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  1. Has played in the KHL his entire pro career and is the same size as little Johnny. What makes people think he will do anything worthwhile in the NHL?
  2. Rathbone is already better than Juolevi. He will be a lot closer to Hughes than Juolevi in a couple of years. Remember Rathbone played with Adam Fox at Harvard and didn’t look out of place at all compared to Fox. Fox is now a Norris Trophy candidate. That tells you everything you need to know about the potential of Jack Rathbone.
  3. Reinhart is an RFA in the summer. He’ll want over $6 million and will probably only sign a one year deal to take him to UFA in 2022. Why trade major assets for him now when you can get him for free in a year? We’ll have some good cap space in 2022. And their will be many top end UFA’s available. I’d throw all my money at Seth Jones. That’s the player we need to take us to the next level. A prime 25 minute guy to partner Hughes.
  4. This is only temporary until Podkolzin arrives and Lind becomes more of a regular. Boeser, Podkolzin and Lind should be our 3 RW's in the top 9 with MacEwen and Lockwood competing for the 4th RW spot. Same on the left side. I can see Gadjovich taking a spot next year and Benning has re-signed Pearson, so with Hoglander and Motte that also takes up the 4 spots along with Highmore competing for a 4th line spot. At centre unless we make a trade I can definitely see us going with Petey, BO and Miller up the middle with Graovac or a UFA taking the 4th spot. Our lineup w
  5. Power and Hughes are left handed D. Don't think they are gonna fit with Quinn. Clarke is intriguing but he's not a slam dunk and maybe a few years away from having a big impact in the NHL.
  6. I'd be up to seeing this on a nightly basis at Rogers Arena. How many Dmen can do this to Tom Wilson?
  7. Gadjovich Pettersson Boeser Hoglander Miller Podkolzin Pearson Horvat Lind Motte Graovac MacEwen I wanna see Johah park his butt in front of the net with Boeser firing lasers at the net and Petey driving the play. Also, if someone wants to Matheson Petey they will need to answer to Jonah. Hoglander and Podkolzin would be the buzzsaws around Miller and Pearson Horvat Lind could match up against the top opposition line. Motte Graovac MacEwen would be high energy and MacEwen would be able to Nurse anyone that tries to
  8. I'd rather just sign David Savard as a UFA and give up zero assets. Savard is bigger, better, stronger and probably will get the same contract as Tanev.
  9. My guys from last year abandoned me and must be helping you out. Are you paying them extra money?
  10. The 2017 draft is shaping up to be one of the best ever for the Canucks. Gadjovich would be icing on the cake if he pans out. Lots of talk of him being a 4th line grinder. I’m thinking he’s gonna be more than that. His game will translate well to the NHL and we could see him on Petey’s wing getting the dirty goals in front of the net and also protecting our star player.
  11. So McJesus got 100 points playing against only 6 other teams with hardly any travel in a weakened division. That’s nice. Wake me up when he gets 130 points and wins the scoring title at age 33. We all know the player that accomplished that.
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