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  1. I'd beperfectly fine with them moving Miller for a tidy return. I'm getting tired of his attitude
  2. well we can't all be perpetual victim, snowflake conservatives.
  3. I'm so glad canada is behid the US.........we can sit back and see if their move to a full reopen bites them in the ass or not
  4. OJ, what you doing there? Thought the puck was going togo behind the net I guess
  5. can you provide a scenario where this would happen? Saying you could send health inspectors to my house doesn't tell me much........what would be the reason and do you think they just randomly hand out fines with no cause?
  6. it does matter, what you're say is non-sensical. Clarify, if you please
  7. I'm unclear at what you think is going on? Why would a citizen have the power to direct the police to do anything? What would the circumstance be in this scenario? Why would they be there in the first place?
  8. a mistake how? I'd rather a few people suffer from a "mistake" and enforce the fines carte blanche than people think they can endanger society as a whole and get away with it scot free next time this happens........and there will be a next time. I'm f***ing sick of selfish aholes
  9. those would be the consequences of yourchoice to disregard the rules. Dont want to pay the fine, dont do the crime.I have less than zero sympathy for these people. In my eyes a line in the sand has been drawn in this pandemic and I have no more time for people who have put me before we.
  10. a month ago, still relevant. It doesn't say he's not doing it, just that what he's doing isn't what you're saying it is. It's a moot point anyway, as Trump, himself, only built 80 miles or so of new fence along the border. The vast majority of what he "built" were replacing existing wall, that's what Biden will continue to do
  11. If they want a guaranteed top 10 pick to add to their likely FOA, then they should giving up Reinhart straight up, or even add. A top 10 pick is gold
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