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  1. Many thanks for your beastly duties too boss. This was a great year for everything, especially updates and being current. You are a Supreme Leader my friend.
  2. I’m reading your coverage like pregame reviews, and then checkin that matchup’s scores on pickup live! GML is lit!
  3. Both of you are effin awesome. Mike, the whole league references your list every year. I feel horrible that I have not been sufficiently effusively appreciative. Please let me know when it’s available, it’s a god damn bible. Rush, you may be one of our best league decisions in the past couple years. Your contribution has been massive and palpable. Your coverage has made this the most entertaining playoff season yet, and I read every one, no matter the spread. Do whatever you feel like doing, publish any stats you find interesting, i’m eatin it up over here. When two of your heaviest hitters note that they aren’t sure if their work is appreciated, it’s time to throw some compliments around. Standing O gents. Both of ya’s. Thanks for all the effort you Putin.
  4. Congratulations to all teams that won awards! Best of luck to everyone in the playoffs! Bon chance!
  5. 101 points tonight. Very proud of my Bruins, they left it all on the ice for the last three months solid.
  6. Cant bothered to post for like a month, and comes in with...
  7. I just wanna go to the playoffs dude stop cock blockin vote for change! Lolz
  8. Calder update: NHL 18-19 season Rookie of the Month October Elias Pettersson November Rasmus Dahlin December Elias Pettersson January Carter Hart February Jordan Binnington March Jordan Binnington just sayin... leading all goaltenders for GAA... more than just rookie exciting.
  9. Are you tired of seeing the same damn teams in the playoffs every year? Do you want the little guy to get his chance? ITS AWARDS TIME - BE THE CATALYST The Boston organization has struggled in the East to get its chance, but this year we’ve come close. The team has also had some good luck, and seen many players accidentally become playoff players in the past month. We now have amassed quite a strong composite of players prepared to give their all, and we call on the GM’s of the league to make a difference. give Boston a chance, please consider our nominees! Vezina - Ben Bishop - Ben is #1 for save percentage (.933) - Ben is 2nd for goals against (2.03, #1 is Binnington) Aren’t those the stats that proves a goaltenders value? Ben Bishop has carried our (and his RL) team, and he even found time to battle not one, but two visits to the IR. A relentless gladiator, behind a weak and heavily hurt Defense (RL and GML)... well worth your consideration for Vezina. Calder - The current NHL leader for goals against average (1.85!), a young goaltender that completely changed the course of an organization. Jordan Binnington has carried our (and his RL) team from the depths of the standings (25th in our case, 4 worst in division for Blues), to that of a contender. There are many high scoring options for the Calder, but the one young man that took the reigns of an organization at such a young age, please consider Jordan in your votes. At 29 games and counting, he is the best young goaltender out there, and even rivalling the leagues top veterans. Been a long haul this year, more injuries than I’ve ever faced, and as low on the standings as 25th in December. We appreciate your consideration, and wish all organizations a great playoffs and off season. Good luck gentlemen.
  10. 69 point differential for the last playoff spot in the east (PIT/TOR/BOS)... most exciting race I’ve ever been in at this point in the season. On top of that, with awards looming, I know I have a possible Calder candidate and a possible Rocket Richard competitor. Also hillarious, after all my jokes about the coyotes, that I have four new playoff players... and the Blues are now in... I’d actually have a pretty strong contender at this point Couldnt be more exciting!
  11. Waaaaaaay too many of my playoff hopes are based on the Coyotes.... So much more than I’m comfortable with
  12. On a high note, I get Ben Bishop and Vladimir tarasenko back tonight .
  13. Movement The Bruins would like to send down Valentin Zykov The Bruins would like to activate Christian Dvorak from LTIR * I totally just `Hansened` again. I was 100% sure i had done this. crapola. not like i need the points or anything... ARGGGGGH!
  14. It’s rough out there, I’ve got a few day-to-days that are long term, just sapping my points. easily the best and most exciting competition I’ve been in, in this league. Checking every morning and evening to see where TOR and PIT are , thank you both for the awesome battle for the west’s last wildcard spot.