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  1. Wonder how many times the announcers are going to remind us we lost to Calgary back in April........we get it we lost...but this is a new with it!!!
  2. they will have to have auditions. My daughter is an opera singer (I wish I knew how to put video up) and has an amazing voice (yes I am prejudiced, but I also know I am right after all the awards she has won). She lives in New West and would love an opportunity to audition. I wonder if they would ever do something like this??
  3. Hometown: Calgary Live now: Sunshine Coast (BC not Australia..) Job: Retired after 30 years as a childcare worker/teacher Favorite food: Pizza Favorite Color: Any shade of blue Hobbies: Painting/Writing/Genealogy/Crafts Favorite Hockey Player: Henrik Sedin Favorite Sport: Hockey Sports I played: Hockey/Baseball/|Volleyball/Tetherball Favorite team besides the Canucks: NONE Favorite holiday: Alaskan Cruise Favorite tv show: Idiotest/Flash Married to the love of my life for 31 years
  4. so the Canucks are playing a pregame on the island?? that would be pretty cool. I was looking online and could not find the preseason schedule to verify this.
  5. thank you everyone. I will listen to it then. Appreciate all the comments. :-)
  6. I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. I have been trying to figure out if the Comets games are going to be televised and if so, who has them? I have searched on here and my tv guide, but just can't find anything.
  7. I need help. I am tired of getting postings of rude pictures (memes???) bashing our Canucks. Can anyone lead me to a place to find a few that tease the flames? I can't find any!! sorry just realized I should not have put this in the gdt. Do not know how to delete it. Canucks 3 flames 1. (There now it is okay for the game day thread). :-) haha
  8. Really tired of the Flames love....
  9. even in the interview they are talking about the speed....geez!!
  10. New drinking game idea: every time you hear the announcer say the flames are speedy or any variation of that....haha
  11. such a nervous excitement!!! Come on guys ... you can do this!!!! 3-1 Canucks
  12. I am so surprised Burrows didn't get a diving fine for that play (sarcasm).
  13. the Henrik and Quick incident.....any video?
  14. I missed the Henrik-Quick scuffle. Does anyone know how to post video of it??? I really want to see it.