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  1. I have a friend who doesn't necessarily support the troops mainly because I believe one of her celebrities isn't a huge fan of them.
  2. hows Cali? ducks ain't doin' too well, huh?

  3. went 2/4 in the conference semi-finals. picked the Giants, Steelers, Titans, Cardinals last weekend. i've always been a Roethlisberger fan, but Kurt Warner, man it's kurt Warner! side note: wonder what Matt Leinart is doing? LOL

  4. seeing Kurt Warner in the Super Bowl with the Cards is the next best thing. simply amazing!

  5. i miss when Kurt Warner was a St. Louis Ram

  6. well, that was a disappointing loss against the Phillies. :( I like cried for 5 minutes. Seriously. Furcal had a nightmare of an inning. I wasn't happy with him, but at the same time I felt bad for him. At least Victorino said some nice words, thanks to Sounds of the Game, and Shane wearing a microphone. "Keep your head up, buddy. Come on now" Oh and that strike on Kent/Martin weren't strikes.

  7. haha, sometimes. When I can get it on the NHL Channel that is there for some reason. I kinda watched the Rangers/Lighting game. Been getting a lot of East Coast Hockey.

  8. Do u even watch hockey then? lol...

  9. Can't Don't have NHL Center Ice. Or haven't paid for FSN,FSPT, etc.

  10. Do u even watch Canuck games? :|

  11. Not cool! Stupid Sharks. I heard our D wasn't that great. I wish I could of watched the game. I'm hoping we beat the Coyotes.

  12. That's okay, u're an anahiem fan :) How's it feel to be 0-1-0? o_o

  13. haha, yes indeed.

    ( I didn't even notice what it said in your about me....)

  14. Stalked by a tomboy!