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  1. Unfortunately, that group includes children 12 and under... so I'm still doing everything I can to keep them safe.
  2. Wow, that's an impressive write-up by Georges.
  3. Speaking of future considerations, I just found the title to this article hilarious: "Devils Acquire Future Considerations from Buffalo" https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/future-considerations-trade-buffalo-will-butcher-fifth-round-pick/c-325853426
  4. I don't know how any Canucks fan could hate on this deal for Sutter. This is incredible value. He should stay healthier too with less hard minutes.
  5. I must be blind. Where are those words in that article?? Lol!
  6. I see: "Emily spoke out after seeing other women come forward with their own experiences on an anonymous Instagram account." But that Instagram account is not specific to Virtanen. That's for all kinds of experiences.
  7. I don't see reference about any other women other than the one.
  8. Sorry I might be dense, but where in that article does it talk about the other 6 women?
  9. Any minute now.... EP will be signed... not sure by who though lol
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