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  1. Smh. The article cites facts. Enough bunk arguments.
  2. Dude, if it's opinion based on fact then it's also fact. But i guess we're just too entrenched in the lies we were told to believe in order to see this. I'm wasting my time here, I know. But i enjoy pointing out massive scale fallacy.
  3. The doctor cited the largest study available on the subject. As cited, Cloth masks are useless. Surgical masks reduced spread among those over 50. By 11%. Under 50 they were found to present no benefit. Bangladesh, home of the study in question, then installed no enforced mask mandate. Why enforce it when it presents little to no benefit? Why force it on the whole public when certainly the whole public didn't need it? We have been haunting the populace over it for no viable reason, and have been instructed to tell ourselves and others lies about it or face penalties. In the name of 'science'. Which is as we fully know is a fn crock. It's not good.
  4. Other people in the thread have managed to read what was referred to. Pls. also read, then comment?
  5. Years-old data stated cloth masks were akin to an empty net. Not good. Esp. when people were prompted to bicker and fight over such uselessness for these years.
  6. Yuh. It's what this comment chain was referring to.
  7. I think the Bangladesh case made it simple. It should have been an individual policy. For surgical masks or n95s. Instead cloth masks were pushed. But they were useless. So the public was spreading it as if they were maskless. We were being agitated about useless policy for years and then it was kept far too long even after omicron made it even more useless. So wtf? At least our media is starting to out this.
  8. Smh. As the article and data stated, age was the determining factor. They presented no benefit for anyone under 50. And for those over 50, cloth masks were useless and surgical masks reduced spread by 11% Ooooh. That's worth a mandate. A mandate that yup, allowed totally useless cloth masks. But more importantly the study was conducted well before omicron spread throughout the world. It was astounding that we kept the mandates as long as we did considering the long proven data. It should have been put on individuals long ago. The doctor's conclusions are sound. Wear a mask in high risk settings or if you feel like they help. Like in the hospital. If you feel particularly sick then stay home. The nanny state apparatus that failed us anyway wasn't needed. Probably not ever considering the data. Ps. Bangladesh never installed an enforced mask use policy. Prob. because they knew it wasn't worth the bother.
  9. Esp. the politicians not wearing them unless it was for a photo op.
  10. First, Did you even read the article?
  11. Uh huh. We also forgot that when literally fighting about it in public.
  12. Tell that to the doctor citing the proven data i guess.
  13. Social distancing. Being scared of human contact. Etc. But omicron has spread around the world regardless now. So masking really is useless. That's why we ditched that mandate. And as cited, they weren't ever all that effective anyway. People are just pretending otherwise.
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