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  1. This guy had an elite potential rating in NHL 2018
  2. I would love to see Tyler Bertuzzi in a Canucks jersey one day. I love the way that kid plays.
  3. 250Integra

    COD: Warzone

    The current Halloween event if pretty fun. I enjoyed playing in night time BR with my buddies last week. We got 2 dubs in the last week and a bunch of top 10 finishes. Still trying to loot 3 more boxes (Gulag, Superstore, and Train) for the Halloween Grau Blueprint lol. Superstore is a drag...
  4. Has all the skill to make and play in the NHL on a consistent basis. Too bad he has the maturity of a 15 year old.
  5. Watch out Demko and Holtby In all seriousness, he looks pretty good in net. Didn’t know he was that flexible!
  6. You guys never heard of a center that doesn't take face offs? Come on!
  7. He makes more than all-stars Jason Spezza and Jumbo Joe. What world are we living in?? Oh wait, this is 2020 and not 2010.
  8. Will we see a breakout year for Jake? Or one with some consistency? Glad to see him signed.
  9. Hope his twitch streaming doesn’t get in the way of his on ice performance
  10. Where was Jim Benning on this? Still sleeping? Good grief.
  11. JB’s definition of “overhauling the blue line” is letting all your free agents go and signing no one to replace them
  12. Not sure what JB is doing but it better be good. Hard to lose three heart and soul guys in 24 hours when two of them left on pretty affordable contracts, and probably were willing to take less to stay with the team. Doesn’t send a good message to the young guys coming up...