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  1. In fairness, he was a Flame first, but I see what you're saying. They're kicking themselves missing out on Toffoli to complete the Trifeca so I imagine Fanta is the next best thing...
  2. Stat lines aren't bad, but he was very much exposed on a terrible Detroit team. Maybe as a cheap 3rd pair or 7th D option a la Fantenberg, but that would be a stretch IMO.
  3. I wouldn't call it disrespect. Let's say Stecher gets qualified. You really think Stecher would not go to arbitration and go for a $3.5 -$4 million contract? It's business. Don't get me wrong: Stecher got a very team friendly deal in Detroit, but I wouldn't want to sign him for the 2nd year personally. It's especially tricky with Pettersson, Hughes, Demko due potentially large raises next season.
  4. I can envision a few targets, provided we have one of Rafferty/Chatfield filling in the 3RHD position: UFA: Hamonic at 1/$2.5-3 Million. More of a defensive D to stabilize a pairing with Juolevi, allowing Rafferty and Edler to pair together. It's possible to even go all in on Pietrangelo, but that really puts 2021-2022 signings into question (Pettersson, Hughes, and Demko). Trade: David Savard would be a cheap acquisition as CBJ is looking to clear cap for a major signing (allegedly), though ideally we need to clear a contract ourselves, say Sutter for a 5th to a team that needs to hit the cap floor. Could pair with Edler or Juolevi. Offer Sheet: Cernak or Pulock. Could target either around the $4 million mark, which I think will be enough to disrupt both NYI or TBL's Salary Cap structures, plus only compensate a 2nd round pick.
  5. I'm definitely ok with no buyouts! Further to your point, probably why we'll likely not see Toffoli, Tanev, Markstrom, or Stecher return either (OEL trade possibility not withstanding... really hoping not) UNLESS it's to short term or low cap deals.
  6. IMO for our 7th round selection, what do people think of Luke Toporowski? Reminds me of Dorsett...
  7. For Centres, I have Evan Vierling, Dylan Peterson, and Landon Slaggert. For D, I think Poirier, Cormier, and Moore, plus a couple of overagers in Adam Wilsby and Alex Rindell. Edit: and there goes Cormier and Moore... let's see if Thompson reaches us.
  8. Fair point. I just figure that late in the 3rd, you can take that kind of risk. Finley is one of the youngest players in the draft, had a huge spike in his 2nd year for Spokane. Don't know if he'll be BPA based on what's happening so far, having been projected to go anywhere from late 2nd to early 5th, but I think he could be a solid contributor in 3 years time easily. My thoughts anyways.
  9. Anaheim killing the draft this year... Drysdale, Perreault, and Colangelo... Anaheim is gonna be solid in the next year or so!
  10. Looking forward to today. Hoping Jack Finley falls to us at 82, or we trade up somehow to get him. Really like the sound of a 6'6 right handed Centre with a high floor... BC Boy to boot! GCG!!!
  11. Feeling inspired and thought I would give this a try. By no means do I think this will work as there are so many variables to consider. That said, I tried to keep trades fair and signings somewhat realistic. Without further ado... Trades: Eriksson + Lind to Detroit Detroit 2020 3rd + Abdelkader (20% retained) to Vancouver This trade hurts. Abdelkader's contract has 3 more years at $4.25 Million ($3.4 Million with my proposed retention) however can fill in as a 13th forward as needed for the upcoming season. Depending on the numbers, you can bury him in the minors as needed and save another Million or so. Lind for the high 3rd also sucks, however Lind likely won't see much playing time with Podkolzin around the corner and will have more opportunity in Detroit. Sutter (50% retained) to Edmonton Khaira and 2021 6th round pick to Vancouver Edmonton needs a reliable 3rd line centre. Canucks have a redundancy in having two PK centres in Sutter and Beagle. Khaira is a hard hitting 4th liner and PK Specialist from Surrey. After retention and salary exchange, Vancouver gets about $1 million in relief and Edmonton gets to move Sheahan to the 4th line, and buys Haas an extra year to develop. As Sutter is the better player, I also proposed a 6th round pick coming back. Roussel to Ottawa 2020 5th round pick to Vancouver Additional cap saving measure. Between Roussel and Beagle, I feel as though the younger player would be easier to trade. Reminds me of the Rafael Diaz trade years ago that lead to the selection of Hutton (or was it Gaudette? Can't recall... it's late) Rights for Virtanen + Rights for Stecher + Vancouver 2020 3rd round pick to Boston Carlo to Vancouver Right handed defenseman? Check. Defensively minded? Check. $2-$3 million dollars cheaper than resigning Tanev? Check. Boston needs goal scoring; Insert Virtanen. Stecher would act as a defensive replacement for Carlo (imagine a Chara/Stecher pairing). The 3rd is the sweetener. Boston actually has a fair amount of cap space, with Debrusk, Chara, and Krug as the major free agents. Krecji also comes off the books the following year too, freeing up another $7 million or so. At the 2020 draft, Vancouver will look to bolster their centre depth and try to lock in a right handed D or two. Here are my selections (if I'm ever this lucky...) 62 (via Detroit): Jack Finley -- 6ft 6 Right handed Centre, strong, defensive minded, one of the youngest prospects in the draft, BC Boy. Potential middle 6 centre steal. 112: Brock Faber -- Committed to the University of Minnesota (pre-covid), he's a mobile defensive defenseman with some offensive upside. Top 4 potential, but solid 3rd pair floor. 143: Landon Slaggert -- Another NCAA bound (sigh...) prospect, he's an all around Centre prospect that can slot in anywhere in a line up. 154 (via Ottawa via Tampa Bay): Adam Wilsby -- Swedish overager who lit up the Allsvenken this past season. Potential sleeper pick. 174: Alex Rindell: Another overager defenseman who can help fill in the RHD depth void. Great offensive promise who needs some work on his defensive game. Potential Sami Salo 2.0 190: Luke Toporowski: Undersized (5"11) but gritty 19 year old Left winger. Steady improvements in points that could potentially compliment the team's bottom 6 in a few years time. Reminds me of Dorsett Signings: Toffoli: $5 million x 4 (as rumoured) Motte: $1.5 million x 3 (a well deserved raise and term) Gaudette: $2.2 million x 2 (an easy bridge to solidify the 3rd centre spot) Leivo: $1.5 million x 1 (possibly a sign and trade pending Podkolzin's status) MacEwan: $900k x 2 (shows faith in his potential without breaking the bank) Buyouts: Baertschi $1.77ish It's inevitable at this point. It's doubtful that he would play another game for the Canucks after a full year in Utica and the bubble refusal (which was his right) He will be missed, but he will be a good league minimum contract for teams seeking secondary offense. Goalie: This one is tough. With all the overages, recapture, and retentions in mind, we have about $5 million in space left in my proposal. If Markstrom signs a hilariously Low deal ($5 or 5.5 million with NTC x 4, though likely closer to $6 million x 5 with NMC) then we're in good shape. Otherwise, I'd look at snatching Khudobin ($4 Million x 2) Dell ( $3 Million x 2) or Crawford ($4 x 2). My gut feeling is that Markstrom will be priced out of this current proposal, let alone in the current setup so we will go with a generic 1a for Demko to split duties with. Starting lineup would look like this: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Ferland Gaudette Leivo Khaira Beagle Motte Abdelkader/MacEwen Hughes Carlo Edler Rafferty Juolevi Myers Benn Markstrom/1A Demko Primary offense provided by the Lotto line. Not really much to discuss. 2nd line would be a heck of a two way line. Would be great on counter attacks. Could really use a dedicated playmaker, but Toffoli works because of his IQ and underatted passing, plus all three players have undeniable chemistry together. Ferland is the wild card. Judging by how last year went, I'm unsure if Ferland becomes any core fixture in the lineup. If he's in, he showed good chemistry with Leivo in small doses. That would be a driven, hard on pucks 3rd line with some secondary scoring potential. If he continues to be out long term, I say move Motte to 3LW and insert McEwan on 4RW. Motte has offensive upside (judging by the Blues series) and would be tough to contain by 3rd pairing D-men. 4th line becomes very gritty and defensively responsible (both Beagle and Khaira are staples on the PK albeit in limited minutes. Khaira hits like a truck, Beagle is tenacious along the boards, and MacEwen shows good bottom 6 potential. If they can play a trustworthy 5-8 minutes of solid even strength hockey, they'll be a reliable 4th line. Hughes/Carlo is Hughes/Tanev 2.0. Carlo is younger, faster, grittier, and cheaper. Only snag is he's an RFA in 2021. Could be a tough resign, especially considering Hughes and Pettersson extensions to consider. Edler would give Rafferty some veteran poise and control. Not as fast as he used to be, but still effective. Rafferty is a 6ft tall Stecher who's cheaper and more offensively gifted. Could make for a good pairing. I hate the idea of putting Myers on the 3rd pair, however I like the idea of giving either Juolevi or Rathbone a veteran on the right side. I'm leaning more towards Juolevi as he has more pro experience, but Rathbone is an exciting prospect nonetheless. Having Benn as a 7 gives the option of allowing whoever plays 3LD a game or two to take on games from the press box and to reset if and when needed. PP Pettersson Horvat Boeser Miller Hughes Pearson Gaudette Toffoli Juolevi/Edler Rafferty/Myers PK Pairs Beagle Motte Edler Carlo Khaira Leivo Juolevi Myers Spares: Miller Pearson For Seattle expansion, we would end up with the following protected list: Horvat Pettersson Boeser Toffoli Miller Gaudette Motte Rafferty Juolevi Carlo Demko Exposed players of note: Pearson (UFA) Leivo (UFA) Khaira (RFA) Ferland Abdelkader Jasek (RFA) Gadjovich Edler (UFA) Myers Benn (UFA) Brisebois (RFA) Teves (RFA) 1A Likely selection: Myers Big concern for next season is sorting out the RFA signings. Pettersson and Hughes will command high dollars long term, Carlo and Demko will be ready for their 3rd contract, and Rafferty will need his 2nd deal (assuming he becomes a fixture in his 2nd year). Although I see RFAs not signing large deals due to covid-19 wrecking the economy, it will still be expensive. With Pearson, Edler, Khaira, Benn and Leivo off the books, we open up about $11 million in cap. You also free up $5 million from Spooner's buyout, Sutter's retention, and overages running course. Depending on what is mathematically better, we would likely see a buyout or bury of Abdelkader, freeing up at least a million. Losing Myers will free up $6 million. $25 million in free space makes things easier to sign 4 high profile RFAs and fill out the roster, but is likely not enough unless Hughes and Pettersson sign 2 - 3 year bridges at between $5 - 7 million (which I doubt). I imagine Pettersson's 2nd deal will look a lot like Draisaitl or Aho ($8 - 9 Million), Hughes comparable to Chabot or Josi ($8 - 9 Million), Carlo to Nurse or Andersson ($4.6 - 6 Million) and Demko to Merzlikins, Kuemper, or Binnington ($4 - 5 Million). Other things to consider include a 3RHD reliable and 4LW position. In my scenario, I extend Khaira and sign Carick or FedEx to a cheap deal. Insert Podkolzin, Hoglander, and one of either Gadjovich or Michaelis. If all RFAs are signed and prospects fill in the blanks, how would you feel about this line up for the 2021-2022 season? Miller Pettersson Boeser Hoglander Horvat Toffoli Ferland/Motte Gaudette Podkolzin Motte/Khaira Beagle MacEwen Gadjovich/Michaelis Hughes Carlo Juolevi Rafferty Rathbone Carick/Fedun Demko DiPietro Anyways, if someone wants to clarify the math for me, I'm all ears. Also, just having fun, but curious to see if any of my trade proposals, signing rates, or reasonings could work in your opinions. Go Canucks Go!
  12. As a token of appreciation for their hard work this season, I've compiled a video of ALL Canucks postseason goals. Enjoy folks! Also, be sure to check out the Canucks 2019-2020 regular season goal compilation I put together a few months back. Go Canucks Go!!!!