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  1. We convinced a team to pay a player 1.2 million dollars per year not to play for them for 6 years and we unloaded LE in the same transaction. Sign me up and I don’t even know enough about Garland yet.
  2. Guys help. I’ve been taking a shot every time they describe a draft pick as “a good fit for the third or fourth line” and I don’t think I can stand up.
  3. Rivalry aside, at least there’s one thing Vancouver and Seattle can always agree on
  4. Would have been an alpha move to have Gio walk out with a C on his sweater.
  5. If Bo can teach him the art of the face-off or we can find someone else for 3C and plant him on the wing this is a pretty big W.
  6. I was unironically surprised to learn he was still playing when all the Duncan Keith rumors started up in the last little while. Nice deal for Chicago though.
  7. England going undefeated in a tournament but not winning the tournament has to be peak England. They deserve it thought for not attacking Chiellini and Bonucci once they were on yellow cards.
  8. By my count Canadian teams have now lost their last 10 Stanley Cup final road games dating back to Edmonton’s game 5 win against Carolina in 2006. Thanks Gary!
  9. Montreal will probably go full Dallas and miss the playoffs after their cup final run. And Tampa will be right there again next year even more over the cap.
  10. You’re not in trouble until you lose a home game. …Montreal might be in trouble.
  11. I believe that’s 8 straight losses for Canadian teams in the Cup final on the road dating back to an Oilers OT win against Carolina.
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