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    I'm a goalie and I play hockey. I love watching hockey on tv no matter whos playing. I'm very active and enjoy a nice bud light!..and bud light lime! mmm..
  1. Hi there how's it going.How's your summer been.?

  2. give yourself a few years and the bud light will be added

  3. I live 8 hours away from Ottawa, I just go to their games cause Toronto is too damn expensive..the nose bleeds at the ACC and lower bowl at SBP are the same price

  4. i dont have any at the fall

  5. i had fun, but was a little disappointed raycroft played lol

  6. thats cool you saw me, should have come down and said hi

  7. Thanks, I'm so excited!!! 8 days!!! ahhhh!!!

  8. hahaha!! goodluck with the weightloss! i'll be cheering for you lol

  9. 30+ goals for Burrows? I THINK SO!!!!
  10. I would be somewhat sad if Burrows got another hat trick tonight just based on the fact that it wouldn't be in 3 straight games. However 3 hat tricks in 4 games must be some kind of record? GO GET EM BURROWS!!!
  11. hahaha OP is -214, im assuming he doesn't come on here to back up his words lol
  12. I went last year and there was a lot of canuck fans, they won 5-2 and i was getting high-5's all over the rink, it was awesome. No sign this year, but last year it said "It's Louuu not Boooo"

  13. I'll be wearing my Luongo jersey with a blue wig and a green foam finger right on the glass behind the canucks penalty box. SOOO PUMPED!!