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  1. The Instagram page is the association reporting it. Anonymous victims (in BC) message the group about their past / current experiences of abuse and the admins share it on their page with their consent. Many posts on there have led to investigations by the police, and a few establishments on the island had to shut down as they had persons in managerial positions commit such acts. Again, this Instagram group was where the original Jake Virtanen allegations began.
  2. It’s the Instagram page that originally posted the Jake Virtanen allegations
  3. 250Integra

    Tokyo Olympics

  4. 250Integra

    Tokyo Olympics

    Penny with a huge anchor run in the 4x100m freestyle relay to win Silver!
  5. Also, this version of the Canucks may have two of the best offensively talented defencemen to ever don a Canucks jersey. Both Hughes and OEL are franchise defencemen, something we’ve never really had in our team’s history.
  6. Maybe he said the Wong thing during his interviews
  7. Essentially, I'm looking at this trade like Eriksson + Beagle + Roussel + 1st Round Pick for OEL Garland for 2nd Round and 7th round Pick That wouldn't even work in EA NHL 2021. Good job Jimbo.
  8. Someone just said this earlier but we pretty much paid Edler the same from age 30-35, which is what OEL will be at the end of his contract. OEL is a Top 2 defenceman and hopefully still in his prime. He's better than Edler and will give us another offensive threat from the blueline 5 on 5 and on the PP.
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