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  1. Oh I cant msg u, beeee-zarrro. Mind if I credit you on that sig Agent?

  2. Im with Ari, msg coming.

  3. If Prime had 1000 posts or less to his name, noone would care, and nor should they. But Prime has been a presence in CDC for awhile now. Whether you care or dont, the blatent thievery of his name deserves at the very least, an explanation. When I first saw the blog's on Canucks.com I THOUGHT it was THIS Optimist Prime, which was the REASON I read it. I dont mind Prime's insight and opinion, they are usually thought out and decently written. But the tripe on canucks.com was pooooorly written, one grammatical error after the next.
  4. Curious Nancy, Sundin has spent the last 2 months fishing, relaxing and spending time with family. A much needed vacation Im sure. What are you thoughts if he actually signs, will he have the stamina to produce with the kind of expectations that the fans of any team will be expecting? Trevor will tell you, it takes commitment to your body to have the ability to keep up with alot of the young successful players today. I have no doubt Sundin can make the right plays at the right time sure... But I highly doubt he will have the energy, stamina and determination to put forth a 10 million dollar effort.
  5. Well said. Most canuck fans at this point are literally becoming sick at the sight of Mats Sundin's name flashing on this website, but that same sickness is still sitting in a pool of anticipation.. We all sick of the waiting. But we all still want the "Yes". I cant imagine whats going through MG's head during this whole endeavor. I see more and more giving up on the chance of Sundin wearing our jersey, at this point I think more people are asking one question "What the hell is plan B Mike?"
  6. I wouldnt call it goodbye Ryan. More of a 'See ya Later'. You have had one hell of a season, I cant begin to imagine the frustration you felt through the end here, and Im sure youve heard it before... But.. dont let it get ya down. Us fans stand behind you and this team 100%. You may not believe it, but your one of the top 5 key , biggest impact players on this team. Without you there would be a huge hole in this team's makeup that would NOT be easily filled. We are fortunate to have you, and I can only hope you continue your increasingly impressive career here as a Canuck. Congrats to you and your wife, I wish you guys the best in the offseason with your new expected edition. Me and my wife just had our first 2 months ago, unforgettable experience. Have a great off season and we look forward to a bounce back season for the Canucks next year! ~Jagori
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