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  1. Wow, been a poster for like 16 years so sad to see CDC finally shut down. Living in Australia it's always been my main source for hockey news so thank-you to everyone who kept the boards alive and entertaining. No doubt lots of users will jump ship to Canucks Corner or HF Boards but CDC will always be the best.
  2. McWard looks like an NHLer, Johansson made some sloppy defensive plays, Hirose really not that noticeable, expected more from Raty.
  3. McD and McWard been really impressive so far. Expected more from Hirose to be honest so doubt he starts in our top 6 based on tonight. Klim been great too. Abby's top guys should be strong next year, Calgary is just getting destroyed.
  4. Without Pesce (or a similar top 4 defenceman) we've really just got Hughes (a top 5 guy IMO), Hronek (a solid 20+ minute top 4 all around guy), Cole (a bit older but a fringe top-4 guy), Soucy (Seattle's 3rd pairing guy last year), Myers (arguably bottom pairing on any team, no better) and then a spot for Hirose, Irwin, Wolanin or Rathbone (none of them crack a playoff team defence). We're so close to a decent defence, acquiring someone like Pesce or Hanifin would take us over the top. Without someone like that, we're alright but a real wild card spot calibre defence. I wouldn't wait until the offseason, we could crash by then and it matters a lot to what we do with Petey and Hronek's deals. I'd go all in now if we can. Flip that first and a roster player, that should do the job for potentially a rental/someone who won't resign in their current team anyway. 1st + Beauvillier/Garland and throw a defensive prospect if they want for either of Pesce or Hanifin. I'd honestly even bite if they wanted Boeser.
  5. I get the notion of wanting someone big and scary and loud as captain but we've never had one. Henrik, Trevor, Naslund, even Bo was relatively quiet and now Hughes. I think people feared the Sedins a different way when they were on the ice, they respected Trevor and maybe to an extent feared big Bo, but never too much. No one will fear Quinn but I tell you what when we're down a goal, pull the goalie and have Hughes start skating down the ice I think there'll be a different kind of fear. Captains don't have to be physical or loud but I think they have to be clutch and Hughes has shown that. I'd say Petey is a lot more clutch but having the two on the ice late in the game - that's our leadership squad right there. We lived and died by them last year and Petey scored a lot of late minutes goals fed by Hughes so I'd expect the same.
  6. Always was the right choice going into next year. If you asked us 3 years ago the answer would be Bo, 2 years ago, maybe Miller, then right after that maybe even Petey but the last maybe 6 months, it's been Hughes by a landslide and deservedly. We've got a great leadership group going forward and it revolves around Petey, Demko, Miller and Quinn. No more old useless veterans carrying an "A".
  7. Would be nice to hurry it up, training camp is around the corner. The cap situation is tricky but Mikheyev could be thrown on LTIR to free up space for Pearson so you never know. We look really set though, don't think we need anymore forwards, with Suter and Blueger as well as hopefully Podz and Hogs we're really full up, unless we somehow move Beau or Garland, and of course a Myers trade would be nice but these are all big contracts to move and I fear we'll end up paying for it somehow.
  8. Yeah I also think the types of people that they are, Petey needs/likes to fly under the radar. He wants to be the best, but he doesn't have to be the best speaker, just focus on points. Skating and passing seems to come so naturally to Hughes that I don't think a little extra scrutiny or interviews will affect his on ice performance and he looks like he wants it - becoming more of a leader at the right time, when we need one. Miller is another obvious choice but is obviously a bit older already whereas Quinn could be cap for a decade.
  9. Lead the league in tip ins last year, he's got immense hockey IQ and we've got fantastic passers on our PP. Time to see more variety of goals - wrist shots, dekes, one timers etc. With Mikheyev now a big question mark, Kuzmenko is primed for a bigger year. 50G isn't out if the question if we're doing well as a team and Petey is on point again.
  10. Every year there's some surprise break outs. Podkolzin and Hoglander really should be those guys but I could see Brock drop 35G easily. He'll play on our top PP (IMO he was a great playmaker there at the end of last season), and on our 2nd line wing with Miller to start so he'll get lots of opportunities. If Mikheyev isn't ready to go who knows, maybe he even plays on our top line. Would be nice to see a Nylander-like season from him one day but baby steps. He has to put up 30G.
  11. We need a player like him, good defensively and can throw a hit, but makes our cap situation tricky. Someone's going to have to be waived or moved. Probably didn't need to sign Blueger as well as Suter if we knew Pearson would be ready, now we've got to shift around that - 2M. Flipping Beauvillier would be the easy option compared to waiving and losing someone or moving Myers. Tocchet will throw Pearson straight into our top 6.
  12. Voiced this in the other thread but another mess up by our medical team. There was absolutely no reason for him playing extra games last season, the medical staff had timed it so that he would be able to start the next season but of course now he's going to miss some pre-season and not be up to speed for game 1 (if he even makes that). Stupid timing on our behalf when we really didn't need to.
  13. How has Poolman not retired yet? Also thought Mikheyev would be much further along, not just close to starting the season. Why didn't we do the surgery sooner to give him a proper training camp? We knew last season was lost, he was playing for no real reason and opted for surgery the day they said they'd get him back for opening night? Would have rather we done surgery a couple of weeks earlier to get him fully up to speed in training camp.
  14. I'd flip him as long as we don't give up anything more than a 2nd to do so. Otherwise ride it out and use that money to resign Petey and Hronek.
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