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  1. I think it's a mistake to protect Sutter and expose Gaunce. Doesn't make any sense. I think Gaunce will be as good as Sutter in 3 years which is about when we will be competitive again.
  2. Could we start an alternative CDC that is for reasonable, intelligent and knowledgable Nuck fans only? Woudnt that be nice? No more fire Wille cause the nucks suck and cant win and then fire Willie cause the nucks won when they should be losing. Gives me such a headache yet I keep coming back for more...
  3. Must make separate PGT! If you come in late after the game you have no idea where to start. Very frustrating....
  4. Don't forget about Zalewski. He will be a stalwart on our 3rd line for years to come. After getting his cup of tea with the nucks he went back down to Utica and dominated.
  5. He did not just say "he hits guys". I am thinking you did not listen to the post-game show. He said "he hits hard, He stepped around a couple of guys, he hit a couple of guys. He is big rangy and can skate." paraphrased but thats basically what he said. A bit different than your heard it through the grapevine misquote and misguided insult.
  6. sorry but this is a complete misquote of what WD really said, Please open your ears and listen again before you insult anyone's intelligence.
  7. Exactly, only seem to equate scoring with being visible. Anybody that recommends benching a a 30 goal scorer for a rookie needs to get a reality check.