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  1. Hoglander Pettersson Boeser Podkolzin Horvat Virtanen Motte Miller Lind Gadjovich Beagle MacEwen I could live with that...
  2. Linden wanted a full rebuild. He was the one that was fired. That tells you everything you need to know.
  3. Gillis was in charge of 6 drafts. In those 6 drafts he drafted 37 players. Out of those 37 players, only 14 played at least one game in the NHL. 23 players he drafted out of 37 players never played a single game in the NHL. Out of the 14 players he drafted that played in the NHL, only 6 played more than 100 games. in 2010 he drafted 5 players, 4 never played a game in the NHL and one player played in one NHL game. Imagine picking an entire draft class where all the players drafted combine for ONE NHL game. The fact is that Gillis left this team in complete shambles. Only one player remains on the team that was a Gillis draft pick. Those 6 years of pathetic drafting is why it has taken this long to rebuild this team. And to add to that Aquilini made the choice to try and give the Sedins one last shot at a Cup, so the early decisions to trade picks and get high priced veterans came from ownership. The reason we signed Loui was to give the Sedins one last shot at a Cup. It didn't work out so Benning needed to fill other holes to retool on the fly. In came Sutter, Roussel and Beagle. Again, bad decisions looking back now but the idea of the retool on the fly came from ownership. Ultimately, we should have just started a full rebuild the first year Benning took over. But with the Sedins still here earning $6 million it wasn't going to happen. Now we are paying the price. So we need to let the bad contracts run out, play the kids and ride it out from here. Benning needs to hire a coach that can get the most out of this talented group of young players. He will get one more shot to right the ship. Let's see what happens.
  4. Benning's contract runs until the summer of 2023. He isn't going anywhere even though some people think otherwise. We have a deep prospect pool and great young players already on the roster. We just need someone behind the bench that can get the most out of that talent. Aquilini will have to spend money to get a qualified coaching staff. The talent is there. We saw it last game. We need to see it every game.
  5. I’ve met a few of the Canuck players. Some apparently even have an account on CDC...
  6. Rathbone looks like a star in the making and you want to include him in a cap dump to get rid of Loui? I'd rather suffer one more year of Loui's contract. Also, this year's first for Sam Bennett? You do know he's not 18 anymore right? We were talking flipping Virtanen for Bennett, our first round pick this year might be the first pick overall!! Benning has been accused of trying to retool on the fly and throw away picks, people want him fired for it. Imagine if he gave up a 5th overall pick for Sam Bennett and used Rathbone as a throw in to dump Loui's salary. Benning would need secret service protection to get out of town...
  7. Connelly and Gudas for Virtanen and Roussel. Gets Roussel off our books next year so we can fit Connelly under the cap. BC boy who may get back to being a 20 goal scorer with a new coach in Vancouver. Connelly would be great on the 3rd line and he could bump into the top 6 in case of injury. Have Lind as your 3C next year instead of Sutter so the cap should work with Roussel off the books. Sending Virtanen to Florida would be a good move as it gets him out of the West and he can go work on his tan. His career will die eventually along with his tan so we don't have to worry about him becoming the next Bertuzzi...
  8. We’ve never won the lottery. We’ve actually lost positions and got a worse draft pick several times. So our odds of winning the lottery are actually zero. We should all thank COVID for allowing us to make the playoffs last year. If we had missed the playoffs then Tampa would have our pick this year. Imagine if this was the one year we won the lottery? The Canucks would have to set up a suicide hotline for many of our fans and for CDC.
  9. I agree. I think if he agrees to sign a 1 year $2 million contract I’d be okay with that. Put Lind on right wing and Motte on left wing. That would be a better 3rd line then what we have now. Gadjovich and MacEwen can play on a big aggressive 4th line with Beagle. Jasek can be the 13th and rotational forward who can play all 3 forward positions. Eriksson and Roussel can be bought out.
  10. Tryamkin is going to be a beast on the penalty kill. I’d hate to be that forward who gets to stand in front of the net while Tree is on the ice for the penalty kill. That could be a career ending job for most players.
  11. I wouldn't have a problem giving Suter a new short term deal, the problem is we need to give him wingers that can play a shutdown role on a 3rd line. Roussel, Virtanen and Gaudette are not those wingers. If we can bring up Kole Lind to play on right wing and add Tyler Motte on left wing I'd be good with that as our 3rd line for next year. Gadjovich and Jasek should be given every opportunity for a 4th line spot and I think MacEwen needs to be a mainstay on the 4th line as well. Gadjovich Jasek MacEwen Would love to see that energy and grit on our 4th line.