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  1. This team needs a SERIOUS wake up call. The effort in the 2nd period was brutal. I don't mind it when a team plays hard and loses... But man, this is seriously bad right now.
  2. Hate to say it, but Petey and Hughes need to figure things out... They're the stars on this team but are not generating anything.
  3. Let's face it, the Oilers did not play well that first game. It should have been a lot closer than the score indicated.
  4. The way the Canucks have looked these past couple games is alarming... I really hope Miller gets this team back on track. If they play like this, they may very well be the worst team in the division....
  5. Missing Miller so much... He brings so much swagger to the team. Without him, the team looks like it is missing that X factor that makes them the team that we saw last playoffs.
  6. Why don't all the other hall of famers have that many points? In fact, Gretzky had 63% more points than a hall of famer teammate. Now THAT is dominance.
  7. Gretzky scored 63% more points than his next closest teammate. That is the dominance I'm talking about. That is comparing apples to apples eliminating any talk about different eras.
  8. Again... How? He would need to score 63% more than his peers. He doesnt dominate now... But he would miraculously dominate in your fantasy world? Anyways, you make no sense. Not gonna keep this going since it's pointless arguing with someone without logic.
  9. How? If he can't dominate his peers like Gretzky did... That makes no sense and you know it. You literally just said "it won't happen" and then your next sentence goes back to saying it would happen lol You're too illogical to argue with ...