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  1. Yup, Faber or VC, was or is an insider. VC was on here for a purpose. He worked for the Canucks, so made this board what it was. The reason they were going to shut it down was because Faber is now the full time sportswriter for the Canucks so they probably couldn't get VC to post here anymore. Also, they wanted to control the narrative. Not sure why this site is still here though. Maybe they want the other site to fail and have everyone come back. It probably doesn't cost them much to keep it going, so they'll probably just leave it up until it runs its course. It will probably be shut down at some point, maybe next summer when nobody is paying attention...
  2. Notice how VC hasn't responded to my posts? This tells me I'm right, I figured it out. Once Faber became the Canucks sports writer it all made sense...
  3. Thanks Chris. Good luck in your new gig. You will be the best sports writer the Canucks have ever had.
  4. He hasn't confirmed or denied it. So, he is Chris Faber until I hear otherwise...
  5. Chris Faber, I mean Vintage Canuck, has a new gig. So, I don't think he will be around here anymore. Not sure if they will shut this down. They will probably just let it die on its own. A slow and painful death...
  6. We all know that Vintage Canuck is Chris Faber. Faber is now the full-time senior writer for the Canucks, so Vintage won't have any more free time to be here. He may come to the other forum to post sporadically. We will see... Good luck @-Vintage Canuck- in your new role with the Vancouver Canucks!!! Love always, Petey and the boys
  7. So they are keeping this site up and now have zero interaction with the fans. Why even bother keeping it up now, nobody is coming back. Maybe someone should let management know that nobody is coming back so just pull the kill switch...
  8. I’m waiting for Francesco to have his loan approved at the bank. It takes awhile to get $100 million approved, even for a billionaire…
  9. We all got punked. They aren’t shutting down the forum. The main site now has a link to the message boards. I just tried it and it works. It takes me right to this forum. So, is everyone going to come back now?
  10. True. The running theory is Vintage is, or was, more than one person. If you look at his posting history, it is quite different now than 10 years ago. Sounds like different people. His posts from 2010/2011 sound like he's pretty young, much different than now. If I had to guess, the Vintage of today is not the same person from 2010. And he, or she, started working for the Canucks much later than 2010. The Vintage of today is 100% a Vancouver Canucks employee. Nobody could spend this much time on this forum without being paid. He averages probably 50 posts per day plus all the research that goes into the posts. He's not just replying to people. He's posting relevant Canucks and NHL information daily...
  11. So, we know for a fact that VC works for the Canucks. That nails it down to several hundred people. He joined the forum on May 24, 2010, so we know his employment start date. If someone spent some time we could probably figure it out...
  12. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the Francesco Aquilini thread. My sources tell me he was going to shut down the site after that thread appeared...
  13. I predict that CDC will be shut down on October 1...
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