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  1. Look at the roster, and compare it to other teams. You should know why...
  2. different positions bro...that's why.
  3. Anyone actually expects him to say "No, our team is not looking very good next season and probably not going to compete for a playoff spot"? Just look at the roster, and compare ours to other teams like LA, Ducks, Hawks, Flames etc, playoffs? Really? lol
  4. no matter how you put it, when you are only 6'0 and less than 200 pounds, it is hard to carry the enforcer or policeman role....
  5. Cody Franson is kind of big and tough kind of a player, not suitable for the style of the Canucks. Vey, Weber (Yannik, not Shea) are the type of style suitable for the team.
  6. I bet you our top 6D are the smallest in the NHL.....lol I thought size does matter...
  7. Sure, these kind of signings sure can get the customers and fans excited about the upcoming season........
  8. At 6'4, 225 pounds, Matthias is too big to play for the Canucks. Only players like Vey, Weber fit the Canucks.
  9. Basically the same team? Losing your heart and soul defenseman, losing your only power forward on the team, losing your best PKer......still the same team??
  10. sigh...I am not feeling excited about next season at all.... It is only like yesterday that we are an elite team and president trophy winner...
  11. I just don't feel excited at all about next season....it almost like I don't want the new season to begin......
  12. Canucks management simply love small tough guy.....Other teams' tough guy are like 6'4, 225 pounds, ours are like 5'9, 190 pounds....wtf. We are calling all teams to hit us, rough us, and rag doll us like Micheal Ferland did....lol
  13. Ok..let's trade away KB3, then Kassian, our team will be perfectly without a tough guy who is 6' feet tall....perfect.
  14. Big teams get bigger, tough teams get tougher...and us....? Soft and small team getting softer and smaller. sigh...
  15. No way this is true...lol.... Canucks management and the fans do not like big and tough players.....