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  1. Gaudette has as many goals this year as Highmore has in his career and is actually a few months younger than Highmore. Not sure what the game plan is with this move. Unless they slap the number 420 on the back of his sweater
  2. The schedule is certainly tight and that was to be expected but how the hell does the league make the Canucks start two games in under 24 hours just to let the Leafs start on their own time in our building again?
  3. Love it. Our goalie of the future showed last year in the playoffs and this year that he’s our goalie of the now. He deserves every penny.
  4. Points percentage assumes Montreal is able to keep winning at the pace they had been which will be a tall ask with how many games they need to play in a narrowing window of time. Especially without the services of Armia and Kotkaniemi. Although I wouldn’t put it past the league to throw out competitive fairness and let armia and Kotkaniemi return to the lineup sooner after this delay than making them sit out as long as Benn and JT had to when the Canucks had to play games without them immediately.
  5. This is shaping up to be a turtle race for the last playoff spot
  6. Canucks should be throwing the puck at every Jets line change for the rest of the game.
  7. I knew that would happen as soon as they called that chip onside
  8. This combined with the Canucks recent string of results could be the TSN turning point of the season if the Canucks do escape without anyone needing to go through the protocol.
  9. I’ll take it. Holtby really needs to work on not losing his goalposts though on shootout attempts. 7/8 on that roadie with no Petey ain’t too shabby though
  10. Well. We got all 5 minutes of OT experience in the last 45 seconds
  11. How I wish there were fans in the rink. They’d be all over their own team for this passive approach.
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