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  1. LTIR won't start until the season starts.
  2. The Bruins would like to release Dwight King from his contract, and wish him well with Avtomobilist. I remember starting as a gm, and losing Scott Parse (a young NHL call-up) to injury, so I thought it would be a good idea to sign the RL Kings 'next best' call-up, and I did. Probably my 5th or 6th signing as a gm. This was Dwight King. Scored in his first game, and through 365 CDCGML games Dwight posted 53 goals, 109 assists, 98 pims and a career +3. Dwight literally played up and down the roster, from top line and PP, to grit and special teams (in RL and in CDCGML)! Not a flashy player, but certainly fulfilled his duties, and left it all on the ice. Likely why he departs the NHL with two Stanley cup victories. Thanks Dwight, for a quick-sign space filler, that sure was a great 7 years. Long live the 'King'!
  3. Teams looking for a starting goalie: Kind of deep in summer, but I've had some interest expressed in Jimmy Howard. We are going to start listening to offers at this point, so if you are interested, please contact at your earliest convenience. Though we love Jimmy, and we can undoubtedly start the season with him without reprucussion due to circumstance, we do recognize he has aspirations to remain a starter, and we've invested strongly in Ben Bishop for that role. We'd like to respect Jimmy's role, and seek to find him the right team to move forward with. Please forward offers to the desk of the Greensman
  4. PM me your draftees info - player/round/overall selection - I'll get em added on
  5. I made Rick Nash disappear, and you didn't even see it. *ninja smoke-bomb* poof!
  6. abra-abra-cadabra
  7. No new names. Just be patient like a summer's breeze I'm getting antsy, too but had to remind myself it's a long wait still. Weather's good, I'm just paper pushing while everyone else is hopefully enjoying the beach. refresh... nothing new... refresh... nothing new... refresh...
  8. Ok. If you have a signing that has not yet been added to the spreadsheets, PM it to me, and I'll get it on your sheet. If there is a thread posted trade that hasn't been adjusted, please PM me the details, and I can make it happen on your spreadsheet. thanks for the help guys, by not making me go through the thread, your helping make it a digestible task
  9. Similar to above: if you guys have any simple book keeping stuff to be edited on your spreadsheet, PM me and let me know. I`m not doing signings or trades yet, just keeping our records straight at the moment.
  10. If your draft picks are missing from your spreadsheet, PM them to me and I`ll get them added for ya Format - PLAYER/ROUND/OVERALL PICK
  11. It deserves to be... Don't leave it till you're old. All of the best parts involve getting out of the capital, getting out in nature and finding things.
  12. Iceland has the coolest landscapes I have ever seen. Beautiful country that completely changes climate and geologicly, every 100km. My my wife is an awesome travel partner, and we rocked that island. Saw 2500kms +, completed the 'ring road', the 'golden circle', the western peninsula, and even some of the western fjords. Mind boggling, road tripping, mini camper good times. Iceland is he safest country I've ever visited, which was awesome. Iceland is the most expensive place I've ever experienced, so my wallet got raped anyways, which was less cool, but completely worth it on the whole.
  13. Back from vacay, and re-energized. GMs - could you all please quickly PM me your draft selections for this year. If you would be so kind, I will get them added to your spreadsheets asap. i just need player name, round and number selected. example - Kailer Yamamoto (selected 1st round - 15th overall) thanks guys! Hope summer is treating you all well!
  14. Thrilled to get these draftees mobilized in the pros! Great news, and many thanks to agent Squeak! These are often the most exciting contracts to sign, and we foresee great things in the future for both players.
  15. I was tempted... but just couldn't sign a guy named Step-and-Fall-off-sky