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  1. Farhan is one of the few legitimate sports reporters in Vancouver. He's extremely well connected in hockey and football. There's no reason for him to just make up completely fabricated lies that, if found out, would tarnish his reputation. You guys all continually say "Benning denied, management denied", of course they're going to deny it. Do you think they're going to come out and admit that their owner was meddling in affairs again, especially after news broke about it a week or two ago?
  2. You are aware that Dan Hamhuis said in his interview at Roger's Arena earlier today that they opened up negotiations to Chicago on Wednesday and then opened negotiations to Dallas as well on Thursday, right?
  3. Of course they're going to deny it. What is Benning going to say? "Yeah, so my boss, the guy that pays me my cheques and puts food on our table, completely screwed us over lolololololzzz" Come on, man.
  4. Farhan doesn't BS and he has no reason to falsify information.
  5. Farhan has pretty reliable sources, so I doubt GMJB is that inept to completely not hear a phone call. Adds more fuel to the fire of AQ meddling again because of his grudge with Gaglardi.
  6. Yeah, totally makes more sense to acquire absolutely NOTHING instead.
  7. You do know that they don't have a 1st or 2nd round pick for this upcoming draft, right? It'd help if you actually knew what you were talking about before posting.
  8. Linden Vey has no trade value whatsoever It'd make sense to trade McCann as he is more expendable compared to Horvat, but Horvat is a GMMG pick and we know that GMJB has been jettisoning a lot of the previous regime's picks for scraps.
  9. Conventional wisdom would dictate that this is a trade that helps facilitate another trade just because we have so many C on the roster that are NHL ready or already playing in the NHL.
  10. Let's be honest here, anyone with half a brain or any knowledge of the Canucks and Schneider's play/ability knew that we got absolutely destroyed on that trade. With the exception of his first 10 games in the NHL, he has never had a GAA higher than 2.26 and a SV% lower than .921. If you want to get technical about it and look at purely his numbers as a Canuck prior to the trade, then his worst season was the 2010-2011 season where he came in as the backup after having played 10 games total in the prior 2 seasons. His worst numbers (at that time) was a GAA of 2.23 and a SV% of .929. His "worst" season had him put up Vezina calibre numbers! I still get so choked thinking about how we had groomed him since the 2004 draft to be our legitimate #1 goaltender, only to end up trading him away for a draft pick that was arguably of decent value at the time. You could argue his numbers are slightly inflated due to the Canucks being a stacked team for those 3 seasons, but look at his numbers with NJD. They ice a lineup that can barely score and he still puts up wicked numbers.
  11. I still can't believe that guy is still trying to peddle and defend a Miller for Burns trade as if it's realistic. Any GM worth a damn would laugh you off the phone if you proposed anything like that. Miller is essentially dead weight with that albatross of a contract and his age.