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  1. Great game and got the result they wanted. Need to string some wins together here.
  2. Good for Burrows. I would've loved to see him here but instead we have an AHL defenceman coaching our D, a Brown stain on our powerplay, and an incompetent head coach that can't adjust.
  3. You say the same thing after every loss Captain. How much show some emotion on the bench or throw a momentum hit.
  4. Well we have this Jayce Hawryluk guy that doesn’t even get a sniff. I guess he worse than Eriksson and Virtanen somehow.
  5. Remember the days when we had a coach that would actually line match? You know, the coach that lead us to back to back president’s trophies and a win away from a cup??
  6. Roussel was running around like an idiot tonight. Probably sparked the Oilers with his stupid unprecedented punches.
  7. Why do I even bother watching this garbage team. Wasting 3 hours of my life every two nights watching this team piss the bed.