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  1. Reading alot of positive McCann comments, sad to hear Virtanen didnt show up... Id be shocked if McCann makes the cut over Virt, but the sample size isnt big enough yet. Thank god its the preseason, we typically get spanked once or twice to shake off the cobwebs. Sounds like it was a defensive flop.
  2. Hey guys.. Missed the game due to work. Looking at the Boxscore, Goalies got litup, Millers #s look a little scary. But a boxscore doesnt tell the story. From anyone who watched the game, curious to know if any of the rookies had flashes or looked solid (even in a onesided loss). And how did Miller really look? Who was good/bad?
  3. fake Canucks merch sold at "I love hats" booth in PNE

    Grab me a Horvat cap and a pair of F'Oakley's next time you see him.. Joking aside, the guy is probably trying to make table scraps for his family, all the while we're worried about the legalities here... Apparently it's legal and moral to support the overpaid hockey market where the hats are probably made in third world countries by children... go reebok!! Seriously, let the man eat. Don't get me wrong, I love this sport. Just grossly hate the politics and financials behind it.
  4. 3 years ago today, Rick Rypien left us. RIP

    This post got my eyes all watery. RIP Ryp! Your not forgotten!
  5. Shocking....Booth remain unsigned

    watch him find top 6 minutes and tally 25-30 goals in Toronto... just...watch... Its a funny signing, but an absolute STEAL for Toronto at that money. Just ask Raymond.
  6. I'll Buy Season Tickets Again If...

    I have to question this whole "AV argued with Sundin" thing. How is it that, in a media circus like VANCOUVER, this wasnt mentioned before?? I have never heard of this??? You happened to see this, yet the few dozen camera's that were fixed on the ice, likely some in Sundin's direction, didnt pick this up??? (because if it did, the media would have caught on, and CDC would have had a post or 2, or 10 on it). Riddle me this batman, where did you come up with this?
  7. What are your point and goal expectations for each player in the lineup?

    Miller with the empty net goal!!! I like it..
  8. Possible 15/16 Roster

    Bo hopefully, Shinkaruk would be great, but I highly doubt we will see Virtanen, McCann, Bo, Shink, Corrado all make the team, and be mainstays by 15/16. Incredibly unrealistic. We would have lucky to have 2 of them stick... And maybe find a spot for Vrbata... we just inked him for 2, so he will be with our top 6 likely in 15/16
  9. Who will we acquire to play with the Sedins

    Not Horvat no, but maybe Jensen, Hansen, and a pick? Its hard to put a value on Kane, hes an overpaid/underachieving twitter-monger. But in the right atmosphere, and a fresh start? Kid could really shine... And with the Sedins he may flourish.
  10. Who will we acquire to play with the Sedins

    What about Evander Kane? Winnipeg has been shopping this kid quietly for years, sure he has his 'issues'. But we can likely squeeze him in after resigning Kassian & Tanev. (And trading away say... Hansen and a prospect or pick to obtain Kane). Im not against the idea is my point, considering the options out there. What do you guys think?
  11. Ugh, What of Santorelli? I read this post and went... who? who and who? Utica depth... bah...
  12. Its hard to read this thread and think "Ya.... that can happen"... But in saying that, if Vancouver was to upset Anaheim first round of the 2015 playoffs, Ill laugh through the whole summer.
  13. Future Elite Canucks

    Clearly they were traded for Danielle and Lincoln... Clearly...
  14. Gino Fighting His Toughest Battle

    This took me back, well said Gino my heart and prayers are with you! You will never be forgotten, a true Canuck and a hero to so many.