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  1. Alex Friesen Talk

    Canucks signed Friesen and Kenins today:
  2. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    I watched a replay of that goal and I don't think there was any penalty on the play. I'm surprised that no one gave the D man an outlet after the won face off, forcing him to try and go up the boards
  3. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    That goal was huge - the momentum was definitely tilting the monarchs' way
  4. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Comets are out shooting the Monarchs 11-2 now
  5. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    So crazy... It looked like a harmless shot?
  6. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    To those who aren't watching the stream and are confused, Peter Andersson put the puck out of play with 1 second left in the third with noone around him. Manchester starts OT on the power play.
  7. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    WTF.... a kid just had a sign that said 'Nuke the comets'??
  8. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    The Monarchs mascot's reaction after that penalty was hilarious... Just holding up his hands like WTH is this crap, I'm out.
  9. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    LOL. Jake is so awesome. Took 3 guys out of the play leading to a odd man chance for the Comets.
  10. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    What a beauty, Nick!
  11. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    It's not like Berube is that good of a goalie, his save percentage is under .900 this postseason. Just start firing shots on him. Whenever the big club outshoots LA, they almost always win.
  12. Cole Cassels | C

    Cirelli from Carlisle and Lindberg was the winning scoreline.
  13. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    According to the scoresheet, Conacher was assessed a 10 minute penalty for abuse of officials (rule 39.4) at the same game time as his goal. Is this a mistake, or can anybody clarify what happened? *EDIT* So I found a highlight of the goal from the comets twitter page: At the VERY end of the highlight the announcer says "and utica might be getting a power play", so perhaps it's just a mistake in the scoresheet. Rule 39.4 from the AHL rulebook: Misconduct penalties shall be assessed under this rule for the following infractions: (i) Any player who persists in the use of obscene, profane or abusive language towards any on or off-ice official for which he has already been assessed a minor or bench minor penalty for unsportsmanlike confuct. (ii) Any player who intentionally knocks or shoots the puck out of the reach of an official who is retrieving it. (iii) Any player who, after being assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty, persists in challenging or disputing the ruling of an official. (iv) Any player or players (including goaltenders) who bang the boards with their sticks or other objects at any time, showing disrespect for an official's decision, for which they have already been assessed a minor or bench minor for unsportsmanlike confuct. (v) Any player or players who, except for the purpose of taking their positions on the penalty bench, enter or remain in the Referee's crease while he is reporting to or consulting with any game official including the other referee, the linesmen, game timekeeper, penalty timekeeper, official scorer or PA announcer. (vi) A misconduct penalty (or game misconduct at the discretion of the referee) shall be imposed on any player who deliberately throws any equipment out of the playing area. When this is done in protest of an official's ruling, a minor + a game misconduct shall be assessed (see 40.5) (vii) In general, participants displaying this type of behavior are assessed a minor, then a misconduct and then a game misconduct if they persist with this type of behavior.
  14. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    This game's still probably over - let's hope they carry this momentum into game 3
  15. Cole Cassels | C

    If you want to hear some terrible pronunciation of French names, check out the Sportsnet audio feed here: