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  1. Personally having had a severe acl / medialateral knee injury, Wilson’s knee didn’t hyperextend, I think it’s a bruise, or a way to get out of the game to gain sympathy .. id be surprised if he isn’t back when he is needed.. and this is a good way for Washington, and the NHL to protect themselves from the fallout of his previous offences. I thought Wilson would stick to playing tough, but using his bigger box of skill set 2 years ago.. I also thought the League was supposed to do better protecting its players.. perhaps the NHLPA needs to set the example of “line cro
  2. Just a head shaker thinking what both Tram and Rathbone would look like next year.
  3. I kind of think Diamond did not do his due diligence here.. the numbers should have been discussed far before hand. Why did it have to come to one meeting, and a rush for time, to crunch numbers? A meeting like this should have been practically ceremonial in a sense. Well planned, numbers set and agreed upon. Not a one time bid, without understanding. Diamond should have had n in numbers that were agreed to by Tryamkin far in advance, and also known what was offered by Avtomobilist. Or , this should have been the first meeting of a possible 3. There are/ were , so
  4. ZMacEwan. a good first “full” season , growing every game right now. Eriksson should have been in the minors 2 years ago.
  5. Cheers Fanuck,. hope others feel free to show the NHL how unpopular their inaction is.. it’s the same situation that led up to Berts incident.
  6. I guess slamming guys to the ground into submission is not only an MMA / UFC move. Doesent seem to be any rules in the NHL about it. Could be the “go to” move in all fights. Wilsons actions were disgusting,. The NHL’s in-action even more disgusting.. dosent help with the lack of accountability or accessibility to the league.. The media needs to make a bigger issue about this. Panarin could have easily ended up dead or in a wheel chair by Wilson’s actions.. it was no accident, a meditated move, proven by the rag-doll slamming after the fact. as far
  7. Too add: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/john-scott-blasts-nhl-parros-not-suspending-tom-wilson/
  8. I too , can not stop shaking my head... If Tryamkin was a part of his vision, it should have happened. But what do I know .
  9. Burrows, I think those teams you mentioned are in for a world of grief themselves.. (The Leafs - Tavares 11m per.) There is a ditch with Tavares name on it being dug beside Eriksson Rd.
  10. It just seems a bit one sided Koots, That a player (worker) looks at other players contracts and performance to base their salary from.. But the organization is handcuffed to pay out for diminished or unsatisfactory work. For the NHLPA,. this does not help if they are looking for the Capital Spending to rise and be more fluid between all players. We’ve just seen Tryamkin leave because after taxes , it seems he can make the same money in Russia. ( another point) . Perhaps contracts aren’t “performance based”, but a true line in the contract could be w
  11. Two years, possibly 3 of flat cap has not helped any matters , it’s truly putting those teams, like us, at a huge disadvantage of being able to sign the core players we have at price point. The one Team that will have a clear advantage over all other teams in the immediate future is Seattle,. If done right, they hold every card to out perform LasVegas for the next 3-5 years. Covid has upset everything.. and as much blame still goes back to signing players like LE and Sutter,. Performance of the player regarding a high price point and non movement in those contracts th
  12. Some forget this is just a sport, to some it is employment , to those playing a sport, wanting longetivity out of it and at best, a scenario that works for them. Some here forget he is from a foreign country, with an authoritarian regime. Some here forget there is a Pandemic upsetting the balance of the world, .. and sadly but true, some people forget they have themselves and there family to think about first. ... and exactly what you’ve stated , Certainty vs uncertainty.. In an upside down world, I would pause on certainty.
  13. Did any Sports Journalist ask if Tryamkin had an “out” clause on his contract this time ?
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