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  1. The Canucks weren't allowed to select anything good with these missed picks anyway.

  2. The 4th rounders we would have acquired for both players will surely be missed.

    1. Wilbur


      Will set back the franchise for years!

  3. It's the Big "MEH", 2016.

  4. I don't usually update my status, but when I do, it's...

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    2. Heretic

      Heretic's...Monty Python's Flying Circus!

    3. thejazz97
    4. Ghostsof1915


      for a bottle of Dos Equis.

  5. Hey, with any luck the 3rd rounder pans out, but it's going to take years and years. There were plenty of 2nd rounders that would have not taken that long though, so passing on them at this stage our defense is in would be idiotic. But that's just my opinion. Anyway, enough arguing about the 'what if we had a 2nd rounder' perspective. We didn't have one. It was silly to even mention the missing 2nd round pick at the summit in the first place. When you trade an overrated 'fan favorite' like Lack, then you should just tell the insane fans are overrating him and be done with it. As an insane fan, that would be welcome from management to say.
  6. Oh dear. No. But even if that were true there are all sorts of questions, weaknesses and risks to him that will see him require much, much more development time than the concensus 2nd rounders, and then his upside is limited. Again, long-shot at best. That's why he's a 3rd and even then that might be high. If this was our allowed 2nd round pick, then no wonder Benning was okay trading the pick. I wouldn't harp on this so much, but when I heard that Brisebois was going to be our 2nd round pick, an intense distrust built quickly. This is based on our history with turning 2nd rounders into dust while passing on better prospects or merely trading the pick. I know what was said about Brisebois was designed to raise the value of Lack's return, but just don't say it. It's too much. It's a joke. And it's painful. Luckily there will be other opportunities to finally address the defense. Maybe Brisebois can come into play when this team is good again.
  7. Pfft, I don't even trust published ISS ratings now. There's nothing in his game that tells me that he was a 2nd rounder in the 2015 draft. The risk is to high and the reward too low for that ranking. So what this tells me is that the Canucks still have problems in this regard, or they're just trying to upsell the pick. Given the history with the latter regarding Rodin, pardon me if I draw the hasty conclusion this upsell job is a practical death sentence for Brisebois's NHL potential. This, while we desperately needed to upgrade our defense.
  8. Either this is a lie in order to upsell Brisebois, a long-shot at best, or he is incredibad at looking at draft choices, but considering we traded a valueable 2nd rounder for Bärtchsi, I think there's more to this than either prior option.
  9. Some idiot on the radio said that this kid was going to be who the Canucks picked up in round two if they had that pick, and I wanted to slap him through the radio. Where did he get this tidbit? The Canucks? If that's honestly the case, then the Canucks should fire who makes their picklists immediately. The thing is we've constantly been hearing this bs upsell job for years and years. "Anton Rodin (feather-duster) was going to be who we picked in round one, but Jordan Schroeder (Oompa-Loompa) was available." LOL! Frack me. It's enough to drive you insane!
  10. Yes, we know. Potential. Will gain strength. -40 is due to the team. etc. etc. etc. Same song and dance. Can't rip these guys, but ripping Virtanen is a go.
  11. Not shocked at this draft selection at all.
  12. Hahahaha, Botch Has Blocked Me. Aw shucks. Now i won't be able to recieve all those useless/misinformative updates. Go back to TO, Botch.

  13. It's been a good 6 years. HF finally made me change my username.

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      I notice no difference.

    2. WiDeN


      I'm not on HF. Was your username the same?

  14. Chara drank Coke at the bench for an endorsement ad in the playoffs. The book on how the Bruins won the cup last season was published before the finals began. Various players had mysterious tans when the weather didn't permit it. The NHL is rigged. Cheers.

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    2. JustJokinen!
    3. JustJokinen!


      The only point that would at all indicate some sort of conspiracy is the book. But the Canucks put out a book too, only theirs was about losing. That's just business. It could have been edited either way.

    4. TOMapleLaughs


      I'm not saying it's a conspiracy... But it's a conspiracy.

  15. Zombie Shane... We barely knew ye...