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  1. He would go back to Vegas in a heartbeat.. They have 5m incapspace .. a 2nd round pick next year? or Nolan Patrick?
  2. Latest : Blackhawks re-sign Adam Gaudette, give qualifying offers to 3 others Nikita Zadorov, Brandon Hagel and Alex Nylander received qualifying offers, keeping them restricted free agents, while Pius Suter, David Kampf and Josh Dickinson did not.
  3. Sounds like T Bertuzzi might not get qualified . Tyler Bertuzzi Age: 26 Position: Left wing / right wing 2020-21 salary cap hit: $3.5 million Arbitration rights: Yes Bargaining chips: 2017 Calder Cup champ with Grand Rapids. 2019 Team Canada silver medallist at IIHF worlds. Represented Detroit at 2020 NHL All-Star Game. First player in Red Wings history to record four consecutive three-point games. Back-to-back 21-goal, 47-point seasons in 2018-19 and 2019-20. Detroit needs all the top-line forwards it can get. The latest: The skilled and bruising Bertuzzi went through arbit
  4. In very limited games for Detroit Svechnikov played quite well.. limited ice time on a 4th line at best he was .33 pg or better. I think he has had only a total of 40+ games, not really fair opportunity. He is rugged, and can shoot. if he had been given the opportunity JV had with us, he would be a bruising point contributor. 6’3 208 24 yrs .. 41 total games 12 pts 20 penalty min in 3 seasons. At least get him to camp. Abby so close is a bonus to training access with pros.
  5. I’ve had this conversation, right after I posted that. He personally was playing well, Our lack lustre , unforced error, giveaway Dfence set Holtby up for those numbers.
  6. In the case of the MTL player drafted, It that is only because the victim came forward to support the player.. not his actions.. that is rare.
  7. I don’t see Virtannen playing in North America again unless he is found not guilty. I don’t see an out of court settlement changing the “no fly zone” attached to this player. Virtannen totally had no realization the privilege he had to play in the NHL, it was disrespectful of him not to realize that. Not just the hockey gods, but the greats, who contributed to the game and the less fortunate are shaking their heads. There are better players than Jake that deserve the opportunity he had.
  8. This was this season,. And by all accounts Silvos has been looking sharper and larger every season since we grabbed him . perhaps we let camp decide a backup goalie.
  9. https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/free-agents/goaltender/ the list is not that outstanding actually, perhaps Holtby is a good grab for someone.
  10. That could very well be, Hopefully when all is said and done, Baumgartner is done too. Bieksa seemed to know his apples from oranges,. Team him up with a good college D Coach and the seas might part. Remember the series against Vegas where Demko hap the Knights shut down/ frustrated,. perhaps the best is yet to come.
  11. and I was watching him play,. His athleticism and 2nd responses were good .. Clarke did ignite his game again.. I didn’t see a fading goalie,. I saw a goalie under a lot of pressure where simple outlet plays were dead give sways, and blind passes not clearing our own zone. I get the % numbers,. But watching a goalie go into “save the game” mode is just upsetting and unfortunate. Benning might be able to do well on a return for Holtby.. nothing wrong with that. Just wonder what our move for backup would be?
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