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  1. Rough re-introduction with loads of back to backs after not playing for so long and possibly some coming out of Covid, it's a bit unfair to the players but I suppose they'd want to play. I expect us to lose 75% of these games, we're going to get battered. Shame because we're 8 points back of the Habs and you never know, without Covid and time constraints (and Montreal slipping) anything could have happened, but this outbreak has ended any hope we had.
  2. Players going surprisingly low, a 3rd is a throw away for a 26 year old defenceman who can move the puck. Obviously this is to replace Ekblad to an extent but if he thrives under a solid coach, he might stay long term...
  3. The more the season goes on, the more I worry Sutter and Beagle won't be here next year and our bottom-6 centers and PKers are going to be a mess. If Sutter is happy to re-sign for a 1.5-2M x 1 or 2 year deal then we should take it, plant him on our 4th line and 1st PK unit and milk 12-15 minutes out of him. Beagle sounds more and more like he's going to be on LTIR and may retire soon, leaving a massive hole at 3C which is where JB's going to have to work his magic and either sign a UFA cheap or trade for one. I know Petey and Hughes need deals, but this bottom-6 center problem nee
  4. JB must know something we don't because with the information available to the public (eg. capgeek) there's no way we can fit everyone in. He must have some way to either move money around or one of these contracts is going, plus we'll lose a contract to Seattle (does he have some sort of agreement in place there?). I trust in Benning's cap management, he's always been decent at that. Of course everyone, including myself, is upset with the 3.25M Pearson picked over 4.25M Toffoli but you could argue that 1M is Tyler Motte, so Pearson + Motte > Toffoli. In goals, of course not, but
  5. Of course moving forward we have a real hole in our bottom-6 center spot, especially with Beagle on LTIR and Sutter's cap situation up in the air. We have Gaudette who really hasn't excelled at center, average faceoff numbers and isn't very strong defensively. It's no surprise that we need someone who's good on faceoffs down the middle going forward. There's some talk that Philadelphia are a bit fed up with Nolan Patrick, a former 2nd overall pick who really hasn't produced much offence at all over his career. He's been good at faceoffs though and is still only 22, but coming into
  6. Motte's one of the best bottom-6 players in the league - plays hard, kills penalties and can score big goals. The playoffs is where he really shines, he's very much a Chris Higgins-type player in his prime. Unfortunately I think his worth is more than what his true trade worth is if that makes sense - he's treated as a 1-2M player and a 10-15 minute forward but in actual fact he does so many things for a team to make them successful that he's worth much more, money and trade-wise. I'd love to acquire a solid center (Tierny from Ottawa is a prime example who has been th
  7. Absolutely, JB must have that in mind because they can only put so much of the cap towards bottom players and PKers. We might see neither of them next season but will have big holes to fill at center then.
  8. Toffoli for 1M extra hurts, and now even Jared McCann has 20 points in 28 games... Hindsight really doesn't help but we seem to be holding on to the wrong players right now (Pearson over Toffoli, Virtanen over McCann)...
  9. I guess Pearson is in our plans as the 2nd line winger for at least next season but he's going to get bumped to our 3rd line quickly. 3+M isn't horrible considering he kills penalties and Sutter/Beagle will be gone by then but we really need to save that sort of money for a center. Tanner Pearson is not part of the problem at all and he's slightly part of the solution but we need two way forwards, especially with such a youth movement going forward and some likely defensive forward departures. Pearson is good now and will be good at the end of his contract, even if he's not scoring
  10. I guess Pearson is in our plans as the 2nd line winger for at least next season but he's going to get bumped to our 3rd line quickly. 3+M isn't horrible considering he kills penalties and Sutter/Beagle will be gone by then but we really need to save that sort of money for a center.
  11. He really has slowed down during this season, not just with his skating but his stick-work and mistakes. To start the season IMO he was our best defender, now he's looking his age a bit. I hope they keep him around but as a MUCH reduced role. Something like this would be nice to start next season: Hughes (6.75M) - Schmidt (6M) Juolevi (1M) - Myers (6M) Edler (2.5M) - Hamonic (2M) Chatfield Rathbone PP - Hughes pretty much the whole time, bit of Myers time on the 2nd unit PK: Edler - Myers Schmidt - Hamonic Slowly work Juol
  12. Staal played as a 3rd liner and was brilliant at the faceoffs, I think Toffoli was his linemate for a lot of the game. That's some nice depth there. We'll see how long this Gallagher injury is but he might even move up. 3rd and a 5th is a steal but it will be purely a rental sort of move, but this team needed a nice 3C like Staal. He brings much more offence than Sutter would, whereas Sutter gives you much better faceoffs and PK quality so I wonder if we could get much more or not for Sutter.
  13. I'm not sure why, when hired, he gave a timeframe to the media. It was probably just to calm down frustrations because at that time we were one of the worst franchises in the league, zero prospects, zero star players, no where to go. JB has single-handedly created a brilliant core already to work around, with some good pieces in the future and should keep us contending at least for the playoffs for years. The team he has built is currently a fringe-playoff team (I would put a big old asterix next to this season and completely buy his excuses of too many games with little practices
  14. Markstrom in his first year of 6x6 is really starting to slow down and the Flames are going down with him. This is sadly going to age like the Eriksson contract, JB has learned of the risk of these to older players. Demko on the other hand of course could still go one of two ways, but he's consistently shown flashes of brilliance despite playing behind a very average team. I would have preferred a bridge deal just to get us through the next tight couple of years (hoping that the cap goes up in 3-4 years) and we'll have some big relief when Eriksson and all those extra cap hits (Luongo,
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