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  1. can u spam more? thanks

  2. Randy won't last against Fedor
  3. I see... Hong man choi is probably the most unordinary asian there is. Where else have you seen a 7 foot 2, 350 pound korean? Just a freak show. Super flying kick to the neck, no damage done
  4. hahaha, there's also this big chinese boxer with blue hair. He actually looks like an alien. I never found out his name, I'll try and find the video
  5. Is Dana not letting Emelianenko fight in the UFC or does Fedor just not want to? He would surely dominate his division
  6. BTW, Emelianenko's last fight against HMC was hilarous haha
  7. The thing is you're basing everything on records and not the skill of the fighter itself. If you watch Silva's fights, he absolutely rolls through his opponents. Don't get me wrong, GSP is one of my favorite fighters and he's one of the best in the world, but he can't control fights like Anderson Silva does. I don't follow Pride as much but I do realize they have world-class fighters over there, including Fedor, Wanderlei, and Mauricio.
  8. And The Spider Silva shows why he's t he best in the world
  9. disappointing effort my cheick. He should have kept it standing
  10. yup watching it now
  11. You obviously haven't watched UFC very long. How can you say Silva hasn't fought anyone near the caliber that GSP has fought? Do you realize that nobody thought that Rich Franklin could be defeated when he was dominating his division? Franklin had one loss prior to fighting Silva and was a beast in all his fights. However, when it came time to fight Silva he got absolutely dominated, all in the first round. The reason Franklin "walked into the punches" is because he couldnt get away from Silva and his Thai clinch. Franklin said himself that he couldn't pull from it. Silva also fought Chris Leben who is tough as nails and finished him early in the first round.