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  1. Because we have two injury prone players that we’ve been lucky to have healthy this long... kinda bother...
  2. Considering Lucic only has 9pts in 40 games, does boast well either... I’m still laughing cause both have sucked the last few years. These two players are practically the same player (stat wise) minus a ring and about a foot in height... both teams are still winning regardless of the pylons out there.. still laughing!
  3. Could anyone see jersey package hall up with subban and send them to the Oilers? I couldn’t see it costing TOO much for them..
  4. Can I be the first to say before the turds chime in... Pass, there is no argument that would be legitimate in him coming back to Van! Have a a good day!
  5. He’s EP-40 mo$$);&@/&3;,? <——real question mark cause I’m lost!
  6. Pretty sure circus seals get applauded though.. maybe a dandelion?
  7. Simply put... No. The price would be too high, plus we already have the pieces we need in the players we have. Would it be nice, yes. Is it feasible, no.
  8. I ah... totally forgot about Goldy and Baer.. #sorrynotsorry
  9. Even with similar stats, Benn is still the better player. Ben over Gud all day!