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  1. HAha.. stickied again! Stupid clutch...
  2. Grats on 30k Lager!
  3. Rofl. It's pinned. It's always a funny read when this thread pops back up again.
  4. Thanks, this awesome guy made it for me
  5. A little late, but thank you nonetheless. :)

  6. Me either Boo
  7. More snow Thursday!
  8. How about an OMG FREEZING COLD thread. I sure needed one today when I was downtown. I thought I was going to die.
  9. Good work, it looks awesome!
  11. Congrats on 5,000 posts!

  12. People keep saying its going to snow, and I keep getting disappointed I'm in Burnaby right now, bordering new west and coquitlam. no snow at all, just rain
  13. This thread being on the first page again brought my hopes up
  14. OH SNAP! I remember this thread! So happy to have the pics of the lounge again :D
  15. Your user name seems to be very accurate.