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  1. They're not playing Luke Schenn on a regular shift with Hughes, no chance.
  2. he wasn't gifted anything. A couple shifts in the top 6, then back to the doghouse. Green ruined him, you have to reward players and Jake had 3 seasons of 20 goal pace over 82 games and was never given a sniff of consistent top 6 time.
  3. they ruined his development by always giving the stick and never giving the carrot. He improved every year, despite being given unfavourable icetime and starts. He never complained, he just went out and did what they asked him to do and was never, ever rewarded. I like Green, but he ruined what could have been a dominant player
  4. We're way past the lower mainland now. I think we're more than coastal and fraser combined. We've been invaded by Albertans and 75% of the people are behaving like it's all over
  5. And they've all come to the okanagan this week and brought it with them
  6. Yup For me, this pandemic is a real line in the sand and I'm tired of the vocal minority getting the grease
  7. Modern conservatives Covid - "my body, my choice" Abortion "BABY MURDERER"
  8. Businesses are closing down right and left in the okanagan right now as exposures are exploding.
  9. Generally you have a dman and fwd represented, but not hard and fast rule
  10. So no one wears a letter? Or does everyone wear one? With 23 roster players they could almost cover the alphabet
  11. It'd be more accurate if they got rid of the "even". The repugs "are" the Taliban in America
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