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  1. Roll Call! how are my bro’s doin? we are isolated (lost count - maybe a week and a half or more), and have ventured out very little. We live on a job site of mine, so I can work without leaving home, and we are surrounded with parks. We are doing well. I’m running point for my home (newborn), and managing a household for a 104 year old woman. Washing a lot of hands. you guys all ok? Would be good to see some voices if you all have some iso-time in your hands. if season ever starts, my whole team should be recovered, which was a mathematic impossibility before. Tarasenko and Bjorkstrand were to miss the season and most of playoffs, and so I had replaced them on roster to stay competitive in the post season... now my cup runeth over... healthy, we would be (I realize a couple players too many - I’d have to send some players down, but today is not a decision day)... Schwartz - Draisaitl - Tarasenko Bjorkstrand - Schenn - Yamamoto Niederreiter - Stepan - Dvorak Milano - Kerfoot - Geekie Reider - Beagle - Archibald Klefbom - Ristolainen Hjalmarsson - Shattenkirk Nutivaara - Weegar Jones - Oesterle Binnington Dell
  2. I hope they are still updating, this geek needs his Geekie points!
  3. Delayed season could give me Bjorkstrand back. This is not a bad thing.
  4. Well he’ll definitely be healthy tho, right? Lets all have quiet moment for GM’s that paid for a UFA rental at the deadline ouch
  5. activation: The Boston Bruins would like to activate Zach Aston-Reese from the LTIR
  6. Movement: The Boston Bruins would like to call up Morgan Geekie for his NHL debut today!
  7. Activation : the Boston Bruins would like to activate Oscar Klefbom from the LTIR * damnit I hate missing points
  8. Think about how last year felt, and be proud of your team’s improvements! You’ve done so well this year! Drafting Tarasenko and Schwartz, and finding Binnington made me a St Louis fan in real life. Your improvements and success this year have me turning to a St Louis fan in the GML . ps - sorry about Lindholm, that’s never the way want a trade to happen. Same thing happened to me with Klefbom, who’s just started skating. I hope he returns strongly and quickly. #healhampus
  9. Word brothers. This is wildcard in the East appreciate the positivity, many thanks! Klefbom, Tarasenko and Aston-Reese are all skating and taking contact ...
  10. Oh lord, here come the Hansen jokes
  11. Lots of fun being more involved than normal this TDL. Many thanks to the fair handed GM’s I had the pleasure of negotiating with, and extra special thanks to those I got to close with. I feel I helped the teams I dealt with, and I feel my organization is more concise. Now, if I can ever get healthy, some folks should be a little nervous. Don't poke the bear. In - Matt Duchene, Oscar Klefbom, Sonny Milano, Alex Kerfoot, Jay Beagle, Brayden Schenn, Marcus Nutivaara Out - Ben Bishop, Sam Reinhart, Rudolfs Balcers, BOS 3rd, BOS 2nd, Valentin Zykov, Kasamir Kaskisuo, Matt Duchene, Hampus Lindholm, Nathan Beaulieu, Brayden Tracey Boston Bruins Schwartz - Draisaitl - Schenn Milano - Dvorak - Yamamoto Niederreiter - Stepan - Alex Kerfoot Reider - Beagle - Reider *Vladamir Tarasenko *Oliver Bjorkstrand *Zach Aston-Reese Rasmus Ristolainen - Marcus Nutivaara Mackenzie Weegar - Kevin Shattenkirk Caleb Jones - Niklas Hjalmarsson Jordan Oesterle *Oscar Klefbom Binnington Dell