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  1. Its beautiful in the Cowichan Valley!
  2. So this is our guy??? Nothing is updating for me.
  3. what do you mean to do something in our lives to stop oil spills? you've tweaked my interest but i don't know what we can do to prevent them.....please explain.

  4. Which American great would you compare him to? Modano?
  5. Haha, didn't catch that you were from Minnesota. Good to hear such high praise from a guy who has seen him play a lot.
  6. One cannot say that a kid who gets second at the combine is lazy. Sure he may have good physical genetics, but a guy who in ratio is stronger than (almost) any of his competetors doesn't have these things happen. If it does, he'll wash out. SIMPLE. Thanks for your post. Informative.
  7. GTFO dude. Stay on your own board...

  8. how about some people start talking about this oil spill, maybe do something about it in your personal life.

  9. Would you please do as I asked. Your thread doesn't attract enough attention!!!!

  10. How is your record so good at nhl 10? Seriously.

  11. He has 40 in him. 40 goals for 2million. That's like 1970's pay. LMAO. Burr truly cares for this team.
  12. FIST PUMP. Shray-der Shray-der Shray-der
  13. Haha, when was the last time this clutch character posted?
  14. Thanks for the insight, both of you.