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  1. This draft is going to be a wild crap shoot, no team has been able to really watch many of these players so every pick is going to be a real gamble. Our team desperately needs a decent top-4 shutdown defenceman with some size, or a decent center to eventually replace Bo, and someone who is aware defensively who could slot in at 3C. Basically, just pick the BPA. There are some decent centers who may fall to us like Kent Johnson or Chaz Lucius who both have a bit of creativity (Johnson more a playmaker, Lucius a shooter), but Johnson is probably a bit safer defensively and has a bett
  2. I think during the Kings and Boston wins a few years ago, they had heavy players in their top-6 forwards and top-4 defencemen. Their top players were big and strong and matched up against other teams forwards and just out-skilled and out-hit them. I think there's two ways of thinking - have top, elite-skilled forwards mixed with tougher guys, or have your top elite players big and strong. The latter seems to have worked for guys like Kopitar and O'Reilly for example, who weren't absolutely elite offensively but were point-per-game players, could defend and shutdown other teams' top
  3. To be honest I don't think JB is going to make many, if any, moves, and just let our team grow from within. It's a slow route to the playoffs but safe one. I don't agree with it, but I think we're going to see this lineup for opening night (in only a few month's time): Boeser - Miller - Pettersson Pearson - Horvat - Hoglander Podkolzin - Sutter - Motte Hawryluk - Highmore - Graovac McEwan/Boyd That's assuming Beagle is injured (otherwise he's at 4C) and we do something with Roussel (even if we don't he doesn't deserve to play ahead of some of those g
  4. Tampa making Carolina look like an average team and that's something, this is basically last season's Cup run but add Stamkos to the mix. Everyone is having an almost identical playoffs to last year. Right now Colorado is the only tean that might be able to beat them, but we might be looking at a dynasty if they win it again.
  5. I really hope we don't ignore OJ and just get excited by Rathbone because we need both to be successful. Juolevi is stronger, bigger and can kill penalties whereas I doubt Hughes or Rathbone will kill many penalties in their career against some big physical Pacific divison forwards. I'm hoping it was just Covid that set him back at the end of the season, because we need him in our top-7 next season for sure. Hughes - Myers Rathbone - Schmidt Juolevi - Hamonic That's a future solid top-6 there with a mix of everything but we need Juolevi on that top unit PK.
  6. I wonder how the club is going to deal with this, these trials can take ages to sort out, is he just not going to play until it's decided? If he's found even remotely guilty, surely he's done ala D'Angelo in NYR and we just terminate his contract or don't sign him. If he's found not-guilty (based on what, no evidence?), I wonder what they do...I wonder how his team-mates treat him afterwards. You'd hope they'd bond together, give him a chance, but it won't be easy and there will surely be some doubters of his character. As much as I've hated him as a pick and player, he's s
  7. Most likely going to pick a very decent future top-4 defenceman, and that 41st overall pick will turn into someone special too (JB has picked some fantastic 2nd rounders). Makes me think we can trade one of our many young defencemen (Chatfield should be the odd-man out) while they've got some untapped potential (eg. for a 3rd line center).
  8. Horvat is too good for a 3C spot, he needs to play more minutes than just 15 a night and it's quite tricky to balance lines if he's out there against opposing team's top lines (who play 18-20 minutes a night). If anything, having a 2C shutdown/scoring line is best because we can match them up against top lines and he can shut them down, score opportunistic offence and also kill penalties and rack up minutes on the PP. Putting him at 3C, he'll hardly get any time against top lines. Usually the 3rd and 4th lines just play against each other, very rarely do you have a 3rd line match
  9. I think they'd be fantastic as overseas scouts but if they want to be closer and more involved in management, I'm sure there's a place for them. Best hockey IQ we've seen on-ice in...ever...so it's worth trusting them, not to forget they've been around the sport a long time now.
  10. I think a buyout would hurt us more than anything now, should have been done a long time ago. Right now we've got lots of cap we can shed (eg. Vesey) but I would just suck up Eriksson and Roussel's contracts, maybe dump them in minors for a tiny bit of relief. We still have to see who Seattle is going to pick but I doubt it'll be one of those guys, might be lucky if they take Roussel. Next season may go either way, back in a very weak Pacific division so we might be able to surprise some teams and sneak into the playoffs, even with a load of cap against us, but now's not the time t
  11. I'd be happy to upgrade Schmidt for Jones but don't want to be losing a 1st for it. He hasn't put up world-class numbers lately (around a 40-50 point pace) and it's hard to say who's to blame for his defensive record; the team or the player or a bit of both. I think people are massively over-valuing him but of course he's still a young, big, strong premium top-4 defenceman, if not top-2 on most teams. Schmidt + 2nd + winger of some sort (Gadjovic? Michaelis maybe?) Our 2nd is quite high, otherwise I'd give them a top-10 protected 1st (perhaps next season's). Hughes - M
  12. Surprised by how well he played and how strong he was on the puck. He's got ways to go still but would be nice if he could play some center, regardless hes an easy bottom-6 winger replacement for Roussel or Virtanen.
  13. Let's see how he comes to play next season but right now he's got a top-6 spot on the team. What really impressed me was his stick work and defensive positioning. He's basically made Edler expendable.
  14. Rathbone not great on that last goal but he's been solid all night otherwise. Want to see more of Lockwood really, he's been all-right so far but nothing amazing, same could be said for Lind, they've still got ways to go.
  15. Rathbone has to start next season in our top-6, looks like Juolevi's been bumped sadly. He's doing what Hughes did in his first few games. Exciting, quick play and his passes are on the tape every time.
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