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  1. I got hit by a puck in the eye in almost the exact play and it was a pretty serious injury. It doesn't take much for a puck to do serious damage
  2. I don't think so, it just eliminates the obvious trolls who derail every single gdt
  3. I actually think private, invite/permission only threads for gdt would be a good step
  4. Can you explain the system they use, the flaws and how it could be fixed? Please and thank you
  5. They keep doing because the majority of the time that's the only play. I agree, they need to work a little smarter and a little harder on the retrievals
  6. They don't every possession. I'd say most teams are 70/30 dump and chase to possession entry. The Canucks ate about the same. Show me a team that flips that ratio and I'll show a team leading the league in turnovers and odd man rushes given up As deniro said the problem is they're not retrieving the way they need to.
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