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  1. Big congrats to Drew Brees!

  2. If you like to gamble, I tell ya I'm your win some, lose some it's all the same to me.....

  3. Edler-Erhoff-Ballard-Hamhuis -> That's gonna be an awesome top 4 for years to come.

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    2. Kanye West

      Kanye West

      #1 D-Man, Like a Doughty, Keith, Lidstrom, Pronger, Weber, Chara, Green.

      Ya we've got a deep team, But can be Carolina of 06 winning it without a stud defenseman?

    3. Venom52


      haha jesus, can't beleive I didn't think of that myself lawl. But I think that the Canucks should make some real noise in the West and in the NHL if they can remain as healthy as possible.

    4. Kanye West

      Kanye West

      Hope we do, going to be another long season. Since Chicago & San Jose have gotten weaker, We've got a better chance. The window is now the next 1-3yrs to hoist the Cup.

  4. Hamhuis or Michalek tomorrow please.

    1. winterhawks


      looks like you wishes were made.....MANNY and DAN now put on NUCKS JERSEYS!!!!!!!!


  6. Props for the 1st topic, posting it over and over didn't really help your case. :P

  7. Props for the topic in White Noise bud, well said.

  8. Goal scored by number 14 Aleeeeeexxx Burrrrrrowsss!!

    Been hearing that alot lately. ;)

  9. Moar lyke leafin comments.

  10. Somebody be creepin?

  11. Imma tell you one time

  12. Thank you...really appreciate it. :)

  13. Congratulations on becoming a Community Leader. Always enjoy reading your opinion.