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  1. Dogbyte

    Cole Cassels | C

    Just tuned in, who was that Smith guy that was just on with Cassels? He is huge. Edit: Ah I think that's they guy that shot up the charts last year. Flames property boo. Lindberg with the hattrick, Ottawa pick from the fourth round.
  2. Hopefully he makes the Leafs next year and just gets crushed.
  3. Dogbyte

    Cole Cassels | C

    Yeah those eTOI are complete garbage, they are no where close at all as demonstrated in the Utica thread.
  4. That line really seemed to get us going. I thought they played real well and created 5v5 chances, something the other second line did very little of in the first 3 games.
  5. I noticed the exact same thing but I don't think it's that big of a concern as it should be addressed as he moves along. He's simply trolling the top of the blueline hoping for a good bounce or a puck to break free for a rush the other way. You can get away with this over and over again in junior with great results. Pretty common mistake for offensive youngsters. Unfortunately in the NHL that will often end up in the back of your net. His positioning is a bit weird as he almost drifts to the center position. Again, looking for that puck in an opportune spot. From what I've seen if he does get it there he is still a good threat because of his shot.
  6. Around here I would think so. He seems way ahead of Gillis though.
  7. That's actually higher than the average so ... I'm not.
  8. So all of the sudden everyone is able to predict what Virtanen will be like next year at training camp, and what WD, and Benning are thinking. Okay then pretty funny stuff.
  9. Bit hit by Virtanen eventually leads to a goal.
  10. You got the Maple Leaf in your avatar man.
  11. Pretty funny to see how many people think Virtanen is getting slighted all the time. There are bigger concerns for Team Canada than Canuck's property Jake Virtanen believe it or not.
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