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  1. It’s early in the year of course, but I do think some chemistry might happen within this roster that way.. Burroughs,. Some great shut downs on the cycle carrier. I do think if Hamonic comes back , we could be looking pretty dynamic on our back end.…. and yes, Poolman is only going to get even better too. it’s a great mix of experience and enthusiasm back there.
  2. Was at work, but am watching the last 2 periods of replay.. One of the biggest differences I’m noticing with the Canucks is how we quickly exit our own zone , there are no gambled passes in our own end, and very little giveaways . Its almost a “2 pass system” and on to a forward accelerating into or thru the neutral zone. I used to get so frustrated watching Tanev and Edler blind pass and give away possessions in our own zone so many times. our attacks are calmly developed from the rear. It’s sweet to watch
  3. Nice to see Podz Whip his first one clean,. Hats off to Myers again, read the 3 on 2 at the blue line and forced the issue.. could be a really good year for T M
  4. A clean shot like hat is a huge confidence builder for him.. it kidof has a stall on the release and then it’s whipped.. there’s some energy on it.
  5. He will be sought after for a team making playoffs,. Bring a good pick, possibly prospect too. We might even be able to deal with his contract next season… we could be minus Schenn, Bowery, Hamonic Hunt next season. (thats about 5m)
  6. Can we all just go back to our favourite “chew toys” for awhile? These years of frustration are ones that help to define a franchise, I see nothing but exciting hockey ahead, but it’s this growth together as players and coaches have that define the way they want to win. Green isn’t going anywhere, huff and puff all you want. .. but it’s a fact.
  7. I think Myers should get a standing ovation when he steps on to the ice at home first game. … or Danny should give him a free autographed jersey
  8. I agree, the best has yet to come for all these guys.. kind of feel an energy slowly rising..
  9. I only just caught the hi lights,. Not bad for a first game,. Chemistry in the works all around,. Myers , beauty, a couple more dudes playing like that when opportunity knocks.. Keith was the perfect victim,. Please do that at home Ty.
  10. He deserves all of L E’s signing bonuses for that beauty.. and on the perfect victim.
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