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The Sedins, Once a Joke, Now The Toast of The Town




When Henrik Sedin was drafted in 1999 along with his brother Daniel 2nd and 3rd overall respectively, Canucks fans and the NHL had no idea what they were getting. The twin brothers entered the NHL in the 2000-2001 season and showed a little bit of why they were drafted so high. Daniel netted 20 goals in his rookie season while Henrik bagged 29 points. These first points were the start of something extraordinary as the brothers have become one of the most potent dynamic duos in the NHL. Ever since they started playing professional hockey they have played together. That is why then GM Brian Burke tried so hard to draft both of them because they were better together then apart. We can now see why as they have bagged over 1000 points between the two of them mostly playing together.

Ever since they were drafted, every year they have worked hard in the off season to improve themselves. This hard work explains why they have steadily increased their point totals every season. Henrik and Daniel have become one of the best, if not the best dynamic duo in the NHL. Every team going into a game against the Vancouver Canucks have to devise a game plan to shut down the Sedins. Occasionally this has been a problem for the brothers as they have fallen in the trap of getting away from the game that has made the successful and trying to become something they are not. This was prevolent in the 2007-2008 playoffs when they were completely shut down against the Anaheim Ducks. The checking line of Moen, Paulsson and Niedermayer played physical against them and made them a non factor. At this point the Sedins were still getting accustomed to being number one line players. The Canucks also did not have enough depth to survive without the contributions from the Sedins. The result was another second round exit.

2009 – The discovery of Alex Burrows (aka the third Sedin)

On February 3rd 2009, in the midst of a potentially catastrophic 9 game losing streak at home, in an act of desperation head coach Alain Vigneault put checking line winger Alex Burrows with the Sedins on the number one line. Before the game, fans were a buzz on the forums wondering what will come of this move. Burrows was thought of as a very effective checker, but never as a scoring line winger. The result was Burrows scoring the game winning goal short handed, breaking the long 9 game drought. The game also saw Burrows play very well with the Sedin twins. This success made Vigneault keep Burrows with the Sedins for the foreseeable future. Burrows was so successful with them that he put up 28 goals. A season later, playing almost exclusively with them, he put up 35 goals while being his usual agitating self. This discovery of the third Sedin also helped Henrik and Daniel to career highs of 112 and 83 points respectively.

The Evolution of 2010 Hart Trophy and Art Ross Trophy Winner Henrik Sedin

When brother Daniel Sedin got injured long term in the early stages of the 2009-2010 season, Canucks fans were worried to say the least. Henrik had never played long term without his brother so it was an unknown how he would play. Would he play like a number one center or an inconsistent number 2 or 3 center? Two months later, Henrik had 15 goals and was chugging along at a point per game pace. Henrik reinvented his game to include a “going to the net” mentality and a “shoot first, pass later” part to his game. This made him a much more potent threat as a centerman. Opposing teams had to think twice when checking him as he was now a threat to score as well as make a perfect pass to a line mate. When Daniel returned to the lineup in December, Henrik did not miss a beat and Daniel just cruised along with him putting up multiple point games almost every second night. By the end of the season Daniel had put together a career season in just 68 games while Henrik became the first Art Ross trophy winner in Canuck history beating out Alex Ovechkin while also eventually winning the Hart Trophy as the NHL's most valuable player. Henrik is now considered one of the elite centerman in the NHL. After years of critique and ridicule the Sedins have shown the hockey world that they are a force to be reckoned with. Now that the Canucks have the depth to give them even more room, who knows what the NHL's most potent dynamic duo will bring the Canucks, may be the franchise's first Stanley Cup.



Recommended Comments

Great read, I believe that the Sedins will continue to put up 90+ points, hopefully Danny repeats his brother's proformance and brings home another Art Ross, but more importantly they need to lead the Canucks to Lord Stanley. With a great looking 2nd,3rd, and 4th lines, plus with a one of the top defensive core, it sure makes me feel better about our chances. I really feel that Roberto Luongo will play much better, with this amazing D in front of him, ultimately lead the Canucks to a Stanley Cup.

Im really looking forward to the season opener. CANUCKS ALL THE WAY!

PS:Good luck CoHo and Jordan Schroeder.

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Sedins were a joke?

Indeed...i never quite got that.

Honestly ...you had to be pretty stupid to not see that those guys were gonna be huge for the team.

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Indeed...i never quite got that.

Honestly ...you had to be pretty stupid to not see that those guys were gonna be huge for the team.

I definitely agree. That whole "Sedin sisters" routine some "fans" gave them early in their career can eat their words now.

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it's hard to think that after the first few seasons the sedins would be the star players they were drafted to be. honestly. how many times did we see one of them hurt and the other being almost completely ineffective? however, they have almost perfected their game. they don't let other teams push them around anymore. they have started to stand up for themselves and push back. doing this has given them the confidence they were lacking. how many teams (or fans for that matter), would patiently wait 10 years to see real results from any player, let alone 2 of them. i feel better about our chances than i have since 1994. go 'nucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With respect to all but i've always called them "the Sisters". From the start i did so as one of their detractors then later as a mark of respect. If my sisters beat others guys, you have to respect that.

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