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  1. Mitch is going to use this to play both sides. He’s not up for re-election so by announcing this early he’ll let the vulnerable Republicans not go along with it to protect themselves while Trump can use it as a rallying cry for votes and then either Trump wins and they get their seat anyway or Biden wins and they slam it through before the change of power.
  2. Be careful though. Her words scare me about what i posted above. Mitch can literally start the entire process AFTER election day because he's still the Senate majority leader until January. Senators who have already been voted out of the Senate could confirm a pick by someone who's been voted out of the White House and it would all be legal.
  3. Oh I’m well aware about Merrick Garland but Mitch has already said he’d do it anyway. I don’t think he’s stupid enough to try it before the election as too many Republican senators are in too many close races but after the election there’s really nothing to stop them from doing it.
  4. Can a lame duck senate push a nomination through? Because that’s the scariest outcome that seems like it might happen.
  5. Maybe they just fear Kelly Sutherland as much as we do and have already penciled in the L for this one
  6. So wait. The Canucks don’t get a do-over of game 7 like Vegas got on that faceoff they lost?
  7. I wonder if this helps sell Marky on the team’s window opening for a gentlemen’s agreement 1 year deal and re-sign post expansion draft.
  8. If the game was played tomorrow and everything else happened the way it did they probably score 2-3 on the 5 minute major.Just didn’t have it in the tank and the puck bounced everywhere on them.
  9. Is that the first NHL series to be decided by a linesman? Tonight's first star: EDIT: actually come to think of it Robin Lehner still hasn’t beaten us when he lets a goal in
  10. Needless to say this is the game right here. That’s an illegal hit and it caused an injury. It’s 5, a game and 4 Stanley Cup Final games