked and are pushing 30. That 3rd or 4th year is going to be painful on those deals. Likely they will be bought out at least 2 years prior to their contract expiry. The good news is that Edmonton and Calgary took one player each, so their cap will be screwed in the future which is good news for us...
  5. I don't think we have that 3rd guy yet but at least Benning added another top 3. At the end of the day we first need to make the playoffs and maybe make some noise. If we do that then Benning can assess the D next summer to see if he needs to add another top 3 guy. He did ALOT this summer. Added a top 6 forward, added a top 3 Dman, added a 3rd line centre, added depth to the RHD position, added a good backup goalie, turned Sutter into a 4C with a great contract, wiped out all the bad contracts within 48 hours, got most if not all of the malcontents and trouble makers out of the
  6. Yeah I would have probably traded a 3rd round pick just to see Reaves put Matheson in the hospital...
  7. That's almost $1 million per goal. I'd love to get paid $1 million per goal...
  8. I'd rather keep Myers. So undervalued in this market...
  9. RHD are alot harder to acquire so that adds much more value to guys like Jones and Hamilton. If they were all LHD that would change the conversation...
  10. If you throw in more roster players then that just means Vegas would have more holes to fill. You would need to add in Tuch as well. but then you have 3 roster spots to fill. Losing both Reaves and Tuch to add Eichel would make Vegas pillowy soft. They'd have to be forced to wear those gold helmets again...
  11. That's like a $2 million overpayment. No way he should get Seth Jones money or get paid more than Hamilton. If I'm Victor Hedman I am holding out until Tampa gives me $11 million...
  12. So the Rangers traded a 3rd round pick for a player who's sole purpose is to beat up Tom Wilson?
  13. Poolman averaged 18:18 in ice time during the regular season. DeMelo averaged only 16:58. So Poolman for the entire year was averaging more ice time than DeMelo. Also, Demelo's ice time dropped from 2019 to 2020 while Poolman's increased. It's safe to say that Winnipeg has been relying more on Poolman and less on DeMelo this year. Tucker Poolman: 2019-20 26 WPG NHL 57 4 12 16 -1 24 3 0 1 1 12
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