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  1. You really did me a solid, and stepped up when I needed to change my focus. I can't thank you enough !
  2. As the executive works away, ensuring all is set for the season, and we go through the charts making sure everything`s up to date, we are all noticing, as I`m sure many of our members are as well, that there are some teams that require a fair amount of work. I trust you all have plans in place, and that there wont be issues to start the season, but lets just be clear on a few things: When the season starts, you must be cap compliant. No excuses will be accepted (over or under), your team will receive no points, and there is no GM that has gone that route and kept his job. You must ice a roster and show competitive intentions. To barely scrape by you will have to have a 19 man roster (12 forwards, 6 dmen and a goalie - injuries are beyond your control, that much is understood). at 19 players, you are going to have some explaining to do, and your staff, owners, players and fans will be scrutinizing your every move... Also not an ideal way to keep your job. Choose your own adventure, and best of luck. Some of you have a busy couple of weeks ahead.
  3. In medieval times, GML had rules in place so that if you sent a player down, and he was (known or unknown) waivers eligible, guys could snipe your players based on a stupid mistake. It happened relatively often, and was a somewhat underhanded way to acquire a player, and an unrealistic situation in general (NHL teams don't accidentally lose players). I personally pushed for this to be rectified, as I lost a player once and it really sucked... cause i didn't have time to check his birthday, and it was by a week. Everyone (i think) agreed, and we've been running on a different system for a couple years now, which is seemless. If you `send a player down` and he requires waivers, you will simply be told your transaction didn't process as the player is waivers eligible. A player only goes on waivers if you type the word `waivers` in your post. It still comes at a cost, as whatever roster transaction you made that day, wont count, as the move wouldn't be able to process. Likewise, the guys in the thread will pick up on it pretty quickly, and we do like to publicly mock a bad GM every once in a while. Your rep is all your risk. You are right, its just a game, and we just want it to be fun. Moral of the story is, be a good GM.
  4. Stoked to have Niklas on board... after missing out on a few big fish in the UFA market, we started to realize we were going to have to bite the bullet, and jump into the trade market. JR was a pleasure to deal with. I think we both did well for our clubs, while maintaining the focus of our own needs. Good hockey trade in my book. I got a great d man at a fair salary for a great term. JR got a youth boost, including a potentially exciting d prospect.
  5. a pleasure. It was one of the bigger WOW moments i can remember.
  6. No, no... Just the history of player. Yoshi successfully offer sheeted the minister for Hedman. So, on top of the overpay for the first 4-5 years of the contract, it cost your organization 2 1sts, 2 2nds and 2 3rds... Between salary and the draft picks, Tampa is just finally fully recovering IMHO.
  7. you don't want to know what he cost your club
  8. Boston Bruins Prospective roster 2016-17 (how we hope it`ll turn out) Schwartz - Stepan - Tarasenko Niederreiter - Sutter - Reinhart King - Draisaitl - Hansen Desjardins - Dvorak - Bjorkstrand Hendricks Boychuk - Shattenkirk Hjarlmasson - Del Zotto Franson - Miller Marincin - Stoner Elliot Howard Providence Bears Prospective roster 2016-17 Zykov - Howden - Archibald Boucher - Pitlick - Raddysh Greer Bean - Clendenning Heatherington - Jones Lewington- Gaunce Moverare Subban Binnington
  9. I have heard from commish. He is confident everything will be in line for start of season. this is why I'm pushing for rosters to be posted... As publishing recent rosters was always a GM's job. Charts are charts, and they'll get updated. If you post a lineup, life goes on in he meantime Some GM`s have a lot of work to do, and the chart updates will not be an accepted excuse at the season`s puck drop...
  10. Guys, seriously, post your roster (depth is fine). Charts are outdated... if you want to trade with anyone you have to show your assets. Nobody has any idea where players are... trades have been going on for months, as well as non-visible signings etc, which are not reflected in the charts. Post depth/players asap so we can enjoy preseason.
  11. confirmed 2 year deal - my condolences bud. thats a real kick in the groin.
  12. Draisaitl
  13. What can ya do? Considered 'unproven' in the NHL, while KHL teams will just throw money at him.
  14. Isn't Canada's roster pretty good without him?