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  1. Contact outside the crease can still be disallowed but only if the attacking player initiated the contact. Whereas if Hoglander were inside the crease and any contact occurred it would have been disallowed regardless of who imitated it. That's why a challenge would have been so interesting on this play.
  2. The question isn’t if there was contact it’s whether Greiss or Hoglander initiated it. Because Hoglander was outside the crease the entire time the goal can only be disallowed if Hoglander initiated the contact (Rule 69.4) if the exact same play occurs one foot closer to the goal line it doesn’t matter because ANY contact would be no goal of the attacker is in the crease.
  3. I’ve watched the disallowed goal at the end repeatedly and I still don’t understand how skating without any variation from your line and looking away from goal is initiating contact with Greiss.
  4. Grow a pair TG. Make them try and justify that call in front of everybody
  5. If you’re going to pull the goalie that early challenge and take the penalty so the ref has justify sticking with that call on the ice.
  6. A 5 minute major has been assessed but we’ll review it without telling you to who or for what.
  7. Isn’t that the entire reason we have a coach’s challenge system? You can’t fix this mistake but if play continues and it was offside you can.
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