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  1. What? I never forgot my passport there, I said I forgot the presents there.

    Haha. I know, eh? You won't believe how black some of the people are there. It's crazy!

    Yeah you can. And the cops there are so stupid. And I mean STUPID! Lol. Yeah, some people hold hands. But that's just brown people being brown. Congratulations! Hope you drive good. :P

  2. wait..if you forgot your passport there how'd they let you enter canada?

    Lol the classic brown people things,

    Yeah I heard you can pay the cops if they pull you over and what not. Hey is it true that when your talking to someone and your walking, they hold your hand???

    speaking of a license I got my learners in February!

  3. Well, I left them there because my grandpa rushed me to leave so I would get to the airport early and I forgot my presents there.

    Nothing much. I went to the Golden Temple. Visited some relatives, went to a wedding. Went to a lot of other Temples. Oh, and I did my homework too. <_< And, did you know that you don't need a licence to drive where I live! 0_0 Yeah, I know. Haha.

  4. why would you do such a thing!?

    well anyways what did you do there?

    everything all good?

  5. Haha. Funny story, I actually left the presents that I was supposed to bring in India. 0_0 Silly me, eh?

  6. Nothin much, the same ol CDC.

    Did you bring me anything back?

  7. Haha. Well, I was. Now I'm back. So, anything new happen in my absence?

  8. Treyarch's games emphasize characters and interpersonal conflict. "We're on a secret mission to get coffee and donuts," McMillan explains in the opening of Call of Duty 3. "The problem is the Germans ate all the donuts and drank all the coffee so now we gotta kick their asses." lol just wanted to add that.. but yeah. they already got the cast, and are finding vietnam music and stuff The main character to be voiced is a veteran special ops soldier by the name of Frank Barnes. Barnes is a gravely authoritative and fiercely patriotic WWII vet. The supporting cast of soldiers are young military prodigy, Joseph Lewis, military tactician and man-mountain, Jason Hudson and Kristina Ivanova, Russian defector, un-trusted CIA operative and martial arts expert. All the characters operate under the guidance of the Studies and Observation Group (SOG) based in Vietnam.
  9. I personally can't wait for COD: Vietnam, world at war had high re-playability, the zombies were so fun.
  10. Who's the girl in your sig? She has a big nose but she's bangable.

  11. Hola there. What's up?

  12. That was a clean hit yo-
  13. we love to sweat and we love to sing..