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Scotty Bowman on Hockey Central at noon

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Hey all,

Just listened to Scotty Bowman on Hockey Central. It was pretty cool.

He talked about why the game is hurting and people are actually hurt all the time. He mentioned Steve Larmer and that Steve said, "When I went in the corners, every single time I thought I was getting hit. I was always squirming around." He sort of made reference to the fact that everyone has this expectation now that they aren't going to get hit so they're not taking any responsibility to not get hurt.

He was asked about the one thing he would change and he said that he would make it a 60ft game again. He repeatedly called the area behind the net the "endzone". It was precious but he made a good point. He said and "Doug Maclean agreed", that the defenceman are never on the points anymore ... ever. Everyone's behind the net.

Then he referenced Bossy, Lafleur, and Maclean piped in with Yvan Cournoyer, and said that those guys never even knew what the ice was like back there. The underlying point they talked about was that the game is not about open ended rushes anymore, it's about fighting in the trenches [that's what I got anyway].

They also talked about the obstruction rules and Bowman said he thought it was about hooking players in a scoring postion but really it has limited defenders in a huge way from keeping the game in check. He said now if a guy cuts in front of the net you can't .. well you can't finish ... the play. You can't even cut in front of a player anymore, "it's all about helping your defenceman out", or it should be was the implication.

They also talked about the new hybrid icing rule which he was a big fan of. He figures it might cause 4-5 face-offs per game, but they're quick games anyway and it's going to save some big injuries.

Finally he mentioned how he's defence obsessed and the Sweedes look awesome. Brodin (I think so too) is awesome. Just a bit behind Ekman-Larsson, you got Karlsson, and that's not even mentioning guys like Kronwall. No mention of Edler. ^_^

Also asked which player after Crosby he would want. Stamkos is pretty special he says. Will be up there with Bossy when it's all said and done. He's in great shape, he's moved to center, and he can score at will, his shot is just so good. Marty St.Louis should be on team Canada. Stevie are you listening?

Anyways, hope I haven't bored you guys, just thought I'd share, Scotty is 80 years old and just talks great. He doesn't feel like his opinion matters and just kind of rambled on. Of course he matters. Living in Tampa I guess.

Bavaria beer is tremendously good.

Will attach a replay if I can find one when I get back to work.

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Didn't Mario and Gretz do their best work behind the net? Pretty sure that area was referred to as Waynes "office". Edit- Also agree about St. Louis, to me it's a no brainer that the last Art Ross winner who happens to play and have great chemistry with the games best goal scorer and 2nd best centre makes the team.

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The first point is directly referring to Kronwall and Boyle. Hello? You're gonna get hit, so what's up with the fairytale plays with the puck?

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