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  1. I think the closest contract comparable for Petey is Barzal's $7million x 3. It's possible Petey's camp aims for $7.5 -8 million, but the limited games played may work in Benning's favour. Hughes' comparable may be Pulock's $5 Million x 2 for short term, or Chabot's $8 million per on a long term.
  2. Hi all, In the spirit of adding a little bit of levity, I've put up my annual Canucks goal compilation video for your enjoyment. Although not the ideal year, there were still some pretty sweet goals! Will be putting in my post-mortem later today. Until then, enjoy!
  3. Will be catching the first half of the game. Very excited to see how the boys fare today. Hoping for a well played game, despite the lack of stakes. GCG!
  4. I would agree 100% if this is was any other year. With the lack of games played in the other leagues, and scouting opportunities few and far between due to Covid, it's possible 1-15 can be all over the map. Luckily, since we're hurting in almost every depth category except goaltending, whoever we select will have the opportunity to be impactful for us as early as next season, if not the following. I'm very happy with the Canucks effort last night, particularly the 3rd period. It's been a difficult season and I have a feeling they're going to go all out in the next 2 games in order
  5. I wonder if Gadjovich got injured in the fight. Wasn't sure if he ever got back to the bench after the misconduct.
  6. IMO this draft is going to be a bit of a crapshoot. Powers is the concensus number 1, but only by a slim margin. You could see fluctuations within the top 10 between him and Guenther, Benier, Eklund, Hughes, Clarke... quite frankly I wouldn't be surprised if Johnson falls out of the top 10 (He's my go to... call it BC bias). I say play for pride, win some games... if I had to choose between Gadjovich scoring the GWG or losing for better draft position, I choose the goal 10 times out of 10.
  7. Excited for tonight! Anxious to see who Lind, Gadjovich, and Lockwood fill in for, assuming all 3 are inserted. Maybe something like this: Pearson Horvat Lind Hoglander Miller Boeser Gadjovich Boyd MacEwan Highmore Graovac Lockwood I doubt Edler will sit until he's reached 100 goals, so my dreams of a left side experiment of Hughes, Rathbone, and Juolevi will have to wait. That said, l would like to see how Bowey would slot, provided he's more than expansion fodder: Hughes Hamonic Edler Bowey Rathbone
  8. Very much agree. I see him like Motte-Lite: optimally suited for bottom 6 energy and defensive duties, but can be an top 6 match option. Gaudette may be the better player, but Highmore is proving to be more useful as the team stands.
  9. I actually like the sound of that. There would be some juggling to do to make the cap work, but Zadorov at 3.2-3.5 million would be an effective replacement for Edler, even if it would take exchanging Juolevi to do it.
  10. Observations from the first two periods (living in Toronto and baby on the way means adultng.... sigh...) - Kole Lind is a breathe of fresh air. Showing good hockey IQ and energy. Only thing missing is offensive production but no one is producing so I can't be angry. - Decent debut for Rathbone. Stopped a good two on one vs McDraisaitil and made a few food passes. Wished he actually played in the 3rd (based on TOI only as I didn't see the 3rd). - Highmore looks like a great player on the 4th line and needs to be treated that way. I don't expect any offense f
  11. Question: Are the Canucks this good or are the Senators this bad? Answer: Yes.
  12. 3 hat tricks in a 4 game span is an awesome feat, even in the AHL. Imo, he's certainly earned a call-up. Awkward to fit him in due to the team's current strong play, but I think it's a matter of when we'll see him dressed for a game or two, not if.
  13. Oh totally. Maybe a drop of 15 picks tops. Hogs isn't the only one that dropped as evidenced by the 2nd round selections of Kaliev, Lavoie, and Vlasic, all slated for the tail end of the first. Definitely a testament to how close picks 15-50 were in potential and skill level. Definitely happy with the Hoglander pick as LW is a position the Canucks lack in their system. Had Kaliev been still available, I can imagine the Canucks snatching him purely on a BPA, making one or two of Virtanen, Lind, McEwan, and Jasek expendable down the line, especially with the inclusion of Podkolzin. Part of the r
  14. I would imagine size had a lot to do it with. Gaudreau was drafted in the 4th round after all. I would also say he didn't get as much exposure as others, like Cole Caufield, who many projected to go within the top 10. Even he was drafted 15th.
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