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  1. I would too I would say nothing, and take all the time. Well played Sergei
  2. Haha... I was going after him next... Thats ok, there's more
  3. Media is hilarious in the summer... they have nothing to write about, so they`re riding the Shattenkirk rumour train since last season`s trade deadline. Gm said no. Coach said no. Shattenkirk said no. Press says yes. lol. Submit 12,000 stories tying his name to pretty much 20/30 teams. What would hockey reporters have done without Vesey and Shattenkirk to blab on about incessantly?
  4. Good stuff Our charts are clearly too outdated to look at each others finances
  5. You may have to redo your budget to match both. If you really want them, I don't want you to lose them over a technicality article 4.2.2 - In order to match an offer sheet, the team must have room under the salary cap to accommodate the player and their new salary. The 10% rule does not apply in this situation.
  6. Oh god... The crickets... The pins dropping...
  7. Yep, he's fine. Focused on school and stuff. im sure updates are on the menu, but it August everyone go back to sleep.
  8. Something was going on in the offices of the Bruins this morning... staff was abuzz with excitement, and the full legal team was present.... Possibly more to follow.
  9. Exactly. I read it as frenzied, excited or wound up. To to be beside one's self Does not require it to be a negative.
  10. Finally sporting some defensive depth, a strong goalie pair, and prolific forward group. It's been a long haul, but after a year we feel we are rebuilt. Still filling some lower forward slots, but it's going to look something like this: Schwartz - Stepan - Tarasenko Niedereitter - Sutter - Reinhart King - Draisaitl - Hansen Hendricks - _______ - Desjardins ________ Boychuk - Shattenkirk Hjalmarsson - Del Zotto Franson - Miller Stoner - Marincin Elliot Howard
  11. When I first heard them, I went insane over it... unfortunately I find i`ve tired of Ninja, and find him to be a one trick pony. Yolandi still lays down a mean hook tho. My fave over time became `Baby`s on Fire`. great video, great song.
  12. No, you're correct. RFA. That would be considered making cap space though. Coach said 'making space for another prospect', and both Strome and Dvorak are there. they're doing both I think... Saving about 2.5 mil and making space for youth.
  13. Raider is already in their top 6.
  14. should work out well for you if they weren't going to use him, better to set him free... he`ll find work, no problem. could work out well for me too, maybe they`re making prospect space... Dvorak ?
  15. Really interested for the season to get underway. I`ve got an interesting centre log jam that will be fun to watch play out. Stepan remains a solid choice for our #1 centre Does Sutter finally really claim 2nd line VAN? Draisaitl still top 6 with EDM`s new depth? Maybe a move to wing? 3rd line centre? Reinhart stays on the wing? Not looking to make any moves. I`m pretty decided on just letting the year start, and seeing where the pieces land... Should be a good soap opera to watch from oct-nov see where the chips land. Excitedly hoping Bjorkstrand will fill out the last forward role (Hendricks - Desjardins - Bjorkstrand) My heart wants Dvorak to make his roster, but i know thats probably a ways out. Zykov? Future for Howden in WPG? Schwartz - Stepan - Tarasenko Niederreiter - Sutter - Reinhart King - Draisaitl - Hansen Hendricks - Desjardins - Bjokstrand ?