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  1. Devastated.... He was my fave Canuck.....
  2. Uniforms of doom......BURN THEM!
  3. Sure missed him in the game last night.... Would have been nice to have some sweet dishes and puck possession.... And a couple of "fack yeahs"
  4. If you like PUNKROCK ...the Dayglo abortions are playing a show at funky winkerbeans on New Year's Eve... It's at 37 west hastings.... A couple blocks from ROGERS arena.... That's where I work....
  5. It really bugs me that people jump all over kass for mistakes but yet never seem to have their eyes open when he makes a defensive takeaway that turns into him charging up the ice offensively.... I saw a few of those last game.... Sheesh
  6. Pretty amazing that some people show up in this forum commenting about players that aren't playing tonite.... KASS is suspended... Others are injured... Good to see the boys had an actual practice today instead of the optional morning skate.... GCG! I'll be watching....
  7. Oh geez.... Bring out the 64 Stanley cup leafs pre game.... Toronto always has these long winded pre game things...wtf
  8. On the flames broadcast of my flyers game the Safeway score & win featured product was TOSTITOS TORTILLA CHIPS!!! I expect this bodes good omens and SESTITO with a monster game!! GCG!
  9. Just fly the whole Utica team in at this point.... I think both sedins are injured Am I the only CANUCKS fan that's kinda pissed that they're playing in the Olympics yet won't rest to get healthy for the NUX .... They're not helping the team by playing and staying injured.....
  10. I did.... Shredded torts for his I need new players comments....
  11. Hockey central at noon was ripping him today for his comments
  12. Torts is benching the wrong forwards They need to have gritty practices and a bag skate.... Looked so slow tonite.... Ditto to mandatory morning skates Torts.... Put the blender away and pick some lines and stick with it for more than one shift or period.... Sigh But hey....my other team is kicking ass again.... Go flyers....! I went from DOOMY NUX gloom to giddy to see 4 unanswered goals against the sharts in 5 hrs....
  13. Need going forward>>> Practices Mandatory morning skates No more sedin excuse interviews The whole team to hit rock bottom and get pissed off (or aquilinis ) CONSISTANT lines ... Come on boys Do it yourself if you have to.... It's not like you listened to AV....