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  1. A Tyler Motte hattrick: Watch the other team score two goals from the box and pot one yourself
  2. Classic John and John call for the first Canucks goal of the season under their watch "... it's in!"
  3. Hope you enjoyed the Canucks Oilers game here’s the panel to talk some more about the Leafs-Habs game
  4. We’re stat padding our PK numbers against the crazy stacked oilers offence. What a time to be alive.
  5. Friendly reminder we’re doing this without our highest point scorer. What would the score be if we had Jimothy Timothy and the Oilers didn’t have Draisaitl?
  6. How the hell is that a penalty shot? He only got a clear breakaway with like 10 feet left to the goal line.
  7. Great clock awareness by Schmidt after the Oilers senselessly played that puck to the boards with seconds left in the period.