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  1. I have stated in the past that I see Tryamkin as the replacement ( eventually) for Tanev.. In this play,. This is how the 2 players differ and I see Tryamkin as the better shut down, end of cycle D man. Tanev “tracks” his opponents into his own D zone. Tryamkin pressures his gap and 90 % of the time kills any set up , or press into the D zone. It typically goes U.N. noticed because it’s an execution play, and not a strategy. its a simple kill play, and not one looking to create time for other team mates, or opposing team mates to set up. His size and skating abilities cause this.
  3. Sure, let’s stick with full on cute then.. wins a cup every time.
  4. Anderson is everything Jake should be. As long as that shoulder has fully repaired I would let both Jake and Hoglander go for him. Jake is on thin ice here, and moving Hoglander helps relieve the traffic jam of players about to push forward here. its a hockey trade. Especially where a player like JA might not be happy,. Or might not be putting his game together in JV. .. or Jake and Sutter to Florida for Ekblad. Florida needs a 3rd line.
  5. The deadlines should change Slegr, The NHL teams need to have their vested interests made available to them otherwise watch how the draft changes in the future.. Euro players won’t get a whiffle ball of a chance to go in the top 20. Even the categories of ELC and what level of “agency” a player is eligible to play.. Podz gets his opportunity because he is an ELC.. Tryamkin dosent? The League (NHL) needs to listen to GM’s on this and other topics that have been affected by Covid and the New Season start dates. it has to change.
  6. Too funny googlie,. But maybe a summer with Rypiiens dad in the barn .. past words I’m going to stand by on this young man after watching hilites of him over the past 2 seasons: •plays tenacious like Stan Smyl •funnels and attacks the net like Pavel Bure •will be a Calder Cup contender • is going to be everything we have been hoping for in Jake Really look forward to his game in the NHL.
  7. Think I saw a pic of him on Instagram, young man has definitely thrown some strength into those arms too. ... looking forward, I. Excited again for our entire next season,. Really hope it’s worked out timing wise between the NHL and teams on new datelines for players affiliated with the NHL clubs to be able to join in from overseas
  8. Add to that the above average skating, and quick engagement in shutting down an F1. .. his read on plays offensively to take the steps up. In his simplicity of D play,. he is stealth.. His physical presence, draws penalties. .. and his awareness to protect his teammates is top notch.
  9. Let Tanev go.-aprx 4.5 m Boeser and Sutter to Florida -aprx 9M Ekblad to Vancouver. 7.5 m
  10. Let Tanev go, (4,5) Sutter (4.4) and Boeser (5.8) trade to Florida. (14.7m off cap) exchange for Ekblad (7.5 until 2025) sign Toffoli for term at 5.5. its hockey, anything can happen
  11. Has me seriously thinking this is a “breakout” year for Tryamkin because of Coach Peters.. seems like Tryamkin gives Peters the confidence to utilize the potential that a lot of us see. Damn hope the timing is right for us to see him finish the end of the next NHL season with us and beyond.
  12. 30+ mins of ice, 38 shifts, ... Peters likes him.