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  1. OVY will be a beast for 3 more years,. I know he has aspirations to return to the KHL to prolong his active status.. Turn Eriksson into OVY somehow over the Summer.. priceless.
  2. With you EP.. but perhaps better if we moved Jake and a 3rd for Trenin.. Guadettes work ethic is 5 fold better than Jakes,. And I think Jake would perform better on a grittier team. Trenin , Podz and Tryamkin .. all speaking in Terminator.
  3. Such quick feet ,. And strong edges with this big man,. Something for our trainers to utilize and give confidence in Nik to use his power over others with.
  4. When I replied to “Cobra!” .. this came up lol.
  5. Protocol is , any where, that you leave the game. which he did,. And did not return. The fact remains anything after , is time to heal or do what the player can do to stay healthy. concussions take time to correct. sometimes short,. Somethings lengthy.. there isn’t brain corrective surgery , or drug therapy to fix the issue. it’s usually a player guiding a doctor who might see something other in mannerisms nobody is putting a gun to any bodies head to play ASAP , not like yesteryear.
  6. Had this song playing in my head the whole time,. Thanks for the memories millennial.
  7. Actually, it’s been a great career for 20 years.. burnt my mortgage in the process. .. you might have to find a dictionary for that word,. “ m o r t g a g e”. or just ask your mum and dad at the dinner table when you get home.
  8. No , your sense of entitlement in the name of your freedoms is laughable. someone peed on your birthday cake when you were younger, so now you pee on others just because you can. seems to be all you can contribute. it really is a sad time that we live in when someone who wants to burn down buildings, would rather blame it on his alcoholic aunty than take ownership of what he or she was actually doing Now, because your feelings are hurt, you’ll run to mummy.. phone the cops , get a lawyer .. or dial. 1 MOD ERA TORS .. you obviously wanted some kind of attention with your post, and in this day and age of equality,. Positive comments deserve just as much attention as negative comments, and vice versa. You should be happy,. Not sad.
  9. After Valentine’s Day, comes Kill the Troll Season. Guess you didn’t get the memo Mr Incog- Neato . 94 eh? ... just swipe left .. no need for your Kissy Face stuff.
  10. Lucic will have a big problem with Tryamkin,. and the “Turtle” will become yesterdays news already.
  11. Wonderful contribution,, Drouin ? or was Drouin? Cloak Dagger and Dash ? a troll is a troll is a troll.
  12. sometimes,.. Pictures say a thousand words..