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  1. the girl chat screen was hilarious...but girls arent like that in real life
  2. Need some clothes from AE.....

    1. :D


      Why do you need clothes from that particular brand? Were you chosen to appear in a commercial?

    2. tricarboxylic


      yes i was chosen to appear in a commercial absolutely.... yeah

    3. Mr. Anderson

      Mr. Anderson

      Why is A&E giving you clothes? Did you appear on Intervention?

  3. Pump It!
  4. oh oh oooooh! im thinking about my ex-friend(don't take me wrong..... this girl who used to be my friend - friendship) who was such a brat
  5. Hey, Cauncks got beat by you, oh this is just crazy, oh here's my false teeth, because I'm knocking your teeth out! (Carly Rae Jespen - Call Me Maybe)
  6. Can't play NHL 12........don't have PS3 or XBox.
  7. Pitbull ft. Chris Brown - International Love "Are you down like Flames and Oil-ers,........., are you cold like Min-ne-so-ta,................., are you hot-ter than Col'-ra-do.......then let us sing, 'Oh,oooh,oh, whoa.....'"
  8. NHL 09 PC Modded with NHL 12 Rosters, Stats, Arenas, Pucks, Jerseys, Pads, etc.
  9. Well, I say, Hodgson has a better opportunity as a Sabre. Kassian certainly has a somewhat good opportunity in Vancouver, an opportunity to venture into the postseason. It boils down to the following: Enjoying more ice time in a team not going into postseason vs. Enjoying 4th-line and less ice time in a team going into postseason .
  10. any good movies to watch?
  11. Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars
  12. so glad....the caps ousted the bruins.................!!!
  13. is a Keith Ballard fan.... just look at her sig!