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  1. The hits keep on coming. Just got an email that we have a positive case in my school and with a class I do lessons with. Edit:. Just got my "must self isolate until Dec 8" letter from Interior Health.
  2. I know a tattoo artist in Kelowna who's young son just tested positive. I think Kelowna and Vernon are going to be the Fraser Valley of Interior Health. I feel like we're on the crest of a big wave that's going to hit us very soon
  3. Pretty sure it's going to be an extended break for all.
  4. Both........the financial fallout of it is going to linger for a long time, especially if we end going to full lockdown this winter (which I think we will). Socially, for sure. This virus has shown many people's true colours and I know many people who have fractured friendships because of it, myself included
  5. She's quite sick now and is in full freakout mode. She had to phone all the places she went to when she was starting to feel sick, after knowing she'd been exposed to multiple people, and explain the situation. Now those businesses have to close up shop for a few days. I don't even feel bad for hoping she suffers a nasty bout of it. She's earned it
  6. At the earliest.........even then, I think we're past the point of returning to normal. The fallout from this is going to last a lot longer
  7. Just got a call that one of my close friends (former close friend) has tested positive and is quite sick. For 6 months she's been laying heavy guilt trips on us for not socializing and living in fear of a "flu". She's been living very recklessly in the last few months. So, apparently she went out drinking with an EA from Armstrong whose kid tested positive and she works with someone who tested positive she started feeling sick, went and got a tattoo, then felt worse and got tested. Who knows how many people she's come in contact with. Luckily her son has been staying with Grandma for two weeks, but who knows. I'm so f'ing sick of these people........not only are you putting the rest of us at risk, you're hurtling us toward a long, complete lockdown. Had everyone just listened to experts and followed the directions we might have avoided, I don't see us avoiding a long lockdown through the darkness of winter.
  8. Got news of my first indirect connection to a covid sis in laws gf's dad died from it a while back, but just hearing about it now.........langley I think. Died alone in an isolated room with no contact with family or friends. I didn't know him personally, but still makes it more real.
  9. Schools are incredibly important for the mental health of our children, as is their education, obviously. Schools are the hearts of their communities, they need to function in some capacity as long as they can, safely. What I am deeply disappointed with is how they've done it. There are better, safer ways to do it.
  10. on the flip side, we'll also.have a month or so of watching to see if there's issues. Canada also was smart to get access to many vaccines, rather than just one of two that might be domestically produced. I don't get the uproar about not being equipped to produce vaccine........believe it or not, we are not a major player on the international scene. We might be a month or two behind, but we'll get it.
  11. Restrictions, masks etc etc are all there in an effort to keep schools open, make sure hospitals have space, and keep people as safe as possible. They will do everything they can to not close schools again
  12. I do agree that schools aren't a major mode of transition, yet, but you can thank the school staff for that........admin, counsellors, teachers, EA's, custodians (especially custodians) who are stretching themselves past the breaking point to keep this all together, on top of educating. However, as winter moves on, there will invariably be more and more cases and those people it all together are going to start to crack and when that happens it's going to get ugly.
  13. The juice would be worth the squeeze on that one, imo. My daughter would never look at me the same if I stood by and watch it happen
  14. I don't care, I'm not standing around watching some manic lay a beat down on an innocent employee. He's getting my size 12's upside his head